Friday, November 28, 2008

Separating KJ from Khairy - A Split Personality?

Split Personality Disorder or formerly known as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a condition in which a single person displays multiple distinct identities or personalities, each with its own pattern of perceiving and interacting with the environment.

Now what is the catch? Last few days KJ official website Rembau Net published an article entitled Separating KJ from Khairy. As usual, this article is redproduced at setiakawan blog pages. The article was taken from The Star, where KJ or Khairy (I’m not sure which one) had an interview session with Star daily.

Here are the first two paragraphs from the article:
The Umno Youth deputy chief wants to clear misconceptions stemming from ‘KJ the caricature, the larger than life image’ and has gone down to the grassroots to prove his mettle in politics.

Admitting that he is a naturally shy and strange politician, Khairy Jamaluddin is, nevertheless, determined to correct misconceptions perpetuated about him in the last three years.

It seems that we have two persons with different personalities; a larger than life KJ and a naturally shy politician Khairy. But these two persons are actually one Khairy Jamaluddin. Correct me if I’m wrong, but does it sound like a mental disorder mentioned above?

I like to invite my dear viewers to go through a few Q&As and then to decide for yourself whether Khairy Jamaluddin the son-in-law really has split personality disorder.

The Star:
You have been touted as the richest unemployed young man in the country. Is this true? How do you finance your campaign?

KJ or Khairy:
That label was used by Lim Kit Siang in Parliament, to ridicule me. It is an unfair comment. I run a very personalised campaign. I do not spend much, except to travel to meet people. The regulations for money politics are very clear, very stringent.

The Darker Side:
That is definitely Khairy doing the talking. The richest unemployed young man is KJ as seen in the picture below.

The Star:
There are claims that you only managed to secure the required number of nominations due to money politics and because of that, the longer campaign period will be to your advantage.

KJ or Khairy:
We cannot condone political corruption. Yes, the longer campaign period can be an advantage to me because I will have more time to explain the misconceptions about me.

The Darker Side:
This sounds like KJ talking on behalf of Khairy. The latter has been given four years to prove his potential and ability, but sadly Khairy has become a liability.

The Star:
During the recent division meetings, you claimed of having been a victim of manipulation. Can you be more specific?

KJ or Khairy:
Some people in Umno have dedicated themselves to demonizing me, smearing my character in the last thee years. I have to go out to correct this negative perception.

The Darker Side:
Now he is playing KJ because “me” refers to the demonized one. However I’m curious, who are the some UMNO people? Not me, I never registered as UMNO member.

See mummy, they are demonizing me
The Star:
For so long you have been accused of being the power behind the Prime Minister. Do you take any responsibility for this perception?

KJ or Khairy:
No, because that is not true. I am saddened and disappointed with that perception. Pak Lah has been in politics for a very long time. He did not make his decisions based on what people tell him. And I never once sought to influence him. Of course, sometimes he would ask what I thought of certain things, but that is that.

The darker Side:
That is definitely Khairy doing the talking. The one who is controlling an army of Dollah’s advisors at fourth floor is KJ, the mythical figure.

Mythical figure or trouble maker?

The Star:
You are educated and very articulate, but you seem quite awkward at socialising with Umno grassroots. Are you a shy person?

KJ or Khairy:
If you give me a microphone and a thousand people, it is a different thing altogether. I am very quick to warm up to people, and do not have problems interacting with them.

The Darker Side:
That does not sound like KJ or Khairy either, but it sounds more like Hitler, probably the third personality which may surface later. HAIL son-in-law!

It seems that according to Khairy, KJ is mythically an evil figure created by some UMNO people and the myth has somehow tainted the image of naturally shy and innocent son-in-law. Will you buy this nonsense my dear viewers? Or it is just another SPLIT PERSONALITY DISORDER.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


To listen to the nice tune by John Lennon, click here
Updated on Friday at 3.05pm.
Mr Wenger Padedoh has answered to this blog entry with an article entitled RM 8 Million vs RM 30000 Million. He also declared that his article has claimed victory to Setiakawan team, and the current score is 2 - 0.
Dear Mr Wenger, you were missing the point. This blog entry is about imagining: Could Khairy be granted RM 8 million loan if he had not be the SIL to Dollah. However you've come with an accumulative figure which reveals the number that Tun had messed for the period of 22 years. Okey then, let's see to what number Dollah anak-beranak have already messed ONLY for the period of FOUR YEARS.
And you claimed victory while the game was not being played. How about the countless attacks that were never defended, The SWOT Analysis, Pictures Don't Lie, Gelang Patah, Try Harder Please etc. Now I really believe the opinion held by many bloggers on you people, that you all live in your own world.
No offence.

