Saturday, August 29, 2009

There Was A Dream That Was UMNO

I have made it clear that I never was an UMNO member. I have written a post to explain with reasons why I didn't join party and become an active member. But no doubt I am an UMNO sympathizer.

Though the late happenings have somehow put UMNO in grievous jeopardy, I still have faith in the party. I had seen the light in UMNO through the struggle of my late father and his fellow UMNO supporters.

Back in the 70s in Kelantan, I saw with my naked eyes how UMNO workhorses wholeheartedly put their effort to bring glory for the party. They went deep into rural areas riding motorcycles to meet kampung folks and to learn about the latter's can of worms. They even spent their own money for the petrol without expecting anything in return.

These mighty UMNO fighters were the people who had built the unshakable pillars for the party, that the years to come the party grew forcibly strong. Most of these fighters had received the God's calling, may they rest in peace, Al-Fatihah kepada arwah pejuang UMNO yang bermandikan peluh demi menmartabatkan agama dan bangsa.

What we have today in UMNO are the people who knew almost nothing about struggle. Especially among Pemuda, they tend to grab any position in the party to ensure that they can enjoy the privileges and luxuries. Names like Azeez Rahim and Khairy, they are blood sucking leeches who mercilessly abuse their position in the party for personal gain.

Anak merdeka according to Azeez Rahim?

There was a dream that was UMNO, shall be again realized. This is the wish of the previous UMNO fighters who had fought wholeheartedly to bring glory for the party.

The dream will never again become a reality as long as there is liability in the party that goes by the name Khairy.


Friday, August 21, 2009

FACTS FACTS FACTS - Nak Nolong Pun Dah Tak Dapek!


It is a fact that in 2004 the newly wed son-in-law smoothly slid into number 2 spot as Timbalan Ketua Pemuda UMNO in a well orchestrated political drama. What happened later is that KJ was applauded with a BIG BOOOO!!! The core issue here, what was the basis, the merit and the reason that enable KJ to be elected unopposed to the post of Deputy UMNO Youth Head of Malaysia in 2004?

It is a fact that KJ had been given 4 years to prove what he was worth when he was enjoying the post as TKP UMNO. However what he had been doing all those while was to abuse power to serve his greed for political influence and fiscal wealth. The rest of the story can be found at JMD.

It is a fact that jobless Khairy accumulated so much money while the father-in-law was still reining. Just simply look at the picture below, a person who had only certificate of marriage could afford to move around like a royal fleet. Where did he get his money?

The Royal Fleet of Tengku Khairy

It is a fact that Khairy orchestrated the downfall of Khir Toyo using Media Prima as a tool. KJ slowly and systematically brought death to KT's political career by having TV3 consistently exposing the weaknesses of Selangor Government throughout the year of 2007 and 2008.

Who really did damage the party's credibility?
Neither Piggy nor Parpu Kari, it is anak omak Khairy!

It is a fact that Khairy had done irreversible damage to BN prior to 2008 general election. Many things actually happened, among them was a racial statement that sparked anger among MCA Youth, not to mention bad advices given to Pak Lah by 4th floor boys. The damage done by Khairy was later translated to overwhelming hatred by the public, and subsequently they expressed their anger through ballot paper.

It is a fact that Khairy shared the guilt for BN's bad performance in 2008 General Election. Limelight craving Khairy suddenly disappeared from TV screen for a weeks after the 2008 GE. When he reappeared on TV, the microphone loving Khairy suddenly lost for words and looked like a deluded soldier.

This microphone loving creature suddenly lost for words

It is a fact the KJ supporters in blogosphere are the kind of pathetic life form. Their existence serves only one purpose, to promote and write about the son-in-law for what KJ IS NOT.

Parpu Kari recently published a post
that revealed these paid troopers that I used to label them as the joker boys. I shall say no further, but judging from their comments we could simply get the impression about their level of intelligent.

KJ trooper?

It is a known fact that even in cybersphere KJ has more haters than supporters. I spoke about this many times so there is no point for repetition. Currently the number of haters in FB is 9340 while the number of supporters is pathetically 304. WOW! Was it the number of delegates that voted for Khairy?

304? The number is still haunting the anak omak forever!

