Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dear Son-in-law, Your Fly Doesn't Grow Any Bigger With FB Number

Mommy, this boy says my fly is small

Recently I found a female alliance in blogospshere. I've got to know her when she left a comment at mine, and this nice lady goes by the name Maya Khairy.

Thanks to Maya Khairy as well, I learnt that KJ joker boys and girls launched KJFC, a fan club for Khairy in FB. As a matter of fact I have already published an article that dealt with KJ's FB supporters and haters, which can be found here.

Even as we speak the number of supporters who joined the hate group is 9185, increased by 302 in one month. Sadly the number of supporters in KJ support group is currently only 306, increase by 1 compared to the number when I published the post last month.

When I revealed this humiliating KJ's FB number about a month ago, KJ joker boys lead by J Khairy Wenger invited us for a dialogue. My answer to Wenger was simple, no dialogue at all with supporters to a traitor.
When Wenger offered a talk,
my answer was simple - no talk at all for a traitor

I guess after being humiliated by the number of supporters, KJ has mobilized his joker boys and girls to set up a fan club known as KJFC. I've got to warn dear viewers that KJFC is nothing close to finger licking good KFC. However licking business is thoroughly practised in KJFC because the people involved are familiar faces of KJ ass lickers like Bro Jinggo, Sameer Khan and Pejuang Bangsa.

The KJFC is well organized with more than 20 officers or in better term ass lickers. They have already sent nearly 2000 invitations. The wall used to reveal how many invitations which have not yet returned. The last time I checked the wall, the members were 705, and still around 1200 invitations have not replied.

Psssttt.....The primary blog that glorifies Khairy in blogosphere, prokhairy.com only managed to get 64 followers even though it has been established more than a year.

This microphone loving creature suddenly became speechless and remained silent, it was the moment when he felt the guilt of losing 5 states in the previous general election.

The question is for what bloody good reason KJ created another fan club when the first support group failed seriously. KJ knows that soon he will be called by SPRM for his alleged corrupt practice during UMNO Youth contest.

He will then use all the facilities he has created to show to the public that he has supporters. Once he gets caught, these groups will voice their support and will sing a tune of conspiracy by DS Najib's administration. Sounds familiar, it is like Anwar Ibrahim after all.

The scary thing is that the evidence against KJ is overwhelming and it is still piling. However I cannot reveal the evidence now as it might be used in court later. Plus there is a slight twist in the story. Psssssttt.......SPRM Chairman is Pak Lah's appointee and he is alleged to have taken instruction from Pak Lah to stop investigation on KJ's political bribery in UMNO Youth contest.

Daddy to Nori, SPRM is bugging me, will you do something please!

Wow if this is the case KJ is actually looking for an escape route now. Not like Anwar who ran to Turkish Embassy, KJ went straight to his beloved father to Nori.

Well KJ, if you want to show how big is your fly through FB number, I would say that your fly is not growing any bigger. The number of supporters in previous support group increased by one supporter in exactly one month.

The hate group on the other hand is keeping its strong momentum. It does mean KJ your fly is actually not growing bigger, instead it is shrinking smaller and smaller.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Seloka Gurindam Selangor Darul Ehsan

The gurindam is best sung with the same tune of classic P Ramlee song, Tanya Sama Pokok.

Never before I used obscene words in my blog. However for this post I've got to apologize for using such a word at the end of the gurindam. Sorry for that, could not find a better word.

Here it goes:

Tanya sama Ronnie,
Apa sebab tendang,
Nanti jawab Ronnie,
Hati tak senang.

Ronnie sudah takut,
Polis masuk rapat,
Nanti hari esok,
Ronnie ditangkap.

Tanya sama Khalid,
Apa itu gangster,
Nanti jawab Khalid,
Just tutup mata.

Tanya sama Hassan,
Nape duduk diam,
Nanti jawab Hassan,
Suara dah hilang!!!

Tanya sama Eli,
Nape suka tayang,
Nanti jawab Eli,
Ajis says no problem.

Tanya sama Sassy,
Apa sudah jadi,
Nanti jawab Sassy,
Lanchaiu lu Piggy.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Perfume, Sneakers And Vacuum Cleaner For J Khairy Wenger

Double O Eleven Mr Chimps Bond

Piggy Singh: Mr Bond, what is the latest news about your co-species?

Mr Chimps Bond: Oh Oh, he is now moving underground silently.