Imagine there’s no Khairy,

It isn’t hard to do,

Nothing to blog or shoot for,

No setiakawan too,

Imagine all these people,

Living somewhere else.

You may say I’m a dreamer,

But I’m not the only one,

I hope someday you’ll join us,

And Malaysia we’ll live as one.

Imagine that Khairy had not been married to the daughter of Dollah. You may let your imagination be running wild. My opinion, had KJ not been married to the daughter of Dollah, he would now be a low level executive working 9 to 5.
Or probably he would be a share broker, but he would never get close to acquire ECM Libra fortune as nobody wanted to grant him RM 8 million loan. In addition, the poor Khairy will not be moving around like a royal fleet of Tengku Khairy shown in the picture below.

However if my dear viewers are looking for an imagination goes wilder, Tuan Husin Lempoyang has the answer here.

Khairy a pump attendant?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Demonizing Mukhriz - Try Harder Please!!!

I've been criticised from both my circle of friends and a senior blogger regarding my previous post. As a new comer, I sincerely appreciate the critics and I knew now more must be learnt being a blogger. So thank you to MANTRA, IKS, Doc Sid, Mr Wenger, wise man Mr Zubli and not forgetting a senior blogger Tunku.

One of Khairy's weaknesses stated in SWOT analysis is that Khairy is a victim of character assassination. So I wonder are they not doing same towards Mukhriz? Guess what, I discovered plenty and I would say most of the articles looked like desperate attempts and harmless in substance.

However I would leave it to my viewers to decide after reviewing the designated posts which can be accessed from the links inserted.


An author Hassan Ishak published an article entitled Tun Menyanyi Lagi- Lekaslah Besar Si Manja Ku Sayang at KPMU. The article has also been reproduced at many setikawan blogs.

In conclusion, the author Hassan Ishak stated that Mukhriz is 100% depending on his dad for the KP race. I’m not going to argue or elaborate, however I reckoned that Dato’ S N of Small Talk has said it all when he commented on the article at Senapang Patah and I quote:

"Senapang Patah, Wah... panjang cerita tentang Pemuda UMNO ye?Begitu lah cinta kasih sayangnya Ayah kepada Anak!Saya pun seorang Ayah. Demi anak saya sanggup buat apa saja! Kalau disuruh pilih antara anak dgn isteri, saya akan pilih anak! HahahaTak tahu lah bab menantu! Saya belum ada menantu! Salam." Dato' SN

In the article, Tun also talked about the many serious allegations directed towards Khairy. Can we expect Khairy to answer soon? The answer is NO. KJ prefers being a victim rather than standing up answering the allegations.


Among the occurrence that still remains a mystery and is puzzling my mind is that, how could KJ manage to get enough nominations? I do have my own suspicion but I’m not going to reveal my notion.

I've got to admit that I'm not an UMNO member, but I do hang around with UMNO people who hold certain positions, either big or small. Most of them agreed that Khairy's factor is the major contributor to the downfall of UMNO. When Mukhriz blew the wind of change, grassroots started to see a new fresh beginning to bring back the honour and glory.

However, many articles were written to relate Mukhriz with money politics which can be found here, here and here.

I once saw a comment regarding this issue by a senior blogger Tunku who commented at Azli Shukri’s blog and I quote:

“I bet Mukhriz is not involved in money politics. I know many from divisions that nominated Mukhriz and none of them are paid to do.”


The article relating to the issue can by found here.
I think at younger age a person is normally driven by passion, not conscience. In addition, at younger age there is a strong appetite for destruction.
Is it right the credibility of youth wing has partly been destroyed? Who is particularly menacing from inside?


The setiakawan team is now selling issues on debates and is accusing Mukhriz of being a coward, read here. I wonder what issue Khairy is looking forward to debating upon because the party matter is an internal affair.
Believe it or not, Khairy also has had history running away from debate multiple times, and it can be found here.

Setiakawan simply cannot deny the influence of Tun on Mukhriz's campaign for KP. Perhaps they were thinking that by bringing Tun down it would drag Mukhriz along, as written in the article here. Instead the strategy might be backfired from grassroot supporters.