It is a fact that KJ is now being sidelined by many UMNO big guns. It is so sad that KJ has got to use the platform of MIC and T Mohan specifically to voice out his plea, "give me a cabinet post please!" I wonder why Pemuda UMNO themselves were not united to voice out such a plea on behalf of their KP? I guess they perfectly knew that Khairy is the liability to the party.

Dey Tambi, no matter how loud you are crying,
the cabinet post is yet far reaching!

History tells us that Khairy is full of liability. Being alone by himself now with no more father-in-law, KJ has no where to go. The only place he can turn to is his cyber troopers. For that reasons these paid bloggers keep on writing and publishing ass-kissing materials.

Bloggers who go against KJ are labeled as traitors to UMNO. Am I really qualified to be labeled as traitor? What I have been doing so far is to let UMNO supporters learn a lesson of history! Who had severely damaged the party's credibility? There is no point to move forward while the party is burdened with a heavy baggage known as Khairy.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Quantum Of Solace Part 2



Dominic Green:
Fellow investors, our strategy is so far working well as planned. Our boy has successfully diffused himself into the main stream government party. For the last four years he has followed our orders creating commotions in the party, making himself as liability and tragically destroying credibility of the governing party.

So fellow investors, we put our money on the right guy, the wonder boy. Soon when the targeted government turns upside down, we move in offering our assistance and in return we shall negotiate for luscious economic control.

Bond, I received reliable information that Dominic Green and his Quantum movement are currently targeting a peaceful country in Southeast Asia. We do not want our ex-colony going into political turmoil. Furthermore we are still selling plenty our goods to the country, thus any political repercussion may slightly hurt British economy.

Double O Eleven Chimps Bond
Chimps Bond:
Nothing much to tell now M, I recently learned from my informer that Dominic Green has his wonder boy diffusing deeply into the government, and the boy has since been messing well for four years.

Tell me more about the wonder boy Bond.

Chimps Bond:
He is an Oxford graduate, that's all I know so far.

Jeez, I never knew Oxford also trained students to become traitors to their nations. Well Bond your mission is to go to the country and find more about the wonder boy. On your arrival you'll be met with your US counterpart, Megan Fox. She probably has a lot to tell about the wonder boy, but Chimps do ask her only for information and nothing more. I know that she has a lot more to offer.

Chimps Bond:
Yes Maam.

Megan Fox:
Welcome to Southeast Asia Mr. Chimps Bond. Your are at my service.

Chimps Bond:
What kind of service, be specific please, personal or professional?

Megan Fox:
Bond will always be Bond. I can assist you professionally by giving you information that you desperately needed about the wonder boy. On personal ground, if you lack of fire power I can ask my friends the autobots to assist you on that. As a matter of fact Optimus Prime is here for Mega Sales Carnival.

Chimps Bond:
Tell me Megan about the wonder boy.

Megan Fox:
He orchestrated a political play of the century. The local government is now aware about the wonder boy and his treacherous plot. And for that reason the government didn't offer the wonder boy any cabinet post even though he had won quite a substantial position in the party. The government is in the process of eliminating the wonder boy, so tell your M there's nothing to worry at all.

Chimps Bond:
If that's the case I should be more worried. The master of the wonder boy Dominic Green doesn't take failure as an option, perhaps they are now working on plan B. I've got to get close to the wonder boy and learn about his current movement.

Megan Fox:
Wow that sounds scary. I have to remind you Bond don't be so hard on the wonder boy. He is the type of person who will cry and run straight away to his mother whenever he gets pressured. Locally the wonder boys is known as anak omak. So your hardness Bond may be needed for some other occasion.

Chimps Bond:
Don't worry Megan, I'll project the hardness to the right destination. Would you like to have a piece of the action?

Megan Fox:
If you talk about action-packed thriller, no thank you Bond, I've had enough in Transformer. About the hardness, it may be worth considered.

Chimps Bond:
Do take your whole life time to consider, and at the mean time stay away from Cucu Tok Selampit and Bro Ahmad, they might just be dangerous!

Megan Fox:
Ha Ha Ha...Don't worry! Bumble Bee is protecting me 24 7, so I don't need them and definitely I don't need you Double O Eleven Mr. Chimps Bond.


