Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Anak Ayah, Anak Mak, Anak Omak!


" Daddy, when I grow up I like to become a doctor like you are"
The term refers to a son who admires his father so much to the extent he wants to follow every footstep that the father has made.


Well I could be wrong for this one. The term may refer to a child who feels more secured in the presence of his or her mother.


Forgive me, I don't mean to offend the N9 netizens. In fact the person who proposed the term Anak Omak also comes from Negeri Sembilan.

This is a new term that I like to suggest to Dewan Bahasa. The term refers to a young and ambitious politician who goes straight to his mum whenever he get reprimanded by fellow politicians, bloggers or opponents. In response the mother will confont the person in such a hostile manner.

It is an open secret among netizens that KJ's mother Rahmah has many times interfered in matters concerning government administration and UMNO. Big Dog once reported that Dato' Seri Rafidah Aziz got scolded by Rahmah through a phone call. It started with Rafidah sending 16 pages letter to flip-flop PM and the content of the letter heavily criticised the flip-flopper and his menacing son-in-law.

Rafidah paid a heavy price for sending the letter, whereby unexpectedly she received a phone call from KJ's mother and of course the conversion between Rafidah and Rahmah had to be a belligerent kind. So pity KJ has to run to mommy whenever he lacks of intellectual capacity as well as working neurons to confront his opponents.

My reliable source also informed me that not only Rafidah has become the victim of KJ's mommy. Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Ali and celebrity blogger Dato' Kadir Jasin have also become the victims being scolded by KJ's mommy. I wonder how far is the truth.

Mommy, Piggy whacked me again, please do something!

Now what and who the hell is this Rahmah, KJ's mummy? Perhaps she feels that people must listen to her because his son is married to a daughter of Prime Minister. I tell you what KJ's mommy, if you are still not aware the flip-flop Pak Lah is no longer there. Your son now is really alone because he has no one to depend on.

Since flip-flopper father-in-law has no power now, KJ can no longer run to mommy whenever he is challenged politically, perhaps Khairy will soon run to Piggy, hi hi hi!