Saturday, August 29, 2009

There Was A Dream That Was UMNO

I have made it clear that I never was an UMNO member. I have written a post to explain with reasons why I didn't join party and become an active member. But no doubt I am an UMNO sympathizer.

Though the late happenings have somehow put UMNO in grievous jeopardy, I still have faith in the party. I had seen the light in UMNO through the struggle of my late father and his fellow UMNO supporters.

Back in the 70s in Kelantan, I saw with my naked eyes how UMNO workhorses wholeheartedly put their effort to bring glory for the party. They went deep into rural areas riding motorcycles to meet kampung folks and to learn about the latter's can of worms. They even spent their own money for the petrol without expecting anything in return.

These mighty UMNO fighters were the people who had built the unshakable pillars for the party, that the years to come the party grew forcibly strong. Most of these fighters had received the God's calling, may they rest in peace, Al-Fatihah kepada arwah pejuang UMNO yang bermandikan peluh demi menmartabatkan agama dan bangsa.

What we have today in UMNO are the people who knew almost nothing about struggle. Especially among Pemuda, they tend to grab any position in the party to ensure that they can enjoy the privileges and luxuries. Names like Azeez Rahim and Khairy, they are blood sucking leeches who mercilessly abuse their position in the party for personal gain.

Anak merdeka according to Azeez Rahim?

There was a dream that was UMNO, shall be again realized. This is the wish of the previous UMNO fighters who had fought wholeheartedly to bring glory for the party.

The dream will never again become a reality as long as there is liability in the party that goes by the name Khairy.