My dear viewers can judge for yourself the strength and magnitude of those articles to bring Mukhriz down. My own judgment, such a lame and desperate effort and I would just like to say this…TRY HARDER AND TRY SMARTER PLEASE!

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saving Private Broken Rifle

Is there any corporal, sergeant, platoon leader, lieutenant or army general who has just lost one of your team members. There is a low ranking army officer cum cyber trooper by the name Broken Rifle who is going astray in the cyber world.

The officer - a private I believed, has been shooting around with blunt and immature comments to many blog pages, and has been demanding to publish his comments from blog owners. If we don't, he published at his own.

I'm NOT very sure to which legion this army officer belongs to. However, my dear viewers will certainly know from one of his blunt and immature comments below:

"jebatmustdie... i Repeat it again... i ketawa kerana statment Mukhriz... Menurut Mukhriz kalau nak pegang kedua-dua sekali ‘payah sikit’.Bro jebatmustdie... kalau aku ... aku tak guna nama tu... memalukan pahlawan melayu sahaja... Carila nama lain... perosak bangsa betul la kau ni...Bro singh... i sudah cukup dewasa... tak payah la lu nak ajar saya....Dalam blog ni langsung x nampak kebaikan yang ada pada Mukhriz pun... yang saya nampak hanya dendam pada KJ sahaja... Apa KJ sudah buat sama lu singh.... dia kenal sama lu ka... lu sudah minum susu lembu ka singh...Singh sebelum u menasihati org adalah lebih baik u cerminkan diri u dulu... grow up please singh..."

So please, any higher ranking officer who is responsible for this poor soldier cum cyber trooper, take him out of action before he will be sold by MANTRA.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tale Of A Foot Soldier - I Ain't Nobody Cyber Trooper

The funnier version by Kickdefella can be found here
I consider myself as a foot soldier in blogsphere because I just started actively blogging and publishing nearly two weeks ago. I've been around in cyber world for quite a while, not as a true blogger but rather a registered user. Normally I commented on the issue regarding UMNO in general, Khairy, Anwar Ibrahim and of course Karpal Singh.

With the thoughts and opinions that I left in comment department, some of my close blogpals like DES, GAP and Tok Ghimau urged me to come out with my own blog. However, I didn't have the luxury of time as my job required daily commitment from 9am to 11pm, well it sounds like a security guard.
Last two weeks I completed a project and took one week break from work. So I spent my free time jumping form one page to another, and then I found this at Mantra's.

The profile of the commentator is clearly seen below.

It seems that somebody has threatened Mantra when she published the previous post entitled Jangan Cabar Bloggers Khairy. I was thinking to myself this has gone too far.

So I looked around for setiakawan blogs and I discovered a few. However I found that their articles were only targeting primary school students because the contents were insulting to the common adult intelligent. Thus I decided to come out with my own blog to confront those stupid and insulting articles. So I am nobody cyber trooper.

The first post that I published entitled Khairy...Gelang Patah...Kuala Kangsar...Rembau...WHAT CONNECTS THE DOTS. The post did not have much substance, it was meant to invite setiakawan team to come out with an explanation. But it came to no avail.

Forget about the second post, the third one was interesting. The Khairy's SWOT analysis published by Hang Tegar was intellectually rebutted and severely humiliated, but until this day setiakawan team never made any counter attack. HELLO.....are you there cowards?

The latest few posts are the series of Picture Don't Lie. These series are taken seriously by setiakawan like Hang Tegar and Bro Jinggo himself. I was a foot soldier went face to face with setiakawan low grade lieutenant Hang Tegar regarding Khairy's pictures, and guess what, it was too much for Hang Tegar to handle. So he called for setiakawan general to interfere, Bro Jinggo himself. The setiakawan general published another post that shows more pictures of Khairy's posing with the public.

Do you see any sincerity?

My opinion, the setiakawan supporters are too proud with the pictures because those are the living proof that Khairy is really a true leader for the people. Well guys, get real!!! I support my opinion with a statement made by Hang Tegar and I quote:

"I was happy when I read the responses from Piggy Singh. Sebab ia menunjukkan bahawa memang ada impak gambar ini, sehingga terpaksa di buat respon."

