Friday, August 21, 2009

FACTS FACTS FACTS - Nak Nolong Pun Dah Tak Dapek!


It is a fact that in 2004 the newly wed son-in-law smoothly slid into number 2 spot as Timbalan Ketua Pemuda UMNO in a well orchestrated political drama. What happened later is that KJ was applauded with a BIG BOOOO!!! The core issue here, what was the basis, the merit and the reason that enable KJ to be elected unopposed to the post of Deputy UMNO Youth Head of Malaysia in 2004?

It is a fact that KJ had been given 4 years to prove what he was worth when he was enjoying the post as TKP UMNO. However what he had been doing all those while was to abuse power to serve his greed for political influence and fiscal wealth. The rest of the story can be found at JMD.

It is a fact that jobless Khairy accumulated so much money while the father-in-law was still reining. Just simply look at the picture below, a person who had only certificate of marriage could afford to move around like a royal fleet. Where did he get his money?

The Royal Fleet of Tengku Khairy

It is a fact that Khairy orchestrated the downfall of Khir Toyo using Media Prima as a tool. KJ slowly and systematically brought death to KT's political career by having TV3 consistently exposing the weaknesses of Selangor Government throughout the year of 2007 and 2008.

Who really did damage the party's credibility?
Neither Piggy nor Parpu Kari, it is anak omak Khairy!

It is a fact that Khairy had done irreversible damage to BN prior to 2008 general election. Many things actually happened, among them was a racial statement that sparked anger among MCA Youth, not to mention bad advices given to Pak Lah by 4th floor boys. The damage done by Khairy was later translated to overwhelming hatred by the public, and subsequently they expressed their anger through ballot paper.

It is a fact that Khairy shared the guilt for BN's bad performance in 2008 General Election. Limelight craving Khairy suddenly disappeared from TV screen for a weeks after the 2008 GE. When he reappeared on TV, the microphone loving Khairy suddenly lost for words and looked like a deluded soldier.

This microphone loving creature suddenly lost for words

It is a fact the KJ supporters in blogosphere are the kind of pathetic life form. Their existence serves only one purpose, to promote and write about the son-in-law for what KJ IS NOT.

Parpu Kari recently published a post
that revealed these paid troopers that I used to label them as the joker boys. I shall say no further, but judging from their comments we could simply get the impression about their level of intelligent.

KJ trooper?

It is a known fact that even in cybersphere KJ has more haters than supporters. I spoke about this many times so there is no point for repetition. Currently the number of haters in FB is 9340 while the number of supporters is pathetically 304. WOW! Was it the number of delegates that voted for Khairy?

304? The number is still haunting the anak omak forever!

It is a fact that KJ is now being sidelined by many UMNO big guns. It is so sad that KJ has got to use the platform of MIC and T Mohan specifically to voice out his plea, "give me a cabinet post please!" I wonder why Pemuda UMNO themselves were not united to voice out such a plea on behalf of their KP? I guess they perfectly knew that Khairy is the liability to the party.

Dey Tambi, no matter how loud you are crying,
the cabinet post is yet far reaching!

History tells us that Khairy is full of liability. Being alone by himself now with no more father-in-law, KJ has no where to go. The only place he can turn to is his cyber troopers. For that reasons these paid bloggers keep on writing and publishing ass-kissing materials.

Bloggers who go against KJ are labeled as traitors to UMNO. Am I really qualified to be labeled as traitor? What I have been doing so far is to let UMNO supporters learn a lesson of history! Who had severely damaged the party's credibility? There is no point to move forward while the party is burdened with a heavy baggage known as Khairy.