Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Setiakawans Have Lost Their Pants, Now They're Pulling Mine

THE NOBLE KNIGHT RETURNS - directed towards Wenger Padedoh

I’m back, only better. Listen setiakawan joker boys, it's gonna be business as usual, and this time around I'm taking no prisoners. And listen carefully Wenger, confront the joker boys I shall, not with THREAT, dagger and sword, but with wits, mind and words.
Perhaps my close blogpals like Doc Sid, IKS, ODS and Mat Cendana may not agree with this final assault, but I've got to proceed somehow for the sake of pride and honour.

The very existence of The Darker Side is to confront twisted materials published by setiakawan joker boys. Many bloggers share the opinion that materials produced by joker boys are a pure act of sucking balls, not to mention distorted as well. Do feel free to visit these posts published by setiakawan supporters:

Those are only a few examples of distorted and twisted materials. I guess it is not insulting enough to say please bring barf bags when you visit those sites. Most of the articles above have been previously confronted by The Darker Side. So you are perfectly wrong Wenger if you ever think that I solely dedicate myself to only whack KJ the son-in-law.

Setiakawan bloggers embarass me!

My advice to you Wenger educate the joker boys to write more convincing articles, otherwise the lowly articles equivalent to primary school level make KJ look bad as ever. Subsequently, KJ may become an element of laughter.


In an article published by The Star, the son-in-law admitted that he has two personalities, the larger than life KJ and the naturally shy Khairy, well it sounds like a right candidate for split personality. What I found later in the article is that Khairy or KJ has the third personality which sounds like Hilter, and I quote:

"If you give me a microphone and a thousand people, it is a different thing altogether. I am very quick to warm up to people, and do not have problems interacting with them." KJ or Khairy
No wonder KJ shows so much enthusiasm in debate. The above quote has clearly proven that KJ loves limelight and public appearance. History tells us that these publicity seekers like Hitler and Sukarno ended destroying not only themselves but also the countries they served.

Ting ting ting ting! What's inside? Nothing

Luckily in this country hardly anybody pays attention to our new Hitler-like politician, except for a group of mutants known as setiakawans. I wonder what exactly KJ offered to these setiakawan joker boys because it is a true fact Khairy has proven to be liability to his party.

Perhaps KJ promises the land of fantasy to his setiakawan supporters, the land where the prime minister is always being sleepy, the politicians draw no limit for lust and greed, and the citizens just keep dreaming being at Disney.

Miss Mermaid, in your land of fantasy,
is there a person by the name Khairy?


When Wenger published the news at Rembau Times that I had been defeated, the setiakawan pom pom boys (thanks to River) were seen crowding Wenger's site for a celebration. The usual faces like Senapang Patah, SuKJ, Pejuang Bangsa and General Bro Jinggo himself only then dared to show up.

The setiakawan pom pom "boys" were seen
celebrating the defeat of Piggy Singh

I had previously published a post entitled The Fabulous Joker Boys that questioned the integrity of setiakawan supporters in cybersphere. Not many dared to turn up for comments to prove that I was wrong. SuKJ did try but he was heavily slaughtered, to the extent he wished that I had been buried in BA landslide.

Now the joker pom pom boys are celebrating with joy at Wenger's for a victory that was only claimed by Wenger. The joy and excitement were clearly shown from their comments, and I quote:

"wow… good news bro… haha… mcmmana lah rupanya piggy singh tersungkur agaknya, klu dia terbaca news ni rasa2nya pasti piggy menagis tertongeng… hahaha… teruskan usaha murni bro… bro kalau ada berita untuk disiarkan ke email saja saya bro… salam perjuangan bro…

