Friday, November 13, 2009

Tun On History Channel

History Channel hasn't been selective. It's been documenting both heroes like Kennedy and Churchill as well as villains like General Noriega and Hitler, and I don't believe Tun Mahathir is classified as the latter.

On this coming Sunday History Channel 555 will air a special one hour documentary about Tun Mahathir. The schedule is as below:

Sunday 15, 7pm - 8pm, Part 1
Sunday 22, 7pm - 8pm, Part 2

Pssssttttt .... exactly at the same day and time Khairy TV will air a special program about Pak Lah entitled Gone In Four Years. Don't forget to watch the preview below!!!

I guess the Dollah's program is rather uninteresting and shall be wasting time. So tune to History Channel 555 on Sunday at 7pm. Let us see what the world says about Tun Mahathir.

Monday, November 9, 2009

One Liners About The Son-Out-Law

If KJ is an actor, it will be his best to play a traitor!

Not much I'm able to update about the late happenings concerning the son-out-law. From what I learned lately KJ has been purposely denied coverage by main stream media, in contrast to claims made by his troopers that KJ is favored by our Prime Minister.

What else the pathetic troopers could have said apart from writing all the beautiful words about the son-out-law. Should they fail to do that cash is no longer arriving at doorsteps. Psssttt ... even one trooper claimed sleepy Pak Lah had done a better job in his five years of reign compared to his predecessor.

Since there isn't much to say about KJ regarding his current development, why don't we simply come out with one liner jokes about the son-out-law. I've got a few here and perhaps my dear viewers may add a lot more. Here you go:

  • If KJ is a savior, Hitler is a God sent angel.

  • Give Khairy a few centimeters, and he thinks he is a ruler.

  • In sleepy Pak Lah we uncover his dream, in menacing Khairy we uncover his greed.

  • Obama rises to top from the bottom, Khairy comes from top and is now nose-diving down down down.

  • If KJ troopers took an IQ test, the result would be NEGATIVE.

  • The more KJ keeps on trying, the more he is unleashing the demons in him.

  • KJ will be few steps closer to Putrajaya after he receives SPRM's call.

  • The only thing shared by Wonderful World of Disney and Delusional World of Khairy is that the mermaids are deadly pretty! HI HI HI

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jom Pi Rembau! For What Ma?

There has been a rather unfriendly response to Parpukari's article Jom Pi Jerlun. I will not mention where it came from but I reckon my dear viewers could have guessed it would come from one of the KJ's troopers.

It's indeed a dimwitted kind of response because it came from a self-proclaimed pro UMNO blogger. In addition, for what bloody good reason Mukhriz's program to boost economic activities in Jerlun is compared to KJ visiting flood victims.

Knowing that he himself was and still is a liability to his party, there is not much KJ could do to gain publicity or rather sympathy. Therefore KJ makes a full use of his cybertroopers to publish pictures and thus to create impression that KJ is fairly close to the people, HA HA HA.

Now I wonder why Khairy is not able to come up with the same program, Jom Pi Rembau. Perhaps the pictures below may provide the answer.

A rather "warm" welcome, HI HI HI.

Speaking of KJ's buddy.

Says Unker Zorro, "Cikgu Bad is my buddy, not Khairy"

Unfulfilled promises ..... IMMORAL MP!!!

Someone made a big fuss about bloggers and reporters boarding Firefly. Patut pun ... takde airport kat Rembau

Is there any home stay program in Rembau?

No home stay in Rembau, we all live under water, HA HA HA

Well Khairy, voice of hatred not only coming from blogs and FB, but in reality it also comes from your own constituency, HI HI HI.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

SSS Opens A New Promising Chapter

The crusade for having one school system (SSS) was first initiated by YM Kijang Mas of Demi Negara early this year. The campaign has since been fully supported by the noble knights of Demi Negara as well as the e-patriot community.

Recently SSS has caught the attention of our Prime Minister DS Najib himself. Even though DS Najib has been very cautious in making statement regarding SSS, ask the people as reported by The Star, do we the people have a concrete reason "beyond any argument" to say NO.

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Show your support by signing the petition here, or simply click the above picture.