Thursday, October 29, 2009

KJ Jatuh UMNO Kukuh, KJ Belah UMNO Gagah

While discussing political matter within my FB circle suddenly my fellow knight brother Det Guaq came out with a ravishing tag line that goes perfectly well with our struggle to get rid of KJ the son-out-law:


Those words are too beautiful to the extent I'm genuinely inspired to write a pantun specially dedicated to the son-out-law, and it must carry the same title. Here it goes:

KJ jatuh UMNO kukuh,
KJ belah UMNO gagah.

KJ jatuh UMNO kukuh,
Sudah terang lagi bersuluh,
Jangan pula tunggu disuruh,
Harapnya si KJ tidaklah bodoh.

You want peace you've got to leave in one piece...
and stop crying please!!!

KJ belah UMNO gagah,
Tapi Bro Jinggo jadi gelabah,
Macam askar hilang arah,
Periuk nasi tertutup sudah.

KJ jatuh UMNO kukuh,
Dalam parti no more kecoh,
Barisan Pemuda kembali utuh,
Kepada Razali mereka patuh.

KJ belah UMNO gagah,
Parpu sergah KJ gelabah,
Dihantar SMS nak bincang masalah,
Parpu just kata CAIT POORAH!!!

KJ jatuh UMNO kukuh,
Bukan kami nak cari gaduh,
Tapi si KJ memang gelojoh,
Sana sini bikin kecoh.

Do I look like a trouble maker? Denial!

Selagi KJ tak serah kalah,
Kami tetap akan belasah,
Tanpa mengira penah lelah,
Supaya UMNO kembali gagah.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Parpu Kari Hits 1 Million

Probably many would consider that reaching 1 million hits is not such a big fuss nowadays, I agree. However for an unpaid pro UMNO blogger who just started his blog last December and reached 1 million hits in less than a year, I would consider it as an achievement, and Parpu Kari deserves a compliment. Congratulation.

Even though words spread in blogosphere as well as in FB circle that Parpu's blog should only be treated like a pinch of salt, a simple fact we cannot simply deny is that House of PK is able to attract audience and crowds. In average House of PK manages to get around 8000 hit daily.

Psssttt ... there's a blog known as established for more than two years. Has it reached 1 million? It won't because the blog has zero substance and most of the time zero audience.

House of PK normally dwells with the troubling PAKATAN as well as the menacing son-in-law, a stinky garbage left by Dollah. Parpu believes that as long as Khairy is still in UMNO, the party is burdened with a heavy liability, and this notion is genuinely shared by many.

For that reason Parpu has created enemies at all angles, either from PR supporters or within UMNO circle, particularly among pro KJ bloggers. Recently Parpu has been falsely accused of stealing money from UMB, an allegation made by a full time KJ ass kisser that goes by the name Jamil Abdul Rahman. Wow the conflict has now turned sour and personal.

The truth is even officers in UMB were not aware of the allegation. It was purely fabricated by KJ's goons to tarnish Parpu's reputation. Well Parpu was not alone, and Parpu has never been alone. If the conflict becomes even dirtier there will more knights surfacing to confront the evil force of son-in-law known as the joker boys.

Tolong Omak! Jamil! Jinggo! Remy! ...
Parpu and Piggy nak belasah kita lagi ... HU HU HU

With this 1 million hit, Parpu knows he's got audience, and I reckon that Parpu becomes more determined to further proceed with what he truly believes in, unmask the troubling PR and expose the manacing son-in-law.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Bangsar Is Better Than Majlis Hari Raya

Among the reasons why Dollah was overwhelmingly despised during his four years of reign was that Dollah never held to his promises. That's why Dollah is known as Mr Flip-flopper. The rate Dollah was lying was genuinely alarming, to the extent some people were shocked with the kind of changes that took place in Mr Clean.

Dollah is the worst PM we ever had, no doubt about that. His name is becoming significantly smaller and smaller, and I guess he will later be totally ignored. Ironically some pathetic bloggers tried to deny the facts that Mr Clean was actually Mr Messy by publishing articles that placed Dollah as a mythical figure ... WA KA KA KA.