The setiakawan supporters only talked about the obvious KJ posing with the public, because pictures don't lie. However they refused to comment on the pictures about someone having fun behind a curtain. Again, HELLO...are you there cowards?
This post is meant to answer to a call from another setiakawan blogger that I call broken rifle when he left a comment in this blog and I quote:

"Saya rasa apa yang bro jinggo katakan pada piggy sing walaupun secara berbudi bahasa tapi tepat kat dahi piggy singh..Dengan Hang Tegar pula jagn nak buat main2... membisu terus piggy singh...takkan ambik masa 2 hari nak jawap serangan dari Hang Tegar kot.. malulah...Satu jer nasihat saya pada piggy sigh jangan jolok sarang tabuan... kan dah kena."
Hello brader, I wonder which part of Jinggo's article that hit me directly on my forehead. I only have one advice to Khairy's supporters, GET A LIFE AND GET REAL.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pictures Don't Lie, And The Truth Is Out There

I never expected that the confrontation regarding KJs' picture may escalate to full scale war. It started with an entry published by Hang Tegar showing many pictures of Khairy with the captions that looked like, as my blogpal Mr Wenger aka CNN certified blogger has put it, cheap publicity. Subsequently I came up with a post that described what I exactly saw in those pictures.

The confrontation continues when the setiakawan team sensed that the cheap publicity strategy was backfired. As a result the setiakawan general Jinggo has got to interfere and publish another post that shows Khairy being with the public. The pictures depicted in Jinggo’s post are as below.

Bro Jinggo also expressed dissatisfaction with what I did in my previous post as he said this and I quote

"Pada pandangan saya, jika kita mempunyai hati dan jiwa yang bersih maka tidak akan menjadi persoalan pada gambar tersebut kerana apabila kita melihat gambar tersebut kita boleh memahami apa yang sedang Khairy lakukan."

Well Bro Jinggo, that was exactly what I did, wrote the caption from I saw in the pictures.

Bro Jinggo also urged the viewers to respect the truth obviously seen on those pictures, that Khairy is the true leader of the people, and I quote
"Hormatilah kebenaran dan terus mencarinya, kerana itulah yang dituntut Tuhan bagi kita semua. Mungkinkah, ada keengganan diantara kita untuk membayangkannya, tapi kebenaran itu adalah bahagian Tuhan jua adanya."
Since pictures don't lie, the truth is out there, and Tuan Husin Lempoyang has his own version of truth as well.
But what kind of truth is that, as my dear seasoned blogpal Mantra once said, my truth, your truth and the truth.
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Monday, November 17, 2008

Pictures Don't Lie, Then Who Lies?

Life is like a theater. All the perfection that the actors and actresses want to reveal on the front stage is only a play. But the chaos, confusion, disorderliness and diarray occuring at the back stage are hidden away.

Khairy A Savior

Khairy A Cleaner

Khairy A Poser

Pictures DO tell a thousand words.
What do these pictures tell you?

Friday, November 14, 2008



Facebook Group: 1 000 000 Malaysians Want Khairy as Ketua Pemuda UMNO

A setiakawan blogger Hang Tegar reveals what was published in Facebook Group, that 1 million Malaysians want Khairy as Ketua Pemuda UMNO. Honestly, I am a few days shy to celebrate my one week birthday being born in cyber space. So I wonder what is Facebook all about? Then I found the answer here.

However about the number, how did KJ's Facebook come with 1 million figure. Who are they and what age group they belong to. In the cyber world, as far as I'm concerned the pro KJ bloggers though menacing they are small in number. Perhaps this is what we call silent majority, or it could also be silencing the majority.

Update at 6.30pm, 15th November.

A fellow blogger who is also an independant KJ supporter Mr Wenger J Khairy aka Padedoh did some homework regarding the 1 million number, and this is what he found out:

Just checked out KJ's official facebook.
Here are the stats as of 15/11 15:18
Target : 1,000,000
Members to date: 188 to target : 0.018%
remaining : 99.872%
thats about 1.8 basis points.
ha ha ha what a joke! And nope, i did not join!

Well, so much ado about 1 million number, but in actual fact - nothing much at all. Thanks Mr. Wenger, I'll drop by at yours later.


Who am I to confront Susan Loone, it won't be a fair fight. I'm just a foot soldier who has yet to celebrate my 1 week birthday being born in cyber space. Susan on the other hand is a lady general who is commanding with an iron fist. But there is no harm in trying.

I quote some of Susan's writing:

"Only idiots get impressed by what you say and do. And there are too many of them around."

"Sick of you, sick of the newspapers who give you so much coverage as if there is no other persons to cover ."

