Sunday, December 28, 2008

Zionist Strikes Again

The holy land never knew peace and toleration except for the time Jerusalem was governed under Muslim administration. The land felled to Muslims for the first time under the command of a great conqueror Syadina Umar Al-Khatab ra who took the land in peaceful manner from Byzantine governor. The event how Syadina Umar entered Jerusalem was narrated by a great scholar, and I quote:

The Patriarch of Jerusalem handed over the keys of the city of Jerusalem to Umar. The Muslims were now the masters of Jerusalem. That was a special divine favor of God to the Muslims. As Umar entered the city he was greeted by the citizens with great enthusiasm. Umar said that he wanted to be led to some place where he could offer thanksgiving prayer to God. He was led to a Church but he refused to pray there, on the ground that that would set a precedent for the Muslims of the following generations to forcibly convert churches into mosques.

Jerusalem again was in the hand of Christians when Crusaders and Knight Templars conquered the holy land. Peace treaty was signed between Christians, Muslims and Jews under the reign of Christian king. However the peace was short lived when Templars outrageously slaughtered the Muslims. As a result, a ruler of Egypt Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi conquered Jerusalem in 1187 CE. Genuine peace and mutual toleration again existed for centuries to come until 1948, when the Western power orchestrated the dirtiest political conspiracy to hand over the holy land to Zionist.

Until this day I'm puzzled with role of Arab League nations to let this masacre continue to happen. So much respect I have for Tun for being very vocal to voice the right of Palestinians to return, as written at Tunku here. Dollah and Anwar have been silent and so far I have not heard their words of condemnation. Do say something Dollah and Nuar regarding the latest massacre on Gaza, TO PROVE THAT YOU BOTH HAVE GOT BALLS.

Speaking of latest massacre on Gaza, Tuan Nobisha has something for us to consider here.