Nasihat saya pada Mr Piggy , (itu pun jika Mr Piggy mahu dgr, coz Mr Piggy ni ego sedikit…) buat baik berpada2… buat jahat jangan sekali… adalah lebih baik kita menulis perkara yang baik2 daripada menulis perkara yang tidak baik dan janganlah kita samakan diri kita sama seperti syaitan…" General Bro Jinggo
What is puzzling me about these joker boys is that they really believe KJ is an angel, as if they live in different world. Thanks to your advice Bro Jinggo, buat baik berpada-pada, buat jahat jangan sekali, and I may add, nape pula peti undi Gelang Patah boleh dibawa lari?
The setiakawan joker boys are hardly seen commenting at famous blogsites which are no fans of Khairy like Rocky, A Voice, Apanama, Tuan Husin and JMD. The reason for being coward is that they do not have much substances and materials for rebuttal. Therefore from now on I like to call setiakawan supporters in blogsphere as PUSSYCAT JOKER BOYS. You guys had better retire and become background dancers for Pussycat Dolls.
Nicole, do you currently need dancers for Pussycat Dolls?
The setiakawan bloggers are now looking for dancing career.


Wenger J Khairy Padedoh, the commander of setiakawan troopers and definitely the witty few among KJ supporters has finally put his pen down as pro Setiakawan blogger. Wenger was the most provocative among setiakawan joker boys, the rest are comparable to pussycat dolls. He many times loudly called for confrontation, asking me and Doc Sid to show up in the mind games.

I guess it is reasonable for me to say that Wenger twice lost his pants in the mind games. As an act of revenge, Wenger posed a threat on me and I quote:

Mr. Piggy Singh,
Blogmaster of the-antigonist

We shall now accept terms of surrender. Should you decide to repent you are now instructed to do the following

A) Delete all offending postings to YB MP of Rembau
B) A 1000 essay apologizing to KJ, and all other setiakawans
C) Pledging never again to indulge in anti-KJ activities.

Should you resist, we shall be forced to unleash a campaign the likes has never been seen in the blogosophere.

Yours Sincerely
Wenger J Khairy Chief

After being stripped naked and suffered humiliation,
Wenger posed a threat as an act of revenge

Wenger further humiliated me in his article Cybertooper Gone Bad, accusing me being Azalina's trooper that evolved later as KJ hater. I fought back as usual and never submitted myself to his term. However Wenger declared victory and the news was published on front page by The Rembau Times as shown below.

Suddenly and mysteriously not only Wenger has penned down but also he has deleted all previous posts in his blog. I guess my dear viewers who have been to Wenger's site would agree that his wits always shine in his writings. It is a great loss not only to setiakawan joker boys, but also to his opponents because as proven, Wenger many times made us see things from different perspective. Farewell to you Wenger, such a great blogpal.

Farewell to Wenger JK Padedoh

Well everyone, HAPPY NEW YEAR, tomorrow will be a new day, a new determination, but no doubt we are stuck with THE SAME OLD SYSTEM.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Zionist Strikes Again

The holy land never knew peace and toleration except for the time Jerusalem was governed under Muslim administration. The land felled to Muslims for the first time under the command of a great conqueror Syadina Umar Al-Khatab ra who took the land in peaceful manner from Byzantine governor. The event how Syadina Umar entered Jerusalem was narrated by a great scholar, and I quote:

The Patriarch of Jerusalem handed over the keys of the city of Jerusalem to Umar. The Muslims were now the masters of Jerusalem. That was a special divine favor of God to the Muslims. As Umar entered the city he was greeted by the citizens with great enthusiasm. Umar said that he wanted to be led to some place where he could offer thanksgiving prayer to God. He was led to a Church but he refused to pray there, on the ground that that would set a precedent for the Muslims of the following generations to forcibly convert churches into mosques.

Jerusalem again was in the hand of Christians when Crusaders and Knight Templars conquered the holy land. Peace treaty was signed between Christians, Muslims and Jews under the reign of Christian king. However the peace was short lived when Templars outrageously slaughtered the Muslims. As a result, a ruler of Egypt Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi conquered Jerusalem in 1187 CE. Genuine peace and mutual toleration again existed for centuries to come until 1948, when the Western power orchestrated the dirtiest political conspiracy to hand over the holy land to Zionist.

Until this day I'm puzzled with role of Arab League nations to let this masacre continue to happen. So much respect I have for Tun for being very vocal to voice the right of Palestinians to return, as written at Tunku here. Dollah and Anwar have been silent and so far I have not heard their words of condemnation. Do say something Dollah and Nuar regarding the latest massacre on Gaza, TO PROVE THAT YOU BOTH HAVE GOT BALLS.