Saturday, August 15, 2009

KJ Has Become Fun Fair Politician!

The term "fun fair" as an adjective normally refers to singers who are on the downfall or not having many fans. These singers occasionally make appearance at fun fair because they are not capable of pulling big crowd for a concert. I guess the same term may be used for a politician who is heading for a downfall of his career.

Now what is the catch? About the event at Shah Alam last night - the kind of publicity given by Utusan last week might have have created the impression that it would be an event of the year by Ketua Pemuda UMNO, and I quote:

"Saya (Khairy) dengan ikhlas hati mempelawa Dewan Pemuda Pas untuk bersama-sama Pemuda UMNO menyertai ceramah umum itu yang bakal diadakan pada 14 Ogos ini di Shah Alam"

That's why I said it should have been an event of the year organised by Ketua Pemuda UMNO. Why?
  1. First it was a golden opportunity to condemn and whack DAP.
  2. Second, the occasion was organised by Ketua Pemuda UMNO himself, so I was expecting UMNO youths from all over the country would turn up to show their support.
  3. Third Khairy personally invited PAS Youths to join the event condemning DAP, thus there should be a crowd of both UMNO and PAS supporters.

However what actually happened last night at Shah Alam was really an embarrassment, it was quiet with plenty of empty seats. Ha ha ha.... so much of KJ is moving forward and KJ is gaining support, the usual phrase I heard from KJ troopers. It seems that Khairy himself was not even capable of pulling Selangor UMNO youths to attend.

The kind of response seen in the last night event could simply draw to conclusions that

  1. everybody is turning their back on Khairy as he is still considered as liability to the party,
  2. and KJ has been ignored by UMNO big guns, thus UMNO supporters are staying away from his events.
How about the stories which were made loud by KJ troopers that KJ is now moving for forward and gaining support? My answer is simple, they the troopers are paid just to do that. In actually fact KJ has now become fun fair politician, and I guess KJ will soon be a fun fair clown!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

What Connects The Dots?

Strange political events that occurred lately have further confused and puzzled me about Khairy:
  1. On August 11 PKR and PAS launched Merdeka Celebration at Rembau while they were perfectly away that the next by-election is at far North. They could have saved the cost by having the launch up North. Why Rembau, perhaps Cikgu Bad is sending us a signal that Khairy soon is joining the party, hi hi hi.

  2. During Rembau gathering, Mat Sabu also did mention that Pak Lah Al Tidori is joining the PAKATAN very soon. Ha ha ha, you people can have Dollah Badawi for free. My advice to Dollah, if you jump to PAKATAN don't forget to bring along the trash you have left behind.

  3. Within these few days KJ clowns have been relatively quiet reporting on KJ's actitivities. What they have published recently are articles ridiculing Piggy and Parpu Kari.

  4. KJ kept silent when TS Muhyidin was challenged by Anwar, as if KJ as Ketua Pemuda was no longer interested to defend his UMNO superior. KJ clowns are only making noise that Khairy was an earlier victim of Anwar Ibrahim compared to Muhyiddin.

  5. The notion that KJ is no longer interested in UMNO is also supported by MSO. He says that KJ is now not only isolated by UMNO big guns, but KJ himself is also knocking on opposition door.

Of all these incidents, what connects the dots..........well Parpu Kari has got a lot more to tell about Anak Omak.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Anak Ayah, Anak Mak, Anak Omak!


" Daddy, when I grow up I like to become a doctor like you are"
The term refers to a son who admires his father so much to the extent he wants to follow every footstep that the father has made.


Well I could be wrong for this one. The term may refer to a child who feels more secured in the presence of his or her mother.


Forgive me, I don't mean to offend the N9 netizens. In fact the person who proposed the term Anak Omak also comes from Negeri Sembilan.

This is a new term that I like to suggest to Dewan Bahasa. The term refers to a young and ambitious politician who goes straight to his mum whenever he get reprimanded by fellow politicians, bloggers or opponents. In response the mother will confont the person in such a hostile manner.

It is an open secret among netizens that KJ's mother Rahmah has many times interfered in matters concerning government administration and UMNO. Big Dog once reported that Dato' Seri Rafidah Aziz got scolded by Rahmah through a phone call. It started with Rafidah sending 16 pages letter to flip-flop PM and the content of the letter heavily criticised the flip-flopper and his menacing son-in-law.