J Khairy Wenger once again is about to delete his blog. If Wenger announces his retirement this time, I would like to offer not only one gift but many gifts, a bottle of perfume, a pair of sneaker and a vacuum cleaner.

Wenger used to claim that the Brand KJ actually won Khairy the UMNO Youth Chief. However even until today Wenger has not yet convincingly explained what was the brand that made KJ win the KP.

After a few months of research, I found that the Brand KJ is only suitable for either man's perfume, sneakers or vacuum cleaners. This is because for these three products the Brand KJ is appealing due to eye catching marketing tag line.


Why I decided that Brand KJ is suitable for man's perfume? The marketing tag line is extremely appealing especially to those ambitious young men who want to climb up political ladder easily.

The tag line will sound like this:

Perfume Brand Khairy, it takes you close to the lady of your dream, and even closer to the father-in-law who can fulfill your destiny.


I remember the tag line for Nike, JUST DO IT.

It is still fresh in our mind how KJ won the KP seat. Perhaps KJ was also inspired by Nike. For that reason, I believe Sneakers Brand KJ will also be successful in the market, provided it has an appealing marketing tag line.

Thus if KJ is a brand for sneakers, the marketing tag line definitely goes like this:



It is also still fresh in our mind how KJ abused power while the sleepy Dollah was the Prime Minister via the so called 4th floor. During those times, KJ only held a post as Deputy Ketua Pemuda. However KJ had the capacity to answer on many events regarding national interest, such as selling Augusta for 1 Euro.

For that reason I came out with an idea that Brand KJ is very suitable for vacuum cleaner. The sucking business done by vacuum cleaner is also KJ's true nature. The only difference is that when vacuum cleaner does its work it is making noise. On the other hand, KJ does the sucking in both situations, noisy and silent situation.

Therefore if KJ is a brand for vacuum cleaner, the marketing tag line will be like this:



If KJ is a brand for politician, the best tag line is corruption.

Opsssss....KJ is a politician!


Monday, July 20, 2009

Piggy Singh Launching Free Selangor Campaign - No Underworld For Selangor

The death of Teoh was tragic, and it should not be politicized. The fact is we have to remember that the late Teoh was a witness to the alleged involvement of one state Exco with underworld activities.

However the PAKATAN stooges, Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim are using the issue to divert our attention from the real problem, that the Selangor state government is now severely affected by mobsters and underworld.

Ronnie's theatrical play storming the SPRM office is a testimony of his violent nature, and the act may categorize him as of the mobsters.

Dear friends, copy the picture FREE SELANGOR above and place it on your blog. We have got to let them know that their play act has been well anticipated.

If you are an FB member, you may also like to join the cause here:


I also like to sincerely thank Bro Jeff Damien for the picture.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

KJ Please Be Patient, Wait For Your Turn!!!

Meet my agent, Double O Eleven, Mr Chimps Bond

Now what is it with the title, KJ Please Be Patient, Wait For Your Turn!!!? I will get to the title soon enough. Before that I like to invite my dear viewers to once again look at the back stage happenings in this DAP theatrical play, in which Kit Siang and company are trying very hard to conceal.


Let us not forget that the late Teoh was a material witness for SPRM as described by Outsyed The Box. In addition, the whistle blower that exposed the connection between one DAP state exco member and the activities of underworld is YB Wee, a PAKATAN ally.

Thus DAP is actually shifting the focus of the story IF they cry that it is a government conspiracy!!! One thing for certain DAP is caught with their pants down.


I would say Ronnie Liu deserved an Oscar for his theatrical play storming the SPRM office. But first we have to give the movie a title, and my best bet is THE MOBSTER OF SELANGOR.

Sorry Ronnie, your theatrical act doesn't convince me and I still believe you knew something. YB Wee already sensed your fishy stinking smell.


Look at their faces, one of them is a mutant species

I thought we could lay rest from politics after MU came to conclusion, indeed I was wrong. Don't blame me for politicizing the issue while at the same time PAKATAN supporters have already taken Teoh's death to the street.

I wonder is there any better thing to do other than demonstrating? I guess not. As long as long the barking mad rabies infected stray dog by the name Kit Siang is still around, there will be more and more demonstrations.