Speaking of latest massacre on Gaza, Tuan Nobisha has something for us to consider here.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

KJ and Husam Musa - 2 x 5?

Among the most anticipated political events of the year was a debate between Khairy, Husam Musa and Prof Mohd Agus. The event was concluded last night and the summary can be found here.

So far I have not recieved a full transcript on the debate. However after reading an article published by Pemuda Besut Blogspot, I would conclude that KJ suffered tremendous humiliation and tasted shameful defeat.
On the other hand one of the setiakawan joker boys Mr Wenger Padedoh has a different opinion, accusing Husam Musa for going off topic and not answering the questions, and I quote:

"KJ proved his calibre - going down to the heartland of Pas and taking a hard fought away victory, leaving the great Erdogan Dato’ Husam Musa, a frustrated man." Wenger Padedoh

However that is not the main issue that I like to raise in this article. What attracts me was a report I read in The Star, and I quote:

Khairy launched another attack on Husam when he asked whether hudud law would be implemented if Pakatan Rakyat had taken over the Government on Sept 16.

Husam gave an assurance that hudud law would be implemented if they had taken over.

Associate Prof Mohd Agus added fuel to the already hot topic and asked Khairy if he would push for hudud law if he became the Umno Youth chief.

Khairy smilingly replied that he would, which resulted in shouts among PAS supporters in the hall.

What I'd like my dear viewers to consider is Husam Musa, his agreement on hudud law after 16 September and his connection with Pak Sheikh Anwar. Perhaps the picture below may provide the better answer.

Still don't get it? Okey let us visit Nobisha.

Laa.. Pak Sheikh, aku just habaq apa depa
nak dengaq macam hang dok selalu buat!

However the most incredible statement of the night was that KJ would also implement huhud law if he wins the KP race next year. Ahhhh???? I guess Mr Jonnie Walker and Mr Jack Daniel would also be surprised like hell.

Yes to hudud law. Is he repenting now?

Well so much ado about Khairy and Husam Musa, only rhetorical, but zero in substance and material. Therefore it was not taken seriously by many people. And for that reason a famous camel trader Tuan Husin prefers to dismiss them both and instead he had better wait for Santa Claus. Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas.

Good Samaritan Never Speaks Loud

During a gathering last night, I happened to meet a prominent surgeon who recently came back from a successful one week mission to Bangladesh.
The surgeon, who I like call him as Prof Z was enthusiastically telling us about the purpose for the mission. Prof Z, with two other prominent surgeons and a couple of local nurses voluntarily went to Bangladesh to perform up to 53 corrective surgeries to financially deprived patients with congenital defect known as cleft.

Since the topic of this article is never speaks loud, I am not going to reveal the names or pictures of the health care professionals involved. Furthermore, the mission was not known to public due to no political interference. However my dear viewers can verify with Mercy Malaysia because the mission was fully organized by the NGO.

What amazes me is that these volunteers not only leaving their family behind on pro bono basis, but they were also not expecting special treatments while in Bangladesh, like five start hotel, chauffer and etc. In addition, one of the surgeons is a private practitioner, and the whole week of absent from his clinic would have translated to five figure loss.

Prof Z also emphasized that in actual fact there still plenty of Malaysians who are willing to do good things without expecting anything in return. He told us that in Mercy itself quite significant numbers of professionals coming from all races and voluntarily lending their hands without being politically motivated.

Then I wonder what are the examples of good acts which can be categorically classified as politically motivated? Perhaps pictures below may provide the answer. Those pictures were taken from articles published by setiakawan joker boys who proudly and loudly announcing the good deeds performed by their master.

Cat la banyak-banyak nak hilangkan kotoran yang lama

Adek nak duit raya kena undi abang untuk KP UMNO

Boleh tahan PODEH ke jang?

Baguih la tu...

