Friday, August 14, 2009

What Connects The Dots?

Strange political events that occurred lately have further confused and puzzled me about Khairy:
  1. On August 11 PKR and PAS launched Merdeka Celebration at Rembau while they were perfectly away that the next by-election is at far North. They could have saved the cost by having the launch up North. Why Rembau, perhaps Cikgu Bad is sending us a signal that Khairy soon is joining the party, hi hi hi.

  2. During Rembau gathering, Mat Sabu also did mention that Pak Lah Al Tidori is joining the PAKATAN very soon. Ha ha ha, you people can have Dollah Badawi for free. My advice to Dollah, if you jump to PAKATAN don't forget to bring along the trash you have left behind.

  3. Within these few days KJ clowns have been relatively quiet reporting on KJ's actitivities. What they have published recently are articles ridiculing Piggy and Parpu Kari.

  4. KJ kept silent when TS Muhyidin was challenged by Anwar, as if KJ as Ketua Pemuda was no longer interested to defend his UMNO superior. KJ clowns are only making noise that Khairy was an earlier victim of Anwar Ibrahim compared to Muhyiddin.

  5. The notion that KJ is no longer interested in UMNO is also supported by MSO. He says that KJ is now not only isolated by UMNO big guns, but KJ himself is also knocking on opposition door.

Of all these incidents, what connects the dots..........well Parpu Kari has got a lot more to tell about Anak Omak.