Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Count Khairius and Darth Anus Anwarius - The Star Wars Metaphor

In every galaxy, a story there is!!!

Due to excessive pressure and overwhelming public uproar, Chancellor Tidurius has left the corridor of power. The Galactic Front is now lead by Chancellor Najibus.

Chancellor Tidurius

Count Khairius, the son-in-law of Chancellor Tidurius has since been keeping silence. Without his father-in-law upholding the power, it seems that his dream to become the Galactic Chancellor at the age of 40 is almost over.

Or it is also possible that Count Khairius is planning his next move in total darkness - joining the Dark Side lead by Darth Anus Anwarius to bring down the Galactic Front.

Count Khairius knows that Galactic Front has been losing support during the reign of Chancellor Tidurius, and the momentum is still going on.

Darth Sidius

Just like Chancellor Palpatine aka Darth Sidius destroying The Galactic Republic from inside, will Count Khairius be doing the same?


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Enter Tok Pa Kita, Exit Annuar Musa

"Before Pol Pot, there was Hitler.
Before KJ, there was Annuar Musa." Piggy Singh
Out you now but do not yet disappear.
Wait for court order, remember PPRT Annuar Musa?

What can I say about this guy, Annuar Musa. His political career was nearly over when Tok Pa was given the responsibility to lead Kelantan UMNO back in 2004. Though Tok Pa didn't manage to reconquer the sate, the outcome of the 2004 general election had placed PAS in uncomfortable zone.

However there were twists and turns. Annuar's political career was resurrected from its rotten grave when he was reinstated as UMNO liaison head right after PRU 12. At that moment I started to smell disaster for Kelantan UMNO.

For what sluggish or stupid reason Tan Tin Tun Dollah reinstated Mr Liability (he is 2nd to Khairy, as reported by Malaysiakini) to head the fragile state of East Coast. Annuar Musa is not only a laughing matter to PAS supporters, but also among UMNO members, as reported by Kickdefella.

All politicians are liability. The worst of them are Khairy and me.

In addition, Annuar Musa was the only Anak Melayu who dared to pull a stunt to overthrow a reining Malay Sultan. I guess Tan Tin Tun Dollah had a habit of collecting and preserving bad apples during his reign of power. To prove my point, Tan Tin Tun Dollah recommended Annuar a Tan Sri. For what bloody good reason he deserved the title after all. Pssssstt! I think he was given a Tan Sri so that he could secure Kelantan's youth nominations for Khairy.

Now everything is over for Annuar Musa. I heard an 8.00 o'clock news that Kelantan liaison head is given back to Tok Pa. Though I am not a big fan of DSN, whatever decisions to get rid of trash left by Tan Tin Tun Dollah are considered as a good judgement.

Well Annuar Musa, your days are numbered. Are you still interested to play Brutus in Shakespeare's? I guess no more play is available because you have twice killed the Caesar.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Introducing Tuan Melayu Lama

Dear viewers, if you are not having enough of JMD's insightful view or Tok Sak's in-depth analysis in blogosphere, worry no further. Tuan Melayu would serve you with more.

I stumbled upon his blog after returning from two months silence. I guess he has been around since December last year. Thus far he has written many intellectual articles that reflect his view on current matters. All I can say is that his view is very much worth considered.

So let's have a peep at

ps: I'm also looking forward to reading THE BRAND NEW Wenger's.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Is Anwar Now Shivering In Fear?

Pak Sheikh, Tun dah balik masuk UMNO. Turn hang takda la noo!

The result of general election in 2004 indicated that the fate of KeAdilan was well written on the wall. The party only managed to MARGINALLY win ONLY one seat at their stronghold, Permatang Pauh. Thus it should have been the beginning of natural death process.

However luck has struck. Dollah's weak government for the past four years somehow resurrected Anwar's political career. Many major decisions made by Dollah like increased petrol price and ridiculing Tun went to Anwar's favour.

But those days are gone since Dollah is no longer sitting on the throne. In addition Anwar's worst nightmare returns the moment Tun decided to come back to UMNO and is willingly offering his assistance in the three by-elections. Although Anwar denied that Tun is a fear factor, his answer to The Star regarding Tun's return may indicate the alarming situation he is now facing, and I quote:

“I have instructed the Pakatan machinery not to respond to issues raised by him (Dr Mahathir). We don’t have to answer. Just leave it as what apa nama (“what’s that” — a phrase Dr Mahathir usually uses when he is trying to recall something) said,” Anwar Ibrahim.

Anwar's fear is also well written on PAKATAN's banner at Bukit Selambau, as reported by Tuan Lawyer.

Sapa kata aku takut? Aku cuma ketaq lutut!

My two cents worth of opinion, to ensure PAKATAN's win, Anwar must get Khairy to campaign for the BN. Let Khairy come with his famous tag line Semangat Setiakawan. Give Khairy the opportunity to extend his Setiakawan Brand beyond UMNO youth circle, and no doubt he will be slaughtered. Allow Khairy to play racial card once again. Guaranteed, a sure win.

But Khairy is now quarantined because The Powerful Brand is full of contamination. So Khairy's factor that always gave advantage to PAKATAN is no longer available. Plus the return of Tun to this action-packed thriller, I guess ANWAR IS NOW SHIVERING IN FEAR.

Friday, April 3, 2009

If Only - Farewell To Dollah Badawi

If only,
There had never been Khairy,
What a great Prime Minister you would be,
There would be no questions on your integrity,
And 4th floor would never become a story.

What happens - no more protection?

If only,
Your son had never been too greedy,
And Patrick Lim had never come to close proximity,
Then I trully believed you were really searching for Al-Ghazali,
And not tonnes of money for your family.

You take some, I take some, give them none!

If only,
You had never been sleepy,
And your decision had never been flip-floppy,
Perhaps the rakyat would adore you sincerely,
Because they could hold to your principle and honesty.

But Pak Lah frankly,
Though not much I can appreaciate really,
For what you did to this country,
One particular thing I like to thank you sincerely,
Whenever I drove balik kampung during festivities,
There were not many lorries.

Farewell to Pak Lah