Nak jadi KP habuk dan kotoran semua kena cuci

If my dear viewers do not agree that the good deeds performed by main actor in the pictures above are not politically motivated, perhaps we should have MORE POLITICIANS MADE IN OXFORD.
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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Anwar's Curry, DAP's MSG, HINDRAF Nak Lagi

Imagine what a delightful dish it will be, an original Penang Mamak’s traditional mutton curry secretly cooked by Anwar Ibrahim and added with a splash of flavour enhancing MSG by Ungka Lim. It sounds so tasty and makes the HINDRAF supporters go hungry.

Lim, our curry is selling fast to HINDRAF

In fact the DAP flavoured Anwar’s curry really has captured HINDRAF supporters and made them go crazy and ask for more, to the extent they are no longer buying curry from Uncle Samy.

Anwar's curry ada ump!!!

I wonder whether Anwar spikes some hallucinogenic substance like marijuana or coca leaves into the curry because not only the HINDRAF supporters are now going crazy, but they also addicted, hallucinating and feeling high, like being at cloud nine.
DAP flavoured Anwar's curry, more please!!!

One of them by the name Thadiankunda got lost in cybersphere and was caught talking nonsense at JMD's article on racism and Malay leadership. The intensity of the intoxicating feeling is clearly seen in his comment, and I quote:

Helo JMD,

I am bemused by your remarks that the Singapore govt is unfair in appointing 1 deputy Indian PM and 3 Indian ministers compared to only 1 malay minister despite having a composition of 14%, compared to Indians 9%. Now everyone knows, Singapore is a developed country and a very successful nation. They are the epitome of meritocracy.

Hence, the 4 Indian cabinet members possess impeccable credentials to be appointed in very important positions like, DPM, Finance, Law and Youth Development. In fact I was surprised when I found out that an Indian is the Finance Minister of a predominantly Chinese nation. I am sorry to say, I don’t think any malays are qualified to graduate from the universities these honourable members graduated from.

Their academic qualifications are purely based on merits-no doubt about that.Pls also be reminded, it is an undisputable fact that the Malays can be easily bought over,they will succumb to money and women. Thus the limited number of malay ministers in the Singapore cabinet. I am sure Lee Kuan Yew knows the quality of the Malays and Indians.

Yes, in 1999, the non malays, especially the Malaysian Indians voted for BN after the malays abandoned BN in the general elections. Its not that the Indians trusted Mahathir, but it has been a general trend that most Indians voted BN in the hope that they will be treated fairly. But unfortunately, they had to be awakened by some Pakatan Rakyat Indian leaders and Hindraf to the fact that they had been marginalized by the Umno dominated BN.

As usual JMD has wisely and thoroughly answered to hallucinating Thadiankunda. However I like to add a few points to rebut an argument made by Thadiankunda when he said this and I requote:

"In fact I was surprised when I found out that an Indian is the Finance Minister of a predominantly Chinese nation. I am sorry to say, I don’t think any malays are qualified to graduate from the universities these honourable members graduated from."

I happened to know a Malay surgeon who is frequently invited by Universities in Singapore for talk and seminars. The surgeon also once told me that in his faculty there was a Singapore graduate surgeon who was not capable to perform up to the expectation. Well so much about Singapore education.

Try my curry everyone?

I guess many Malays have now realized that Anwar’s curry has been added with too much DAP’s flavour enhancer MSG. Even though demand from HINDRAF supporters is still coming Anwar may not sustain his curry business because HINDRAF market is considered small. However DAP flavoured Anwar’s curry will be in great demand if it is offered to the SINGAPOREANS.

DAP flavoured Anwar's curry? Sound interesting to me

ps: I heard that Anwar’s is now selling his DAP flavoured curry to Malay Royal families.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Bangkok and Putrajaya - The Oxford Factor

The setiakawan joker boys will scavenge anything available if the material may help undo the bad reputation of their master, KJ the son-in-law. A recent event that was taken as a plus by setiakawan joker boys was the appointment of Oxford graduate Abhisit Vejjajiva as the new Thai Prime Minister.