Rafidah paid a heavy price for sending the letter, whereby unexpectedly she received a phone call from KJ's mother and of course the conversion between Rafidah and Rahmah had to be a belligerent kind. So pity KJ has to run to mommy whenever he lacks of intellectual capacity as well as working neurons to confront his opponents.

My reliable source also informed me that not only Rafidah has become the victim of KJ's mommy. Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Ali and celebrity blogger Dato' Kadir Jasin have also become the victims being scolded by KJ's mommy. I wonder how far is the truth.

Mommy, Piggy whacked me again, please do something!

Now what and who the hell is this Rahmah, KJ's mummy? Perhaps she feels that people must listen to her because his son is married to a daughter of Prime Minister. I tell you what KJ's mommy, if you are still not aware the flip-flop Pak Lah is no longer there. Your son now is really alone because he has no one to depend on.

Since flip-flopper father-in-law has no power now, KJ can no longer run to mommy whenever he is challenged politically, perhaps Khairy will soon run to Piggy, hi hi hi!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

KJ, Selangor Gangsters and Jack Daniel

I thought I've been harsh enough on KJ when I called him Bodoh Dalam Pandai, and that was actually quoted from Harimau. But Cucu Tok Wan of Depa Kata has been more brutal, calling KJ a political animal.

I wonder what kind issues KJ would play to lure PAS Youth to join him condemning the Gangster of Selangor DAP. If one the agenda is about to ban selling alcohol to Muslim-majority areas, definitely KJ must think twice. DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY??? Just click maaa!!!

KJ is now in desperate move. He would scavenge anything on earth to prolong his political career and to make him stay relevant. I wonder will KJ call for banning of alcohol in Selangor? Because if he does Mr Jack Daniel will be really really really mad.

CHEERs, TAKE-BEER, or whatever, but do enjoy the pictures.

More stories can be found here, were made available by Tuan Husin the camel trader.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

KJ Bodoh Dalam Pandai - Says Tok Harimau

I MUST BE a smart guy you know because I went to Oxfart
(please Wenger don't make noise,
the spelling mistake was made on purpose)
Harimau Menaip is also friend of mine who knew me prior to the days of The Darker Side (TDS). Before I created TDS, I was an active commentator at famous blogsites like Rocky, JMD, Kickdefella, Lawyer Kampung, Husin and Voicy. However two particular blogs that I never missed making my appearance, Harimau and DES.
They both Harimau and DES not only among my closest blogpals, but also encouraged me to create my own blog to voice out ideas. So those who accused me being a paid blogger, Harimau and DES could readily testify on my behalf. I'd like to remind here - please do your research thoroughly Raksasa BN before coming out with any wild accusation.

What can I say about Harimau, well politically he is standing on neutral ground. Harimau is always very vocal against any corrupt practice, doesn't matter it comes from government and opposition. However there is another matter that Harimau deserves a great respect form me - he's got a thick Malay blood running in him.

I'm begging to PAS members please join me whack DAP,
otherwise my political career will be as good as dead vege

So what about Harimau's latest article, KJ Bodoh Dalam Pandai. Khairy called PAS Youth to join UMNO and himself condemning DAP as the root of all troubles in Selangor government, and I quote:
"Saya (Khairy) dengan ikhlas hati mempelawa Dewan Pemuda Pas untuk bersama-sama Pemuda UMNO menyertai ceramah umum itu yang bakal diadakan pada 14 Ogos ini di Shah Alam"
KJ should first get all the BN components unite behind him to go against DAP, especially MCA, GERAKAN and MIC. I wonder weather the water is clear now because back in 2006 KJ made a racist remark and sparked anger among MCA Youths, it can be found here.

I don't know what they are talking about, but definitely they really are pissed with Khairy

It seems that KJ is not capable of gathering all youth representatives in BN components for a reason that Khairy is still a liability to BN. MCA Youth is still waiting for an apology form Khairy.
must first prove to the public eye that there is unity in BN component parties. By inviting PAS to condemn fellow opposition, not only Khairy is betraying the trust of BN component parties, but Khairy is also extremely ambitious to break apart the PAKATAN Anwar. Unless KJ and Anwar have hidden agenda, hu la la!

