Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wow Parpu Is Now Comparable to KP UMNO!!!

Parpu Kari, a friend of mine was nobody to net dwellers before December last year. However being so fed up with unhealthy political developments especially in UMNO, Parpu - as many others did, finally resolved to cyberspace to express his thought and ideas, and thus Parpu Kari was born in virtual world.

In his early days Parpu made it clear that he hated any kind of corrupt practices in UMNO, as well as the person who abused the position of his father-in-law to grab more power.

To cut the story short Parpu Kari has now become a big name in blogosphere with an average of 7000 hits a day. Parpu's style is always preditable, hit hard and hit often, and for that reason certain parties could not stand the offence.

It it also a known fact either within UMNO Pemuda as well Parpu's regular visitors that Parpu has been very vocal against the corrupt son-in-law. For that reason the leader of KJ cybertroopers Bro Jinggo once proposed a peace treaty, hoping that cyber attacks on KJ would be stopped immediately. The proposal was written in a blog that belongs to a mysterious lady Maya Khairy.

Bro Jinggo, the top general of joker boys, psssttt.....this so called elitist can't even speak English

Well so much of peace treaty when suddenly Bro Jinggo published a post that can be considered as an attempt to mercilessly humiliate Parpu Kari. The article was copied from Wenger, another deluded soldier of the son-in-law. Usual thing among KJ bloggers, copy and publish the same articles by all the joker boys, hardly they come with their own ideas.

The article that was meant to humiliate Parpu Kari carries a title Politik Pembangunan vs Politik Parpu Kari. I wonder did these joker boys realize by having that kind of title, they lifted the status of Parpu the same as Ketua Pemuda UMNO. Hello jokers, Parpu is only an unpaid blogger.

I guess it is rather a waste of time to read the article because the contents must be ass kissing in nature. However I may quote a few things to show inconsistency between KJ's menacing activities and KJ's economic policies.

Daddy to Nori, my friends want some APs, can you handle that for me?

Much of the substance in the article is dealing with National Automobile Policy and AP, and I quote:

"Dan kita mengenakan cukai yang cukup tinggi kepada kereta impot. Dan kita memberi peluang perniagaan kepada beberapa orang melalui sistem AP iaitu sebuah sistem yang berpaksi di atas sijil sakti - surat kertas yang lebih berharga dari seketul emas, surat boleh ditukarkan kepada wang ringgit dan dimana satu sijil tu berharga diantara 10,000 - 15,000."
He he he...I remember that the AP story was among the early sign of Dollah's weakness. However during those days many UMNO Pemudas still carried balls being vocal and challenging Rafidah to reveal the truth about AP commotion.

And lately who became the AP King, he is no other than Dato' Shahrin, an Exco of UMNO Putera and of course a friend of Khairy Jamaluddin. The 1200 APs were given to Shahrin while Dollah was still reining. Any relation?
Poor Wenger, trying to straighten thing that his master has badly been messing. What you wrote Wenger in the quote above may sound like an envy. Do you Wenger wish to have also been given the APs by Khairy? I guess to do so you should be kissing Khairy more regularly.

Speaking of kissing, as a matter of fact Wenger did lotsa kissing and I quote:

"Kalau saya kata dia hensem, memang betul dia hensem."
Ha ha it makes me wonder Wenger are you straight or not?

Now what is it with the title Politik Pembangunan vs Politik Parpu Kari. Does that mean comparing KJ's economic plans with Parpu's articles make KJ a better leader? DUHHH.....grow up you people and GET REAL!!!!