Sunday, December 21, 2008

KJ and Husam Musa - 2 x 5?

Among the most anticipated political events of the year was a debate between Khairy, Husam Musa and Prof Mohd Agus. The event was concluded last night and the summary can be found here.

So far I have not recieved a full transcript on the debate. However after reading an article published by Pemuda Besut Blogspot, I would conclude that KJ suffered tremendous humiliation and tasted shameful defeat.
On the other hand one of the setiakawan joker boys Mr Wenger Padedoh has a different opinion, accusing Husam Musa for going off topic and not answering the questions, and I quote:

"KJ proved his calibre - going down to the heartland of Pas and taking a hard fought away victory, leaving the great Erdogan Dato’ Husam Musa, a frustrated man." Wenger Padedoh

However that is not the main issue that I like to raise in this article. What attracts me was a report I read in The Star, and I quote:

Khairy launched another attack on Husam when he asked whether hudud law would be implemented if Pakatan Rakyat had taken over the Government on Sept 16.

Husam gave an assurance that hudud law would be implemented if they had taken over.

Associate Prof Mohd Agus added fuel to the already hot topic and asked Khairy if he would push for hudud law if he became the Umno Youth chief.

Khairy smilingly replied that he would, which resulted in shouts among PAS supporters in the hall.

What I'd like my dear viewers to consider is Husam Musa, his agreement on hudud law after 16 September and his connection with Pak Sheikh Anwar. Perhaps the picture below may provide the better answer.

Still don't get it? Okey let us visit Nobisha.

Laa.. Pak Sheikh, aku just habaq apa depa
nak dengaq macam hang dok selalu buat!

However the most incredible statement of the night was that KJ would also implement huhud law if he wins the KP race next year. Ahhhh???? I guess Mr Jonnie Walker and Mr Jack Daniel would also be surprised like hell.

Yes to hudud law. Is he repenting now?

Well so much ado about Khairy and Husam Musa, only rhetorical, but zero in substance and material. Therefore it was not taken seriously by many people. And for that reason a famous camel trader Tuan Husin prefers to dismiss them both and instead he had better wait for Santa Claus. Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas.