Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Setiakawans Have Lost Their Pants, Now They're Pulling Mine

THE NOBLE KNIGHT RETURNS - directed towards Wenger Padedoh

I’m back, only better. Listen setiakawan joker boys, it's gonna be business as usual, and this time around I'm taking no prisoners. And listen carefully Wenger, confront the joker boys I shall, not with THREAT, dagger and sword, but with wits, mind and words.
Perhaps my close blogpals like Doc Sid, IKS, ODS and Mat Cendana may not agree with this final assault, but I've got to proceed somehow for the sake of pride and honour.

The very existence of The Darker Side is to confront twisted materials published by setiakawan joker boys. Many bloggers share the opinion that materials produced by joker boys are a pure act of sucking balls, not to mention distorted as well. Do feel free to visit these posts published by setiakawan supporters:

Those are only a few examples of distorted and twisted materials. I guess it is not insulting enough to say please bring barf bags when you visit those sites. Most of the articles above have been previously confronted by The Darker Side. So you are perfectly wrong Wenger if you ever think that I solely dedicate myself to only whack KJ the son-in-law.

Setiakawan bloggers embarass me!

My advice to you Wenger educate the joker boys to write more convincing articles, otherwise the lowly articles equivalent to primary school level make KJ look bad as ever. Subsequently, KJ may become an element of laughter.


In an article published by The Star, the son-in-law admitted that he has two personalities, the larger than life KJ and the naturally shy Khairy, well it sounds like a right candidate for split personality. What I found later in the article is that Khairy or KJ has the third personality which sounds like Hilter, and I quote:

"If you give me a microphone and a thousand people, it is a different thing altogether. I am very quick to warm up to people, and do not have problems interacting with them." KJ or Khairy
No wonder KJ shows so much enthusiasm in debate. The above quote has clearly proven that KJ loves limelight and public appearance. History tells us that these publicity seekers like Hitler and Sukarno ended destroying not only themselves but also the countries they served.

Ting ting ting ting! What's inside? Nothing

Luckily in this country hardly anybody pays attention to our new Hitler-like politician, except for a group of mutants known as setiakawans. I wonder what exactly KJ offered to these setiakawan joker boys because it is a true fact Khairy has proven to be liability to his party.

Perhaps KJ promises the land of fantasy to his setiakawan supporters, the land where the prime minister is always being sleepy, the politicians draw no limit for lust and greed, and the citizens just keep dreaming being at Disney.

Miss Mermaid, in your land of fantasy,
is there a person by the name Khairy?


When Wenger published the news at Rembau Times that I had been defeated, the setiakawan pom pom boys (thanks to River) were seen crowding Wenger's site for a celebration. The usual faces like Senapang Patah, SuKJ, Pejuang Bangsa and General Bro Jinggo himself only then dared to show up.

The setiakawan pom pom "boys" were seen
celebrating the defeat of Piggy Singh

I had previously published a post entitled The Fabulous Joker Boys that questioned the integrity of setiakawan supporters in cybersphere. Not many dared to turn up for comments to prove that I was wrong. SuKJ did try but he was heavily slaughtered, to the extent he wished that I had been buried in BA landslide.

Now the joker pom pom boys are celebrating with joy at Wenger's for a victory that was only claimed by Wenger. The joy and excitement were clearly shown from their comments, and I quote:

"wow… good news bro… haha… mcmmana lah rupanya piggy singh tersungkur agaknya, klu dia terbaca news ni rasa2nya pasti piggy menagis tertongeng… hahaha… teruskan usaha murni bro… bro kalau ada berita untuk disiarkan ke email saja saya bro… salam perjuangan bro…

Nasihat saya pada Mr Piggy , (itu pun jika Mr Piggy mahu dgr, coz Mr Piggy ni ego sedikit…) buat baik berpada2… buat jahat jangan sekali… adalah lebih baik kita menulis perkara yang baik2 daripada menulis perkara yang tidak baik dan janganlah kita samakan diri kita sama seperti syaitan…" General Bro Jinggo
What is puzzling me about these joker boys is that they really believe KJ is an angel, as if they live in different world. Thanks to your advice Bro Jinggo, buat baik berpada-pada, buat jahat jangan sekali, and I may add, nape pula peti undi Gelang Patah boleh dibawa lari?
The setiakawan joker boys are hardly seen commenting at famous blogsites which are no fans of Khairy like Rocky, A Voice, Apanama, Tuan Husin and JMD. The reason for being coward is that they do not have much substances and materials for rebuttal. Therefore from now on I like to call setiakawan supporters in blogsphere as PUSSYCAT JOKER BOYS. You guys had better retire and become background dancers for Pussycat Dolls.
Nicole, do you currently need dancers for Pussycat Dolls?
The setiakawan bloggers are now looking for dancing career.


Wenger J Khairy Padedoh, the commander of setiakawan troopers and definitely the witty few among KJ supporters has finally put his pen down as pro Setiakawan blogger. Wenger was the most provocative among setiakawan joker boys, the rest are comparable to pussycat dolls. He many times loudly called for confrontation, asking me and Doc Sid to show up in the mind games.

I guess it is reasonable for me to say that Wenger twice lost his pants in the mind games. As an act of revenge, Wenger posed a threat on me and I quote:

Mr. Piggy Singh,
Blogmaster of the-antigonist

We shall now accept terms of surrender. Should you decide to repent you are now instructed to do the following

A) Delete all offending postings to YB MP of Rembau
B) A 1000 essay apologizing to KJ, and all other setiakawans
C) Pledging never again to indulge in anti-KJ activities.

Should you resist, we shall be forced to unleash a campaign the likes has never been seen in the blogosophere.

Yours Sincerely
Wenger J Khairy Chief

After being stripped naked and suffered humiliation,
Wenger posed a threat as an act of revenge

Wenger further humiliated me in his article Cybertooper Gone Bad, accusing me being Azalina's trooper that evolved later as KJ hater. I fought back as usual and never submitted myself to his term. However Wenger declared victory and the news was published on front page by The Rembau Times as shown below.

Suddenly and mysteriously not only Wenger has penned down but also he has deleted all previous posts in his blog. I guess my dear viewers who have been to Wenger's site would agree that his wits always shine in his writings. It is a great loss not only to setiakawan joker boys, but also to his opponents because as proven, Wenger many times made us see things from different perspective. Farewell to you Wenger, such a great blogpal.

Farewell to Wenger JK Padedoh

Well everyone, HAPPY NEW YEAR, tomorrow will be a new day, a new determination, but no doubt we are stuck with THE SAME OLD SYSTEM.