Monday, March 22, 2010

Veni Vidi Vici ... So Resign La KJ Thamby!

Veni Vidi Vici ... don't simply mess with Parpukari!

Veni Vidi Vici ... Parpu came to twitter ... Parpu saw the menacing son-in-law ... and Parpu confronted the traitor in one of the bloodiest battles ... and Parpu manage to conquer. KJ finally could not stand the heat and thus he ran away and blocked Parpukari ... HI HI HI

Ironically, Khairy with his bunch of toothless cyber doggies like Jinggo, Dax, Wenger and the lowly Tepak Thamby could not even manage to confront ONE Parpukari. Well ... I believe it was not easy for KJ troopers to hide KJ's stinky bangkai gajah when it was so obvious ... KAH KAH KAH

And what is more ironic ... KJ has even started behaving like Parpukari. So pity ... a deluded soldier KJ must be after running away from his enemy.

HI HI HI ... IS this the kind of attitude shown by Ketua Pemuda UMNO Malaysia? No wonder the Pemuda UMNO now has become a laughing stock. Come on Dato' Razali, you've got to step in SOON AND FAST before more irreversible damage is done to the party.

Do show us you've got balls Dato' Razali ... make your move to put KJ aside. I can guarantee it won't be that hard. The EXCOs will definitely and solidly support your action because they know KJ is not favoured by the PM. Otherwise Dato' Razali, you simply let KJ damage the party, like what KJ did while he was the NKP.

Say what? Was I talking about damage to the party? HI HI HI

The PR finally admitted that Dollah and Khairy played a big role for their victory in 2008 GE, meaning BN must now kick out Khairy to ensure a BN win with bigger majority ...
makes sense really ... HI HI HI

Finally it has been admitted by PR leaderships that their landslide victory in previous GE was due to the damage been done by Pak Lah and Khairy, as written in Neutral Daily, and I quote:

Sebab itu pada pilihan raya umum lalu kita lihat ada calon yang bertanding dari dalan penjara boleh menang seperti Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Kota Alam Shah, M. Manoharan dan MP seperti Low Gwo Burne (Kelana Jaya) yang macm OKU bisu yang tak reti nak cakap sepatah apa bahasa pun.

However it should not be a strange phenomenon if KJ toothless doggies like Jinggo and Tepak Thamby are still defending Khairy ... because for these two brothers ... support is not given freely ... it must be exchanged with money ... so they don't freaking care about the party.

Helo helo ... me speak england no ... HO HO HO

Speaking of political support in exchange for money, there is another clown blogger by the name Zaharin Mohd Yasin who used to be very vocal against Dollah and Khairy. Somehow later all the fiery attacks had gone after the clown kissed Dollah's hands ... YUCKS!!!

No kidding ... Zaharin does look like a clown

Why Zaharin the clown suddenly made a 180 degree turn? Perhaps the quote below may provide an answer, as written by Kickdefella ... HA HA HA

Well Zaharin ... stop lying to your FB friends that you are a man of principle. As a matter of fact your pride and honor are actually items for sale ... and now nobody is buying. Were you Zaharin invited for NPC Oscar? HA HA HA

Rumour has it that this "kiss" was really costly

Okey ... back to the title of the blog post ... VENI VIDI VICI ... BRAVO Parpukari ...

Message for Khairy ... I'm now wondering ... are you really capable of confronting the PAKATAN army when you and your toothless doggies could not even manage to confront one Parpukari ... SO BETTER RESIGN LA KJ THAMBY ... LEAVE IT TO DATO' RAZALI ... HI HI HI

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

AYOYO ... Ni Aje Ke Kerja Ketua Pemuda?

Ayoyo .... omak punya anak punya Dollah punya menantu punya Nori punya laki ... the best you can do is attacking Parpukari. That's why Pemuda are hardly moving ... the leader is wasting his time twittering.

Sepatutnya ko KJ should make a full use of Youth Wing conveying information to the grass root suporters about the current happenings. Masa aku balik Kelantan baru ni, I learned that information tak sampai ke grassroot supporters pasal AnuWar. So nak berhujah kat kedai kopi pun tak boleh bila orang PAS asyik dok kata si Saiful tu munafik.

What only matters to you now is Parpukari .... sampai berpuluh blog baru tumbuh macam cendawan .... di bawah KJ punya arahan. Tapi yang nyata tak ada substance. Isu yang dimainkan hanyalah menghentam ... HI HI HI

Ni dia aku listkan blog-blog baru yang matlamat kewujudannya hanya satu .... kasi hentam sama Parpu ....

And plenty more. I don't need to waste my time giving the full list because these pariah blogs have no quality. Yup ... it is true ... Not even one of the blogs has ever written any articles about jasa-jasa Khairy kepada parti ... which were none really. Their existence is meant to suck KJ until clean and dry .... MUA HA HA

Even though the blogs supporting KJ are plenty in quantity, I can guarantee the administrators are actually one of these three pelacur politik:

1. Bro Jinggo

2. Tepak Bersulam

3. Muhammad Ali

Who are these toothless cyber doggies?

Pasangan pelacur politik adik-beradik,
dulu jilat Azalina, now bertuankan Khairy,
anyone can use their service, janji bayar lebih!

Tepak ni ramai orang dah kenal. Bila si Tepak dah tak boleh berhujah, dia mencarut sampai tak ingat dunia. As a matter of fact Bro Jinggo and Tepak Bersulam merupakan pasangan pelacur politik adik-beradik. They both used to be sucking Azalina .... but now KJ has offered a better price ... MUA HA HA

Muhammad Ali tu pulak not much known about him ... but all I can say he is another coward bred by KJFC. Bila jumpa dia dalam FB si Muhammad gerenti cabut lari.

Back to the story between KJ and Parpukari. Apa la ko KJ thamby ... ko mintak bukti from Parpukari ... tapi yang nampak jelas you're running away from the allegations. Why don't you KJ thamby look at the picture below and tell me what you think ..... passport boy? .... MUA HA HA

WOW ... bukan setakat passport je ... rupanya lagi panjang dia punya cerita .... HA HA HA