Monday, December 15, 2008

Bangkok and Putrajaya - The Oxford Factor

The setiakawan joker boys will scavenge anything available if the material may help undo the bad reputation of their master, KJ the son-in-law. A recent event that was taken as a plus by setiakawan joker boys was the appointment of Oxford graduate Abhisit Vejjajiva as the new Thai Prime Minister.

One of the joker boys, the severely delusional SuKJ saw the event as an inspiration for KJ to reach Putrajaya due to Oxford factor. However SuKJ failed to see what is exactly happening now in Thailand, that peace has not yet been fully restored (what to expect from a person who is delusional and in total denial). Not more than one hour after the appointment, a crowd of protesters swelled outside the Bangkok Parliament House.

SuKJ straight away came to a conclusion that Oxford factor will soon affect Malaysia. His arguments as usual are words of praise to his vicious master and I quote:
  1. Setakad ini rakyat Malaysia belum lagi melihat lulusan Oxford menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia.

  2. Insyallah jika diizinkan Tuhan, selepas ini kita akan melihat seorang Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang berkelulusan Universiti Oxford.

  3. Harap selepas ini rakyat Malaysia jangan jadi 'bodoh monyet' atau tercengang bila melihat pemimpin yang muda dan berkelulusan Oxford memimpin negara ini. Walaupun muda tetapi jika beliau layak dan berwibawa, apa salahnya jika beliau dipilih sebagai Perdana Menteri.

An act of desperation is synonym to setiakawan joker boys. I wonder to what extent will SuKJ pursue himself to materialize the dream of his master, the vicious son-in-law. I’m afraid he will draw no limit and he will end up SELLING HIS SOUL FOR Oxford Prince KJ.

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