One of the joker boys, the severely delusional SuKJ saw the event as an inspiration for KJ to reach Putrajaya due to Oxford factor. However SuKJ failed to see what is exactly happening now in Thailand, that peace has not yet been fully restored (what to expect from a person who is delusional and in total denial). Not more than one hour after the appointment, a crowd of protesters swelled outside the Bangkok Parliament House.

SuKJ straight away came to a conclusion that Oxford factor will soon affect Malaysia. His arguments as usual are words of praise to his vicious master and I quote:
  1. Setakad ini rakyat Malaysia belum lagi melihat lulusan Oxford menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia.

  2. Insyallah jika diizinkan Tuhan, selepas ini kita akan melihat seorang Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang berkelulusan Universiti Oxford.

  3. Harap selepas ini rakyat Malaysia jangan jadi 'bodoh monyet' atau tercengang bila melihat pemimpin yang muda dan berkelulusan Oxford memimpin negara ini. Walaupun muda tetapi jika beliau layak dan berwibawa, apa salahnya jika beliau dipilih sebagai Perdana Menteri.

An act of desperation is synonym to setiakawan joker boys. I wonder to what extent will SuKJ pursue himself to materialize the dream of his master, the vicious son-in-law. I’m afraid he will draw no limit and he will end up SELLING HIS SOUL FOR Oxford Prince KJ.

If my dear viewers like to have a better view about political turmoil in Thailand, please feel free to visit Jed Yoong and Timeonline.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Football, Five States and One Parliament Seat

Another Sad Ending to Our Football – Will The Son-in-law Be Held Responsible?

When our national football team has slightly improved its world ranking, the new vice (actually deputy, my mistake) president KJ proudly claimed the credit for himself, as written here. The ranking is like a black and white proof that the team has slightly improved. However, the ranking may not necessarily be translated to an improved performance on football pitch.

What happened really was a smart conspiracy finally revealed by my blogpal on da street. Improvement in world ranking came after the previous Merdeka Cup, whereby only weaker teams were invited. The result was 18 goals scored with none conceded. No doubt it was impressive and would be tremendous result to improve position.

When the team was really tested in Suzuki Cup with equivalent opponents like Vietnam and Thailand, they made an early trip home. So I wonder if KJ could claim credit for an improved ranking, will he be held responsible for the sad ending. So far the setiakawan joker boys kept quiet and said nothing.

I have submitted myself to believing that whatever KJ touches breaks!!! Be it football, UMNO or Mat Rempit.

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KT – Five States vs One Parliament Seat

Believe it or not, if BN loses in KT, the setiakawan joker boys already knew who the culprit is. The person is no one other than Mukhriz.

Mukhriz is targeted due to the statement that he made regarding vernacular school. A person by the name Dato’ Shaiful Kamal published an article that prematurely accused Mukhriz as a burden to the coming by-election.

I’m not sure whether this Dato’ is talking for the sake of his pocket or straight from his mind. If he really did use his mind, I wonder if the brain is also shrinking. A few Dato’ bloggers that I knew like Kadir Jasin, DSN and Sakmongkol would never come close to this low to express their thoughts.

The setiakawan joker boys as usual reproduced the article at many places like here, here and here. They treated the article like a precious stone because materials that demonize Mukhriz are scarcely found.

Dear joker boys, if you people sincerely want to help the BN machinery win at KT, you people should look deeply at the major contributors that caused the BN to have lost at five states. One of the contributors is obviously seen above.

It is such a lame effort to smear Mukhriz with only an anticipated loss in one parliament seat. On the other hand, there is a son-in-law who should be held responsible for the loss of five states. However the not only the son-in-law is running away from responsibility, but also he has now become more and more greedy.

A Riddle

Well my dear viewers, let’s cheer the weekend with a riddle. See the picture below and guess what occasion the gathering was held for?

A. MIC Youth listening to Unker Samy
B. HINDRAF supporters being brainwashed
C. A crowd in cinema watching Tamil movie
D. The cult followers of Anwar Al-Sivaji

Wanna know the answer, let’s go to Medan Info Kita.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

ANWAR AND KHAIRY -What Have They Been Up To Lately

No doubt these two political figures have added some colours to Malaysian political landscape. The intensity of the colour is subjective. Some people see it as dark and it is getting darker, others are seeing the darker spot is getting brighter. Looking back at the chronology of their political career, these two creatures have so many things similar.