I'm NOT going to rebut those statements. It is not that I do not have the capable ammunition to confront Susan and thus I ran away from the battle confrontation. It is because I refused to be labelled as a coward when I fought an opponent who was sick and distorted.

If I were allowed to think out of the box, I would have said that Susan's personal feud with Tun was a kind of fatal attraction, because towards the end of the article, she has this to say and I quote:

"Pi-lah. Balik kampung, tanam jagung. Menyampah."

Well Susan, since you are among the prime movers of Bangsa Malaysia, perhaps you can be set as a role model for Bangsa Malaysia. Do appear on TV and speak our national language. If there isn't any flaw, then we can talk about Bangsa Malaysia. Otherwise, like what you said to Tun, balik Guandong tanam jagung.

I also wonder by the time Susan reaches Tun's current age, will she still be barking mad like she is now, or she will be left alone and wondering why the world hates her so much, provided she still hasn't contracted Alzheimer's.

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Pejuang bangsa merupakan blogger setiakawan yang menunjukkan kesetiaan yang tidak berbelah bagi terhadap Khairy. Beliau berpendapat bahawa kata-kata Tun mengenai PM bukan Melayu boleh membawa kepada kemudharatan, dan saya petik:

"Mahathir sehingga sekarang ini masih lagi percaya bahawa dia adalah Pemimpin yang paling bijak, dan semua kata-kata yang diucapkan memberi kesan baik kepada parti dan kerajaan walaupun beliau bukan lagi ahli UMNO.Cuma kesannya ialah beliau cakap semua itu seperti tidak fikir kesannya malah boleh memudaratkan parti ."

Alahai Pejuang Bangsa, saya nak pesan satu perkara. Jika betul-betul nak jadi pendekar Melayu, pergilah bertapa dulu biar diri tu penuh dengan ilmu. Kalau setakat berbekalkan slogan setiakawan, silap-silap langkah tu jadi sumbang. Siapa yang malu, mestilah anta punya Tuan.

Pejuang Bangsa juga berpendapat bahawa kenyataan Tun boleh membebankan Mukhriz untuk pemilihan KP March nanti, dan saya petik:

"Hakikatnya , Tun tidak Iklas dalam perjuangan, sebab itulah Perjuangannya Tidak Mungkin Akan Selesai. Dan amat malang bagi Mukhriz kerana dia terpaksa menanggung beban yang dimulakan oleh ayahnya. "

Sekali lagi, alahai Pejuang Bangsa. Kata-kata Tun tidak akan membebankan Mukhriz. Sebaliknya, apa yang telah menjadi satu kenyataan hakiki, Khairy telah membebankan Dollah Badawi. Tapi pendokong setiakawan tak nak terima kenyataan ini kerana asyik dibelai mimpi Khairy.

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Well, there goes my one week holiday. I found that blogging is interesting and addicting, but can't be blogging too often now as a new project will take off tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Menganalisis SWOT Analisis Ke Atas Khairy - Part 1 and 2

Setelah berlegar dalam ruang siber, saya menemui satu blog yang melakukan Analisis SWOT terhadap Khairy. Satu analisis yang menarik kerana ditulis oleh pendokong setiakawan.

Seingat saya SWOT dilakukan ke atas diri sendiri untuk berdepan dengan permasalahan dengan melihat kepada strength, weakness, oppportunity dan threat. Mungkin disebabkan oleh kekuatan semangat setiakawan, maka apa salahnya analisis SWOT Khairy dilakukan oleh para rakan setiakawan sendiri.

Blog tersebut perpendapat bahawa strength Khairy terletak kepada:
  1. Kekuatan inkumbensi selaku naib ketua pemuda. I say that kekuatan inkumbensi telahpun ranap sama sekali, apa yang timbul ialah suara kebencian dari akar umbi. Dengan jelas ini telahpun terjadi apabila bilangan pencalonan Khairy berada pada tahap yang paling rendah sekali.
  2. Calon termuda yang mempunyai kekuatan tenaga. I say that at younger age a person is normally driven by passion, not conscience. In addition, at younger age there is a strong appetite for destruction.

  3. Pandangan ramai bahawa beliau adalah menantu Pak Lah. I would like to ask was Khairy the main reason Pak Lah was generally despised?

  4. Berpengalaman dalam bidang ekonomi dan pelaburan. In this case I've got to agree, as an expert in economy and investment, he did make tonnes of money for himself.

