Saturday, August 8, 2009

KJ Bodoh Dalam Pandai - Says Tok Harimau

I MUST BE a smart guy you know because I went to Oxfart
(please Wenger don't make noise,
the spelling mistake was made on purpose)
Harimau Menaip is also friend of mine who knew me prior to the days of The Darker Side (TDS). Before I created TDS, I was an active commentator at famous blogsites like Rocky, JMD, Kickdefella, Lawyer Kampung, Husin and Voicy. However two particular blogs that I never missed making my appearance, Harimau and DES.
They both Harimau and DES not only among my closest blogpals, but also encouraged me to create my own blog to voice out ideas. So those who accused me being a paid blogger, Harimau and DES could readily testify on my behalf. I'd like to remind here - please do your research thoroughly Raksasa BN before coming out with any wild accusation.

What can I say about Harimau, well politically he is standing on neutral ground. Harimau is always very vocal against any corrupt practice, doesn't matter it comes from government and opposition. However there is another matter that Harimau deserves a great respect form me - he's got a thick Malay blood running in him.

I'm begging to PAS members please join me whack DAP,
otherwise my political career will be as good as dead vege

So what about Harimau's latest article, KJ Bodoh Dalam Pandai. Khairy called PAS Youth to join UMNO and himself condemning DAP as the root of all troubles in Selangor government, and I quote:
"Saya (Khairy) dengan ikhlas hati mempelawa Dewan Pemuda Pas untuk bersama-sama Pemuda UMNO menyertai ceramah umum itu yang bakal diadakan pada 14 Ogos ini di Shah Alam"
KJ should first get all the BN components unite behind him to go against DAP, especially MCA, GERAKAN and MIC. I wonder weather the water is clear now because back in 2006 KJ made a racist remark and sparked anger among MCA Youths, it can be found here.

I don't know what they are talking about, but definitely they really are pissed with Khairy

It seems that KJ is not capable of gathering all youth representatives in BN components for a reason that Khairy is still a liability to BN. MCA Youth is still waiting for an apology form Khairy.
must first prove to the public eye that there is unity in BN component parties. By inviting PAS to condemn fellow opposition, not only Khairy is betraying the trust of BN component parties, but Khairy is also extremely ambitious to break apart the PAKATAN Anwar. Unless KJ and Anwar have hidden agenda, hu la la!

Such a grievous political stunt Khairy is pulling here, I wonder why? Khairy is now desperate because his move is severely restricted. Thus he will utilise every opportunity available to make himself stay politically relevant, like making alliance with opposition to whack another opposition. HA HA HA DREAM ON.........