"Ha ha ha, people are now diverting their attention from my sodomy trial"

No doubt Anwar Ibrahim is now smiling. The death of Teoh is capable of shifting the focus from Anwar's sodomy trial. Furthermore, Anwar now has a reason to gather crowd to listen to his nonsense. The remnant of Anwar's fart - the useless fat ass Hishamudin Rais has already called public demonstration at Kelana Jaya Stadium.


This insignificant man has to speak loud against PRSM, because once he gets caught, it will look like an act of revenge by the commission

KJ already made a statement calling for Royal Panel Probe regarding the death of Teoh. I've got to make it clear here, any calls for revealing the truth should be welcome with open arms.

However, the approach that KJ took - being very vocal against SPRM somehow tells me that he has a personal grudge against the commission. I wonder what?

I've received credible information that corruption cases against KJ have been and are still piling up at SPRM office. So KJ is perfectly aware that sooner or later he will be called by SPRM and from what I heard this time around there is no escape route.

KJ purposely meant to be hostile against SPRM because when his turn comes, he can simply claim it is an act of revenge by the commission. See how smart this Oxford graduate is, but not smart enough according to Piggy Singh.


Sorry to say this Dollah Badawi, you were useless Prime Minister before and you are still useless now, continue sleeping is rather much better

Suddenly Dollah wakes up from his sleep and cries out loud, ABOLISH ISA. This time around PAKATAN listens to him, as written by one Harakah editor on his FB wall.

I guess it is the same Dollah that PAKATAN used to despise and hate him so much. But now whatever Dollah says is treated as divine words from God. These PAKATAN people are really scavengers, they bite at anything on earth to satisfy their greedy political appetite. Duhhh!!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Underworld, The Godfather and The Sassy Godmother

This post does not speculate on anything, rather it describes a sequence of events.
Piggy Singh


A transparent state government is Wee's objective.

Wangsa Maju MP YB Wee Choo Keong had claimed to have received many complaints from Pakatan Rakyat (PR) members and business communities in Selangor that the office of a certain exco member "had been and is continuing to be used as a meeting place for people connected with the underground business activities".

YB Wee also supported YB Azmin's call for a reshuffle of Selangor state exco members, whereby the former was in the impression that the alleged underworld activities conducted by the exco member would eventually affect the image of the PR government. However YB Wee never mentioned any names.


United we stand and crushing YB Wee we shall!!!

Suddenly Ronnie Lui and and Teresa Kok responded to Wee's claim in unfriendly manner. Ronnie Liu said that Wee had made the statement because the latter might hold a grudge against the party DAP. It's true indeed Wee left DAP back in 1998.

Teresa on the other hand called for the sacking of YB Azmin as the president of the Backbencher’s Club. YB Wee described in detail how these two clowns Ronnie and Teresa responded to his claim at his blog entitled Siapa Makan Cili Dia Terasa Pedas.


Due to the fact that the case is still under investigation, The Darker Side will not come out with any speculations. At the same time I like offer condolence to the family of the late Teoh Beng Hock, may he rest in peace.


I wonder whether this guy knows he is really a "tin kosong", just talks nonsense.

This Mahfuz fella as usual takes every given opportunity to make his voice be heard. In regard to the death of Teoh, Mahfuz called for Independent Commision to conduct the investigation, as reported by Harakah. Duhhh!!!


Of all the happenings, what is written between the lines? I know what you're gonna say, it must be an artful work of BN. Come on fellas, must everything be blamed on government. One particular thing we have to consider, the early whistle blower did not belong to UMNO.

If it is still hard to believe, do read this analysis.


Don't worry Khairy, you are not part of the equation this time,
so please stop crying!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Darker Side Returns - Traitors Shall Be Nailed Down

Pity this guy, making a few trips to Manek Urai hoping to win bigger, but they gave only 65. You've lost the touch Anwar.

A loss is still a loss, but a loss with regained determination is better than a win with broken spirit. In addition with that slim majority Anwar may also now be shivering in fear. Certainly the result did not help at all to provide moral support for Anwar facing his court trial.

Once upon a time, there were two men, one was sleeping, the other was menacing, and thus the nation was falling.

My opinion, with that slim majority the damage done by Dollah and his son-in-law is being gradually fixed and repaired. However to fully repair the damage the root cause of the problem must first be recognized and isolated.

The culprit is still hiding somewhere, but where? Is he really hiding or he has no where to go because every corner of the earth despises this particular person. But Piggy Singh has no mercy for traitor, and crush him and keep on crushing him I will.

Even tears offer no mercy, and keep crushing him I will.