They both started as promising young UMNO leaders. During his early involvement in UMNO, Anwar was seen as a politician who would bring UMNO closer to the Islamic path which was being followed by PAS. On the other hand, nothing was seen in Khairy, except that he was becoming closer to Dollah Badawi.
Literally they both share similar path even though the two characters are different in nature. Therefore, I like to invite my dear viewers to look at other similarities these two creatures share in common.

They Both Climbed Political Ladder Facilitated

In this case I’ve got to give Anwar a credit because his inclusion to UMNO was widely anticipated and applauded. Khairy on the other suddenly appeared from wilderness and with his marriage certificate he outrageously jumped into vice KP spot.

They Both Love Public Appearance

Khairy once mentioned in The Star daily that he would change to a different person if he was given a thousand crowd and a microphone. Anwar as everybody knows, fun to listen, but no substance.

They Both Have Fallen Victim to Tun’s Legacy

Anwar ended in Sungai Buloh while Khairy…I wonder where he will be if he loses the KP, perhaps teaming up with Reezal Mamak selling roti.

They Both Have Fanatic Supporters

I like to call Khairy’s supporters in cybersphere as joker boys. Whenever they publish articles showing support to Khairy, the contents of the articles are far from reality. The same goes PKR boys, they keep the notion that Anwar can never go wrong, the kind of behaviour normally shown by cult members. The fact is that it has been many times Anwar the PKR cult leader committed wrong doing, but the cult followers simply ignored.

They Both Are Singing Hatred Towards Tun

Both supporters are singing hatred towards Tun. It’s understandable that Anwar’s supporters have vengeance towards Tun for causing their cult leader to have been held in prison cell. However, the joker boys have other reason for despising Tun, that Tun’s factor is a great plus for Mukhriz in KP race.

They Both Dream of Becoming Prime Minister

But thanks to their impatience and greed, it looks like their dream is now far reaching. One has become a history after 16 September, the other is creating many stories to avoid being historical figure. Don't worry about the third one, he just demanded to be considered, but he is now no relevant at all.

Well so many things they both share in common. Khairy the passport delivery boy and Anwar the cult leader share the same interest to become Prime Minister. They started climbing the political ladder at very young age and rose to political stardom with help from superior power. They are also now fighting against the same nemesis, Tun and his family.

It has now become a public knowledge that if Khairy wins the KP race, death to UMNO will come a lot sooner. Should this happen, nobody in Malaysia will be much happier than Anwar himself because Anwar will score a double kills, death to UMNO and fall of Tun dynasty. Therefore, for that reason I strongly believe that Anwar would willingly lend his support for Khairy in the race for KP. So my dear viewers, WHAT HAVE ANWAR AND KHAIRY BEEN UP TO LATELY?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Introducing KJ Troopers - The Fabulous Joker Boys


The strength of KJ supporters can be measured by the kind of crowds that KJ has in blogsphere. And most of them as my dear viewers have already observed, are easily taken, except the witty few like Mr Wenger Padedoh.

If KJ really had big guns out there who are the real players of mind game and who can shine with wit and sharp mind, KJ would have unleashed the weapons. But so far KJ supporters or I’ll say jokers are elements of laughter, including KJ himself. Let's get to these fabulous joker boys.

GENERAL BRO JINGGO (now demoted by ODS to only Major)

Rank: General

Specialty: Cyber Warfare

Recruited: 2007

Bro Jinggo was among the first to appear in blogspehere as KJ hardcore supporter. He came out with a blog named, now replaced by
Under the , perhaps Bro Jinggo could not stand the numerous comments challanging him with facts and figures. Furthermore, during the days of, Bro Jinggo was heavily slaughtered. As a result he terminated the blogspot.
With the new one - guess what? Comments are not allowed. Is it an act of a COWARD?