KJ's pathetic troopers are actually a kind of pathetic life creature that lives on sucking KJ's balls. Their very existence in cyber world is to write articles that make it sound Pak Lah and KJ are still relevant though the substance written is purely nonsense.

Me speaks no fiction buddy! I found this comment in FB the night N31 BP was declared a victory.

What was Dollah's contribution exactly that lead to BP's victory?

SEE .... you now what I mean buddy? HI HI HI .....

Okey back to Dollah story. Knowing that he is gradually forgotten, Dollah should make a full use of any invitation to meet the people in the process to clear the water. Hoever, the fact is once a liar always a liar though his kain pelikat is severely on fire.

Dollah didn't turn up for a Majlis Hari Raya at Ancasa Hotel organized by supporters from his constituency, Kepala Batas and the reason was due to bad health. However at the same time Dollah was spotted at Bangsar with his beloved son-out-law.

Ayoyo Dollah ... why like that one maaa? Your name is slowly fading and disappearing into the thin air and you still can afford to enjoy a night life at Bangsar instead of meeting your humble supporters. I heard that a group seven buses had come all the way from Kepala Batas to celebrate Hari Raya with Dollah at Ancasa Hotel.

How could you Dollah give such a lame excuse for not showing up at an event while you were the main guest? This wasn't the first time Dollah shattered people's hope. And worst still Dollah had obviously lied. He preferred to go to Bangsar instead of meeting the people, was this another bad advice from your son-out-law?

Pity you Dollah, such a high hope given to you in 2004 but it was shattered to pieces in the hands of your son-out-law. Thank God you had found the exit door, or things could have been worst now.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

KJ The Son-Out-Law, Please Read The Signal


While Dollah was reining Khairy moved and messed with things freely using his certificate of marriage. Dollah has gone, so the certificate is only a legal paper now to allow Khairy and Nori engaging in sexual relation legitimately, or in simpler term - mating legally.

Khairy has spoken at UMNO assembly ........ so what's the big deal? Thanks to his public speaking skill, and the kind of applause received - I would say 304% bought confidence and 0% substance. No wonder KJ introduced the five pillars and one of them is "relevant", the true fact is that KJ has been sidelined.

Khairy has been sidelined by UMNO big guns - this is not just another baseless allegation albeit his troppers would come very quick to deny. Well what do we expect from pathetic troopers like Bro Jinggo and Pejuang Siber who are only being paid to suck balls.

Ironically the pathetic KJ troopers simply denied the obvious. If only they had read between the lines, they would have learned that their master the son-out-law is indeed an outcast in UMNO. The notion that KJ is an outcast has been further magnified when his name was excluded in the cabinet lineup.

Being excluded from cabinet lineup, Khairy should have read the signal that by all means he is not wanted in UMNO. A dignified man would simply retreat when a strong signal like that was sent to him. However a political animal like Khairy knows no shame and boundary.

While Dollah was reining Khairy moved and messed with things freely using his certificate of marriage. Dollah has gone, so the certificate is now only a legal paper to lawfully allow Khairy and Nori engaging in sexual relation legitimately, or in simpler term - mating legally.

Don't worry honey, though I can no longer be messing with things, the certificate still allows us to mate legally

Ambitious Khairy knows no boundaries to serve his appetite for destruction. He knew that if he had lost the KP UMNO post, his mission to achieve political supremacy would have been shattered. By all means he had to grab the KP post even though it was against the wishes of grass root supporters.

What happened at N31 BP is another reminder that the son-out-law should have read the signal. Opinions from grass root must be seriously taken in order to win election. It's a true fact and beyond any argument that Khairy failed to find ground at grass root level. Khairy is still vividly seen as a liability that once nearly brought the party to its knee.

Go on Khairy, keep on acting as if we don't know what you are doing. The colossal amount of money that you earned while being jobless can be used to handsomely pay you pathetic troopers or to produce D Grade movie. But Khairy the true fact remains - you are despised at every corner of the earth, if only you are able to read the signal.