Thursday, December 4, 2008

Introducing KJ Troopers - The Fabulous Joker Boys


The strength of KJ supporters can be measured by the kind of crowds that KJ has in blogsphere. And most of them as my dear viewers have already observed, are easily taken, except the witty few like Mr Wenger Padedoh.

If KJ really had big guns out there who are the real players of mind game and who can shine with wit and sharp mind, KJ would have unleashed the weapons. But so far KJ supporters or I’ll say jokers are elements of laughter, including KJ himself. Let's get to these fabulous joker boys.

GENERAL BRO JINGGO (now demoted by ODS to only Major)

Rank: General

Specialty: Cyber Warfare

Recruited: 2007

Bro Jinggo was among the first to appear in blogspehere as KJ hardcore supporter. He came out with a blog named, now replaced by
Under the , perhaps Bro Jinggo could not stand the numerous comments challanging him with facts and figures. Furthermore, during the days of, Bro Jinggo was heavily slaughtered. As a result he terminated the blogspot.
With the new one - guess what? Comments are not allowed. Is it an act of a COWARD?

Rank: Third Class Private

Recruited: November 2008
Specialty: Dirt Cleaner and Stain Remover
Fabulous boy is new guy who just created a blog with a name Fabulous KJ. It is vividly clear a desperate attempt to outdo KJ’s notorious reputation. It is a laughing stock. So I wonder, if these are the crowds of KJ in virtual world, in reality it can be worst.

Rank: Civilian, currency speculator

Recruited: Unknown
Specialty: Double Agent

Mr Wenger Padedoh is among the witty few in setiakawan team. I like to quote an opinion form Mr River who commented about Mr Wenger Padedoh:
"You are indeed the only intellectual person I see among KJ promoters, and I enjoy reading your debates with your antagonists.
I like to consider Mr Wenger Padedoh a double agent and a war broker. In my early involvement with blogging, he provided me with information or ammunition to confront the other side. At the same time, he encouraged the setiakawan to retaliate.
With so much attacks and humiliation suffered, even the wise Mr Wenger has slowly begun to unravel. He wrote a pantun dedicated or I would say directed towards KJ haters, entitled Berani Berubah.

Berani berubah, takut berdebat,
Kalau berdebat, akan disebat,
Hujah berdiri, jawapannya spontan,

Pendekar berikut,baru bergaji,
Lidahnya tajam, tangannya berduri,
Cekap mencaci, tapi’ tak berisi,

Takut berdepan secara jantan,
Kalau lawan dan hilangkan diri,
Itu dinamakan taktik pondan!

Rank: Lieutenant

Recruited: September 2008
Specialty: Defense Analyst
The first few attacks that I made against setiakawan were to confront articles published by Hang Tegar such as SWOT Analysis, Facebook Group and Khairy's Pictures. Honestly I do respect and admire this guy, he stands strongly firm believing that Khairy is the leader for future, as written here.

Rank: Lieutenant

Recruited: February 2008

Specialty: Agent for Propaganda

Out of a sudden this lieutenant SuKJ appeared one month before previous general election. During that time, KJ troopers were rare species. Early in his career, SuKJ shot comments at famous blogpages like Tuan Husin's, pleadging support for Khairy while almost everybody saw KJ as liability.
I like his tag line, Blogger berkualiti untuk pemimpin berkualiti, Blogger berwibawa untuk pemimpin berwibawa, and I may add, Bloggers berilusi untuk pemimpin berliabiliti.
His latest article clearly shows that HE IS the ultimate KJ's apple polisher.

Rank: Private

Recruited: March 2008

Specialty: Professional Copier
The name of the blogsite Pejuang Bangsa is somehow misleading, the usual strategy used by KJ's army. The truth is Melayu and UMNO in particular have become target for fitnah because of KJ's menace. As a blogger, Pejuang Bangsa is a prolific publisher. What he does best is cut and paste articles from other setiakawan blogpages. That's why I call him professional copier.

Rank: Private

Recruited: November 2008

Specialty: Firing Blindly

During recruiting process, the KJ side probably forgot to give Senapang Patah psychological test. Once he was firing blindly with blunt and immature comments and was desperately demanding the blog owners to publish his writings. I tried to save this deluded soldier, but it was too late, he had already been sold by MANTRA.

Rank: Sniper

Recruited: November 2008

Specialty: Biological Warfare

Don't mess with Khairy because this Arni guy will come to your door step and finish you off with biological weapon, another term for pornographic spams.

Dear viewers, if I draw my own conclusion about these jokers you're gonna say that I'm biased. So let us share the opinion of other bloggers.
"These KJ troopers are really, really crass.Not to mention low IQ….But it’s fun to play mind games with them and see them slowly unravel." Jed Yoong.

"I've read the previous posts, and some of the links - You're right about the cybertroopers. Jeez, I didn't expect them to be of such low quality! BTW maaf, ye; kepada mana-mana trooper yang baca comment ni. Bukan aku sengaja nak mangata dan perlekeh you all - tapi, MEMANG lekeh pun! Ha ha!" Mat Cendana
So what say you my dear viewers, a true leader for future generation or AN ARMY OF DESTRUCTION.