Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dey Stephen Tamby, Are You Both The Same Species

A few puzzling questions that I have been keeping in my mind, and I hope my dear viewers could provide the kind of answers that are straight to the point.
  1. If KJ is so great out there why his supporters in blogosphere are the type of lowly ass kissing idiots who see nothing wrong at all with the son-in-law. Names like Pejuang Bangsa, Bro Jinggo and Wenger are too familiar. If these bloggers intellectually challenged, they stay silent and keep their distance.
  2. Whenever articles whacking KJ are written based on facts and figures, KJ defenders in blogosphere will never come for rebuttal. As a matter of facts, different kind of maggot troopers will be loitering with lowly comments repeatedly. So my point is if this is the quality of his followers, the worst quality is expected from the leader.
  3. KJ should have many Oxford friends in blogosphere since KJ himself is an Oxford graduate, but the truth is ..psssstt.. most of pro KJ bloggers are English illiterate. So where are KJ Oxford friends? Perhaps these Oxford graduates are too embarrassed to be connected to the son-in-law.
  4. Why prominent bloggers in virtual world never spoke a word about the elusive quality of the son-in-law. I could not recall big names like JMD, Voicy, Rocky, Kijang Mas, Tok Scribe and Melayu Lama wrote an article dedicating to praising the son-in-law. Tok Sak is a different case and many times Tok Sak has been confronted intelligently as well as furiously whenever he wrote articles praising Khairy.
Opsss sorry, I just found one blogger by the name Stephen Doss. I am not so sure whether it is a compliment or an insult to have categorized Stephen Doss as one of the big name bloggers. I believe the latter.

This Stephen Tamby recently wrote an article entitled Khairy Jamaludin Satu Enigma. Out of curiosity I googled to find out whether these two are somehow related. I found one, their relation goes back as early as 2007 when they both were marching to Burmese Embassy. So much of political rhetoric, what I've heard lately is that Pemudas are not playing politics on the streets.

Enigmatic Khairy and two-face Stephen, what a good combination!

And now Stephen Tamby is a guest writer for KJFC, a fan club for Khairy. Phewwitt!!! Good on you Stephen, I guess you are now smiling to the bank. Since Stephen Tamby is befriending an enigmatic person, will he also become the two-face villain?

Sow what is the point of writing this article. My point is very clear, how could I be convinced that KJ has leadership quality when his supporters in blogosphere are REALLY REALLY REALLY PATHETIC.