  5. Tema setiakawan yang bersifat inklusif. Until today I'm still searching for the meaning and it still remains elusive, not inclusive. Setiakawan just came recently about 3 months ago, meaning for the past four years was he not friendly?

Seterusnya blog tersebut melihat kepada weakness si Khairy:

  1. KJ adalah mangsa propaganda dan serangan peribadi. Saya pula berkata serangan dan tohmahan bukan berlaku dalam sekelip mata. Ianya disokong oleh fakta dan rentetan peristiwa. Contohnya bagaimana seorang penganggur diberi pinjaman RM 8 juta, dan seterusnya bercita-cita untuk mengambil alih syarikat yang lebih besar. Team setiakawan juga sedang menyerang dan melemparkan tohmahan terhadap Mukhriz di sini dan sini, but it seemingly sounds like a lame effort.

  2. Lambat dalam usaha menjawab tohmahan. Saya nak tanya kenapa lambat jawab? Ianya boleh menimbulkan keraguan dan syak wasangka. Ataupun sememangnya Khairy berada dalam total denial. Sehingga kini, kerakusan KJ dan rakan-rakan di Kuala Kangsar masih tidak diberi penjelasan oleh team setiakawan.

  3. Dianggap sombong dan bongkak oleh pengkritik beliau. Saya tak kenal Khairy, so tak boleh komen sebarangan terhadap Khairy punya perwatakan.

  4. Keputusan Pak Lah yang tidak mahu bertanding menyebabkan penyokong ubah haluan. Setahu saya Khairy kuat tapi Pak Lah lemah, kenapa yang kuat nak bergantung kepada yang lemah.
Undated at 6.16am, 14 November 2008

Apa pula kata blogger setiakawan mengenai opportunity Khairy.
  1. KJ dilihat mempunyai prinsip ketelusan sehingga sanggup berdebat secara terbuka mengenai isu semasa bukan sahaja dengan calon-calon KP tetapi dengan ahli parti lain. Pendapat saya pula ialah KJ tak puas hati sebab slogan perubahan Mukhriz yang mulakan. Tiada cara lain KJ nak hebohkan bahawa dia lebih berhak membawa perubahan, peluang yang ada hanya di arena perdebatan. Setahu saya juga KJ pernah LIMA KALI lari dari berdebat apabila dicabar oleh Adlan Benan dan PAS.

  2. KJ juga dilihat begitu mudah didekati, dan wajahnya nampak manis dengan senyuman. Saya pula kata dengan kehangatan kempen menjelang pemilihan UMNO, semua calon-calon tidak perlu didekati kerana mereka akan mendekati. Bermurahan dengan senyuman pada masa sekarang adalah satu keperluan, dan berilah banyak mana senyum tak rugi apa-apa sebab ianya percuma. Tapi cuba lihat macam mana KJ senyum kat atas.

  3. Dengan keputusan Pak Lah untuk mengundur diri, mungkin inilah masanya KJ dilihat dan dinilai dari daya upaya kandidasinya sendiri. Saya berpendapat ini bukan satu peluang, tetapi boleh menjerumus kepada kegagalan. Bayangkan Khairy tak kahwin dengan Nori, bolehkah beliau memanjat tangga kuasa dengan kelajuan supersonik? Tak perlu bayangkan, Tuan Husin Lempoyang ada jawapan.

  4. KJ merupakan calon yang paling terbaik dari semua calon-calon lain yang sudah luput usia dan tiada stamina, kekuatan, kepandaian dan idea mendekati golongan muda ini. Forgive me if I missed the plot because I far as I'm concerned Mat Cemerlang was a laughing stock.

And finally the setiakawan blogger looked at the threat that is facing Khairy.

  1. Ancaman beliau masih lagi dari segmen serangan peribadi dan propaganda pembunuhan karakter yang telah di buat bertahun-tahun lamanya. My argument, was Khairy the one who has systematically caused a slow death in Khir's political career? KJ used his Media Prima as a toll to expose the weakness of Khir's administration in Selangor. So who to blame, Mukhriz, Khir or himself.

  2. Dari segi upaya pembiayaan, calon-calon lain mempunyai empayar perniagaan serta track record sebagai kepala syarikat dan ketua negeri. Ini memberikan mereka added advantage. I'm totally confused, perhaps the picture below may help us figure out who has the added advantage.

