Thursday, December 11, 2008

ANWAR AND KHAIRY -What Have They Been Up To Lately

No doubt these two political figures have added some colours to Malaysian political landscape. The intensity of the colour is subjective. Some people see it as dark and it is getting darker, others are seeing the darker spot is getting brighter. Looking back at the chronology of their political career, these two creatures have so many things similar.

They both started as promising young UMNO leaders. During his early involvement in UMNO, Anwar was seen as a politician who would bring UMNO closer to the Islamic path which was being followed by PAS. On the other hand, nothing was seen in Khairy, except that he was becoming closer to Dollah Badawi.
Literally they both share similar path even though the two characters are different in nature. Therefore, I like to invite my dear viewers to look at other similarities these two creatures share in common.

They Both Climbed Political Ladder Facilitated

In this case I’ve got to give Anwar a credit because his inclusion to UMNO was widely anticipated and applauded. Khairy on the other suddenly appeared from wilderness and with his marriage certificate he outrageously jumped into vice KP spot.

They Both Love Public Appearance

Khairy once mentioned in The Star daily that he would change to a different person if he was given a thousand crowd and a microphone. Anwar as everybody knows, fun to listen, but no substance.

They Both Have Fallen Victim to Tun’s Legacy

Anwar ended in Sungai Buloh while Khairy…I wonder where he will be if he loses the KP, perhaps teaming up with Reezal Mamak selling roti.

They Both Have Fanatic Supporters

I like to call Khairy’s supporters in cybersphere as joker boys. Whenever they publish articles showing support to Khairy, the contents of the articles are far from reality. The same goes PKR boys, they keep the notion that Anwar can never go wrong, the kind of behaviour normally shown by cult members. The fact is that it has been many times Anwar the PKR cult leader committed wrong doing, but the cult followers simply ignored.

They Both Are Singing Hatred Towards Tun

Both supporters are singing hatred towards Tun. It’s understandable that Anwar’s supporters have vengeance towards Tun for causing their cult leader to have been held in prison cell. However, the joker boys have other reason for despising Tun, that Tun’s factor is a great plus for Mukhriz in KP race.

They Both Dream of Becoming Prime Minister

But thanks to their impatience and greed, it looks like their dream is now far reaching. One has become a history after 16 September, the other is creating many stories to avoid being historical figure. Don't worry about the third one, he just demanded to be considered, but he is now no relevant at all.

Well so many things they both share in common. Khairy the passport delivery boy and Anwar the cult leader share the same interest to become Prime Minister. They started climbing the political ladder at very young age and rose to political stardom with help from superior power. They are also now fighting against the same nemesis, Tun and his family.

It has now become a public knowledge that if Khairy wins the KP race, death to UMNO will come a lot sooner. Should this happen, nobody in Malaysia will be much happier than Anwar himself because Anwar will score a double kills, death to UMNO and fall of Tun dynasty. Therefore, for that reason I strongly believe that Anwar would willingly lend his support for Khairy in the race for KP. So my dear viewers, WHAT HAVE ANWAR AND KHAIRY BEEN UP TO LATELY?