Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Natural Selection - The Art Of Deception

Sometimes survival means lying, pretending or adapting in place
natural selection described in layman term:

Species less suited to the environment are less likely to survive while species more suited to the environment are more likely to survive.
I never was a fan of Darwin's evolution. The Islamic teaching strictly prevented me to somehow believe that the origin of man was monkey.
As a matter of fact my rejection on Darwin's theory wasn't solely based on blind faith. During my college years a few of my professors agreed that the perfect balance in our ecosystem is an artful work of the Almighty God.

However there is a twist in the theory as the current happenings are in favour to Darwin. If Darwin were still living today, he would be extremely happy that his natural selection is in the making.

How could PAS survive in a hostile environment of chameleonic Anwar and "over my dead body" Karpal

The natural selection theory says that a species must adapt to hostile environment in order to survive, and this is what I am now seeing in PAS. I mean by principle how could PAS survive in an environment which is not at all friendly to the party.
PAS has to adapt to both Islamic phobia DAP and rojak-style liberal PKR. PAS for one thing opts for total Islamic country as written in the party constitution.

Nizar's candle is a YES now though it may lead to "syirik"

Instead PAS has gradually been adapting itself to the new hostile environment. Current happenings in the party have clearly proven that the adaption has taken place.
When Nik Aziz make a rather surprising statements on Eli's obscene pictures, Nizar's candle and Selangor gangsters - it shows that PAS has undergone very severe genetic mutation.

The party constitution actually shapes the party and sets the objective of the main struggle. Once the constitution underwent mutation to better adapt to the hostile environment the party has actually lost its main purpose of existence . Thus the party gradually is evolving to become totally another species, not the same kind.

PAS also says YES to immoral conduct

Therefore one last question I like to ask to PAS, what is the main purpose for the existence of PAS? Is it to achieve the objective of main struggle or just to conveniently adapt to the hostile environment to stay relevant.
If the answer is the latter, no doubt PAS is now lying, pretending and adapting in order to prolong its survival in PAKATAN's hostile world. This is part of the game called DECEPTION.