  3. Adanya pihak yang menganggap sokongan kepada calon lain sebagai fenomena sokongan akar umbi, tetapi hasil kajian blog ini dalam artikel sebelum ini menggambarkan sebaliknya. Saya berpendapat kajian yang dibuat bunyi macam masuk bakul angkat sendiri. I've got to admit that I'm not an UMNO member, but I do hang around with UMNO people who hold certain positions, either big or small. Most of them agreed that Khairy's factor is the major contributor to the downfall of UMNO. When Mukhriz blew the wind of change, grassroots started to see a new fresh beginning to bring back the honour and glory.
If fellow bloggers ever wonder will I analyse a SWOT analysis on Mukhriz, I will write anything to confront materials that are insulting the intelligent.

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Azli Shukri is well known as a pro Mukhriz blogger. The few recent articles that he published are mainly dealing with dirty tricks played at Kuala Kangsar and many other places. Perhaps he was also expecting the other explanation for what really happened in the comment department of his blog.

Well he did get responses in the comment department, not in a civilized manner, but rather looks like it comes from a person who didn't get enough bottles during happy hour. Usual as ever, these comments are written by anonymous.

Anon at 3.54 pm, 11 November
Piggy Singh f#*k
budak kampung f#*k
C.H.E Dayat f#*k
Ajeem f#*k
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Anon at 2.32 pm, 11 November
apa yang korang tuduh semua salah..
datoadil bodoh
datoadil bodoh
datoadil bodoh
datoadil bodoh
datoadil bodoh
datoadil bodoh

The names mentioned are bloggers who do not seem to support KJ in their comment. It keeps on repeating for hundred lines. The setiakawan team members can simply claim that it is just another diversion to destroy KJ reputation.

Updated on 12th Nov, 11.00am

Another blogger mantra was also attacked with obscene langauge that looks like this

Blog kaki ampu paling menjijikkan!! tak sangka blog ini mempunyai pecacai najis yang begitu meloyakan.MANTRA TAIK apasal kau padam comments aku smlm/ PENAKUT... PENAKUT... PENAKUT... PENAKUT..PENAKUT... PENAKUT... PENAKUT..PENAKUT... PENAKUT... PENAKUT..PENAKUT... PENAKUT... PENAKUT..PENAKUT... PENAKUT... PENAKUT..PENAKUT... PENAKUT... PENAKUT..PENAKUT... PENAKUT... PENAKUT..PENAKUT... PENAKUT... PENAKUT..PENAKUT... PENAKUT... PENAKUT..PENAKUT... PENAKUT... PENAKUT..PENAKUT... PENAKUT... PENAKUT..PENAKUT... PENAKUT... PENAKUT..KAH!!!! KAH!!!! KAH!!!!KAH!!!!KAH!!!! KAH!!!! KAH!!!!KAH!!!!KAH!!!! KAH!!!! KAH!!!!KAH!!!!KAH!!!! KAH!!!! KAH!!!!KAH!!!!

after she published an entry titled Demokrasi ala Khairy.

Perhaps fellow bloggers can judge it yourselves.

Khairy...Gelang Patah...Kuala Kangsar...Rembau...WHAT CONNECTS THE DOTS?

Supporters of setiakawan claim that Khairy has been severely mistreated by bloggers in the cyberworld. It is pity that Khairy has been systematically demonised with baseless allegations and been given no room to deny or defend himself. A commentor in Mr Politica's blog has this to say

"Dahsyat-dahsyat....kau org kutuk KJ teruk betul...tak kan lah KJ seteruk tu.....ini fitnah melampau...fitnah sikit-sikit dah lah... aku agak lah kalau KJ berjaya jadi PM....kau org lah yg duk kat depan kaki ampu....".

To certain extent The Darker Side (TDS) agrees that what we heard were merely rumours that were spreading fast at lightning speed in cyberspace. So let's put aside the baseless allegations and assume that KJ was clean as cotton before the race for nominations.

However, starting with the incident at Gelang Patah, the event didn't help at all clear the air, and thus improve KJ's tainted image. What actually happened was a barbaric act normally practised by third world nations during elections. A ballot box for Ketua Pemuda nomination was hijacked and later counted by only a few persons in a private hotel room.

If this were another baseless allegation, pro KJ teams should have come out with convincing explanation. However until at this very moment TDS could not find any post by pro Khairy teams that provided answer to the serious accusation.

The same goes to Kuala Kangsar and Rembau, the outcome of the meeting is very much questionable. SO WHAT CONNECTS THE DOTS...WAS KHAIRY A VICTIM OR A MASTERMIND?