Sunday, December 21, 2008

Good Samaritan Never Speaks Loud

During a gathering last night, I happened to meet a prominent surgeon who recently came back from a successful one week mission to Bangladesh.
The surgeon, who I like call him as Prof Z was enthusiastically telling us about the purpose for the mission. Prof Z, with two other prominent surgeons and a couple of local nurses voluntarily went to Bangladesh to perform up to 53 corrective surgeries to financially deprived patients with congenital defect known as cleft.

Since the topic of this article is never speaks loud, I am not going to reveal the names or pictures of the health care professionals involved. Furthermore, the mission was not known to public due to no political interference. However my dear viewers can verify with Mercy Malaysia because the mission was fully organized by the NGO.

What amazes me is that these volunteers not only leaving their family behind on pro bono basis, but they were also not expecting special treatments while in Bangladesh, like five start hotel, chauffer and etc. In addition, one of the surgeons is a private practitioner, and the whole week of absent from his clinic would have translated to five figure loss.

Prof Z also emphasized that in actual fact there still plenty of Malaysians who are willing to do good things without expecting anything in return. He told us that in Mercy itself quite significant numbers of professionals coming from all races and voluntarily lending their hands without being politically motivated.

Then I wonder what are the examples of good acts which can be categorically classified as politically motivated? Perhaps pictures below may provide the answer. Those pictures were taken from articles published by setiakawan joker boys who proudly and loudly announcing the good deeds performed by their master.

Cat la banyak-banyak nak hilangkan kotoran yang lama

Adek nak duit raya kena undi abang untuk KP UMNO

Boleh tahan PODEH ke jang?

Baguih la tu...

Nak jadi KP habuk dan kotoran semua kena cuci

If my dear viewers do not agree that the good deeds performed by main actor in the pictures above are not politically motivated, perhaps we should have MORE POLITICIANS MADE IN OXFORD.
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