Sunday, August 9, 2009

KJ, Selangor Gangsters and Jack Daniel

I thought I've been harsh enough on KJ when I called him Bodoh Dalam Pandai, and that was actually quoted from Harimau. But Cucu Tok Wan of Depa Kata has been more brutal, calling KJ a political animal.

I wonder what kind issues KJ would play to lure PAS Youth to join him condemning the Gangster of Selangor DAP. If one the agenda is about to ban selling alcohol to Muslim-majority areas, definitely KJ must think twice. DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY??? Just click maaa!!!

KJ is now in desperate move. He would scavenge anything on earth to prolong his political career and to make him stay relevant. I wonder will KJ call for banning of alcohol in Selangor? Because if he does Mr Jack Daniel will be really really really mad.

CHEERs, TAKE-BEER, or whatever, but do enjoy the pictures.

More stories can be found here, were made available by Tuan Husin the camel trader.