Saturday, August 15, 2009

KJ Has Become Fun Fair Politician!

The term "fun fair" as an adjective normally refers to singers who are on the downfall or not having many fans. These singers occasionally make appearance at fun fair because they are not capable of pulling big crowd for a concert. I guess the same term may be used for a politician who is heading for a downfall of his career.

Now what is the catch? About the event at Shah Alam last night - the kind of publicity given by Utusan last week might have have created the impression that it would be an event of the year by Ketua Pemuda UMNO, and I quote:

"Saya (Khairy) dengan ikhlas hati mempelawa Dewan Pemuda Pas untuk bersama-sama Pemuda UMNO menyertai ceramah umum itu yang bakal diadakan pada 14 Ogos ini di Shah Alam"

That's why I said it should have been an event of the year organised by Ketua Pemuda UMNO. Why?
  1. First it was a golden opportunity to condemn and whack DAP.
  2. Second, the occasion was organised by Ketua Pemuda UMNO himself, so I was expecting UMNO youths from all over the country would turn up to show their support.
  3. Third Khairy personally invited PAS Youths to join the event condemning DAP, thus there should be a crowd of both UMNO and PAS supporters.

However what actually happened last night at Shah Alam was really an embarrassment, it was quiet with plenty of empty seats. Ha ha ha.... so much of KJ is moving forward and KJ is gaining support, the usual phrase I heard from KJ troopers. It seems that Khairy himself was not even capable of pulling Selangor UMNO youths to attend.

The kind of response seen in the last night event could simply draw to conclusions that

  1. everybody is turning their back on Khairy as he is still considered as liability to the party,
  2. and KJ has been ignored by UMNO big guns, thus UMNO supporters are staying away from his events.
How about the stories which were made loud by KJ troopers that KJ is now moving for forward and gaining support? My answer is simple, they the troopers are paid just to do that. In actually fact KJ has now become fun fair politician, and I guess KJ will soon be a fun fair clown!!!