Rank: Third Class Private

Recruited: November 2008
Specialty: Dirt Cleaner and Stain Remover
Fabulous boy is new guy who just created a blog with a name Fabulous KJ. It is vividly clear a desperate attempt to outdo KJ’s notorious reputation. It is a laughing stock. So I wonder, if these are the crowds of KJ in virtual world, in reality it can be worst.

Rank: Civilian, currency speculator

Recruited: Unknown
Specialty: Double Agent

Mr Wenger Padedoh is among the witty few in setiakawan team. I like to quote an opinion form Mr River who commented about Mr Wenger Padedoh:
"You are indeed the only intellectual person I see among KJ promoters, and I enjoy reading your debates with your antagonists.
I like to consider Mr Wenger Padedoh a double agent and a war broker. In my early involvement with blogging, he provided me with information or ammunition to confront the other side. At the same time, he encouraged the setiakawan to retaliate.
With so much attacks and humiliation suffered, even the wise Mr Wenger has slowly begun to unravel. He wrote a pantun dedicated or I would say directed towards KJ haters, entitled Berani Berubah.

Berani berubah, takut berdebat,
Kalau berdebat, akan disebat,
Hujah berdiri, jawapannya spontan,

Pendekar berikut,baru bergaji,
Lidahnya tajam, tangannya berduri,
Cekap mencaci, tapi’ tak berisi,

Takut berdepan secara jantan,
Kalau lawan dan hilangkan diri,
Itu dinamakan taktik pondan!

Rank: Lieutenant

Recruited: September 2008
Specialty: Defense Analyst
The first few attacks that I made against setiakawan were to confront articles published by Hang Tegar such as SWOT Analysis, Facebook Group and Khairy's Pictures. Honestly I do respect and admire this guy, he stands strongly firm believing that Khairy is the leader for future, as written here.

Rank: Lieutenant

Recruited: February 2008

Specialty: Agent for Propaganda

Out of a sudden this lieutenant SuKJ appeared one month before previous general election. During that time, KJ troopers were rare species. Early in his career, SuKJ shot comments at famous blogpages like Tuan Husin's, pleadging support for Khairy while almost everybody saw KJ as liability.
I like his tag line, Blogger berkualiti untuk pemimpin berkualiti, Blogger berwibawa untuk pemimpin berwibawa, and I may add, Bloggers berilusi untuk pemimpin berliabiliti.
His latest article clearly shows that HE IS the ultimate KJ's apple polisher.

Rank: Private

Recruited: March 2008

Specialty: Professional Copier
The name of the blogsite Pejuang Bangsa is somehow misleading, the usual strategy used by KJ's army. The truth is Melayu and UMNO in particular have become target for fitnah because of KJ's menace. As a blogger, Pejuang Bangsa is a prolific publisher. What he does best is cut and paste articles from other setiakawan blogpages. That's why I call him professional copier.

Rank: Private

Recruited: November 2008

Specialty: Firing Blindly

During recruiting process, the KJ side probably forgot to give Senapang Patah psychological test. Once he was firing blindly with blunt and immature comments and was desperately demanding the blog owners to publish his writings. I tried to save this deluded soldier, but it was too late, he had already been sold by MANTRA.

Rank: Sniper

Recruited: November 2008

Specialty: Biological Warfare

Don't mess with Khairy because this Arni guy will come to your door step and finish you off with biological weapon, another term for pornographic spams.

Dear viewers, if I draw my own conclusion about these jokers you're gonna say that I'm biased. So let us share the opinion of other bloggers.
"These KJ troopers are really, really crass.Not to mention low IQ….But it’s fun to play mind games with them and see them slowly unravel." Jed Yoong.

"I've read the previous posts, and some of the links - You're right about the cybertroopers. Jeez, I didn't expect them to be of such low quality! BTW maaf, ye; kepada mana-mana trooper yang baca comment ni. Bukan aku sengaja nak mangata dan perlekeh you all - tapi, MEMANG lekeh pun! Ha ha!" Mat Cendana
So what say you my dear viewers, a true leader for future generation or AN ARMY OF DESTRUCTION.