Such a grievous political stunt Khairy is pulling here, I wonder why? Khairy is now desperate because his move is severely restricted. Thus he will utilise every opportunity available to make himself stay politically relevant, like making alliance with opposition to whack another opposition. HA HA HA DREAM ON.........

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wow Parpu Is Now Comparable to KP UMNO!!!

Parpu Kari, a friend of mine was nobody to net dwellers before December last year. However being so fed up with unhealthy political developments especially in UMNO, Parpu - as many others did, finally resolved to cyberspace to express his thought and ideas, and thus Parpu Kari was born in virtual world.

In his early days Parpu made it clear that he hated any kind of corrupt practices in UMNO, as well as the person who abused the position of his father-in-law to grab more power.

To cut the story short Parpu Kari has now become a big name in blogosphere with an average of 7000 hits a day. Parpu's style is always preditable, hit hard and hit often, and for that reason certain parties could not stand the offence.

It it also a known fact either within UMNO Pemuda as well Parpu's regular visitors that Parpu has been very vocal against the corrupt son-in-law. For that reason the leader of KJ cybertroopers Bro Jinggo once proposed a peace treaty, hoping that cyber attacks on KJ would be stopped immediately. The proposal was written in a blog that belongs to a mysterious lady Maya Khairy.

Bro Jinggo, the top general of joker boys, psssttt.....this so called elitist can't even speak English

Well so much of peace treaty when suddenly Bro Jinggo published a post that can be considered as an attempt to mercilessly humiliate Parpu Kari. The article was copied from Wenger, another deluded soldier of the son-in-law. Usual thing among KJ bloggers, copy and publish the same articles by all the joker boys, hardly they come with their own ideas.

The article that was meant to humiliate Parpu Kari carries a title Politik Pembangunan vs Politik Parpu Kari. I wonder did these joker boys realize by having that kind of title, they lifted the status of Parpu the same as Ketua Pemuda UMNO. Hello jokers, Parpu is only an unpaid blogger.

I guess it is rather a waste of time to read the article because the contents must be ass kissing in nature. However I may quote a few things to show inconsistency between KJ's menacing activities and KJ's economic policies.

Daddy to Nori, my friends want some APs, can you handle that for me?

Much of the substance in the article is dealing with National Automobile Policy and AP, and I quote:

"Dan kita mengenakan cukai yang cukup tinggi kepada kereta impot. Dan kita memberi peluang perniagaan kepada beberapa orang melalui sistem AP iaitu sebuah sistem yang berpaksi di atas sijil sakti - surat kertas yang lebih berharga dari seketul emas, surat boleh ditukarkan kepada wang ringgit dan dimana satu sijil tu berharga diantara 10,000 - 15,000."
He he he...I remember that the AP story was among the early sign of Dollah's weakness. However during those days many UMNO Pemudas still carried balls being vocal and challenging Rafidah to reveal the truth about AP commotion.

And lately who became the AP King, he is no other than Dato' Shahrin, an Exco of UMNO Putera and of course a friend of Khairy Jamaluddin. The 1200 APs were given to Shahrin while Dollah was still reining. Any relation?
Poor Wenger, trying to straighten thing that his master has badly been messing. What you wrote Wenger in the quote above may sound like an envy. Do you Wenger wish to have also been given the APs by Khairy? I guess to do so you should be kissing Khairy more regularly.

Speaking of kissing, as a matter of fact Wenger did lotsa kissing and I quote:

"Kalau saya kata dia hensem, memang betul dia hensem."
Ha ha it makes me wonder Wenger are you straight or not?

Now what is it with the title Politik Pembangunan vs Politik Parpu Kari. Does that mean comparing KJ's economic plans with Parpu's articles make KJ a better leader? DUHHH.....grow up you people and GET REAL!!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Natural Selection - The Art Of Deception

Sometimes survival means lying, pretending or adapting in place
natural selection described in layman term:

Species less suited to the environment are less likely to survive while species more suited to the environment are more likely to survive.
I never was a fan of Darwin's evolution. The Islamic teaching strictly prevented me to somehow believe that the origin of man was monkey.
As a matter of fact my rejection on Darwin's theory wasn't solely based on blind faith. During my college years a few of my professors agreed that the perfect balance in our ecosystem is an artful work of the Almighty God.

However there is a twist in the theory as the current happenings are in favour to Darwin. If Darwin were still living today, he would be extremely happy that his natural selection is in the making.

How could PAS survive in a hostile environment of chameleonic Anwar and "over my dead body" Karpal

The natural selection theory says that a species must adapt to hostile environment in order to survive, and this is what I am now seeing in PAS. I mean by principle how could PAS survive in an environment which is not at all friendly to the party.
PAS has to adapt to both Islamic phobia DAP and rojak-style liberal PKR. PAS for one thing opts for total Islamic country as written in the party constitution.

Nizar's candle is a YES now though it may lead to "syirik"

Instead PAS has gradually been adapting itself to the new hostile environment. Current happenings in the party have clearly proven that the adaption has taken place.
When Nik Aziz make a rather surprising statements on Eli's obscene pictures, Nizar's candle and Selangor gangsters - it shows that PAS has undergone very severe genetic mutation.

The party constitution actually shapes the party and sets the objective of the main struggle. Once the constitution underwent mutation to better adapt to the hostile environment the party has actually lost its main purpose of existence . Thus the party gradually is evolving to become totally another species, not the same kind.

PAS also says YES to immoral conduct

Therefore one last question I like to ask to PAS, what is the main purpose for the existence of PAS? Is it to achieve the objective of main struggle or just to conveniently adapt to the hostile environment to stay relevant.
If the answer is the latter, no doubt PAS is now lying, pretending and adapting in order to prolong its survival in PAKATAN's hostile world. This is part of the game called DECEPTION.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dey Stephen Tamby, Are You Both The Same Species

A few puzzling questions that I have been keeping in my mind, and I hope my dear viewers could provide the kind of answers that are straight to the point.
  1. If KJ is so great out there why his supporters in blogosphere are the type of lowly ass kissing idiots who see nothing wrong at all with the son-in-law. Names like Pejuang Bangsa, Bro Jinggo and Wenger are too familiar. If these bloggers intellectually challenged, they stay silent and keep their distance.
  2. Whenever articles whacking KJ are written based on facts and figures, KJ defenders in blogosphere will never come for rebuttal. As a matter of facts, different kind of maggot troopers will be loitering with lowly comments repeatedly. So my point is if this is the quality of his followers, the worst quality is expected from the leader.
  3. KJ should have many Oxford friends in blogosphere since KJ himself is an Oxford graduate, but the truth is ..psssstt.. most of pro KJ bloggers are English illiterate. So where are KJ Oxford friends? Perhaps these Oxford graduates are too embarrassed to be connected to the son-in-law.
  4. Why prominent bloggers in virtual world never spoke a word about the elusive quality of the son-in-law. I could not recall big names like JMD, Voicy, Rocky, Kijang Mas, Tok Scribe and Melayu Lama wrote an article dedicating to praising the son-in-law. Tok Sak is a different case and many times Tok Sak has been confronted intelligently as well as furiously whenever he wrote articles praising Khairy.
Opsss sorry, I just found one blogger by the name Stephen Doss. I am not so sure whether it is a compliment or an insult to have categorized Stephen Doss as one of the big name bloggers. I believe the latter.

This Stephen Tamby recently wrote an article entitled Khairy Jamaludin Satu Enigma. Out of curiosity I googled to find out whether these two are somehow related. I found one, their relation goes back as early as 2007 when they both were marching to Burmese Embassy. So much of political rhetoric, what I've heard lately is that Pemudas are not playing politics on the streets.

Enigmatic Khairy and two-face Stephen, what a good combination!

And now Stephen Tamby is a guest writer for KJFC, a fan club for Khairy. Phewwitt!!! Good on you Stephen, I guess you are now smiling to the bank. Since Stephen Tamby is befriending an enigmatic person, will he also become the two-face villain?

Sow what is the point of writing this article. My point is very clear, how could I be convinced that KJ has leadership quality when his supporters in blogosphere are REALLY REALLY REALLY PATHETIC.