Saturday, December 13, 2008

Football, Five States and One Parliament Seat

Another Sad Ending to Our Football – Will The Son-in-law Be Held Responsible?

When our national football team has slightly improved its world ranking, the new vice (actually deputy, my mistake) president KJ proudly claimed the credit for himself, as written here. The ranking is like a black and white proof that the team has slightly improved. However, the ranking may not necessarily be translated to an improved performance on football pitch.

What happened really was a smart conspiracy finally revealed by my blogpal on da street. Improvement in world ranking came after the previous Merdeka Cup, whereby only weaker teams were invited. The result was 18 goals scored with none conceded. No doubt it was impressive and would be tremendous result to improve position.

When the team was really tested in Suzuki Cup with equivalent opponents like Vietnam and Thailand, they made an early trip home. So I wonder if KJ could claim credit for an improved ranking, will he be held responsible for the sad ending. So far the setiakawan joker boys kept quiet and said nothing.

I have submitted myself to believing that whatever KJ touches breaks!!! Be it football, UMNO or Mat Rempit.

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KT – Five States vs One Parliament Seat

Believe it or not, if BN loses in KT, the setiakawan joker boys already knew who the culprit is. The person is no one other than Mukhriz.

Mukhriz is targeted due to the statement that he made regarding vernacular school. A person by the name Dato’ Shaiful Kamal published an article that prematurely accused Mukhriz as a burden to the coming by-election.

I’m not sure whether this Dato’ is talking for the sake of his pocket or straight from his mind. If he really did use his mind, I wonder if the brain is also shrinking. A few Dato’ bloggers that I knew like Kadir Jasin, DSN and Sakmongkol would never come close to this low to express their thoughts.

The setiakawan joker boys as usual reproduced the article at many places like here, here and here. They treated the article like a precious stone because materials that demonize Mukhriz are scarcely found.

Dear joker boys, if you people sincerely want to help the BN machinery win at KT, you people should look deeply at the major contributors that caused the BN to have lost at five states. One of the contributors is obviously seen above.

It is such a lame effort to smear Mukhriz with only an anticipated loss in one parliament seat. On the other hand, there is a son-in-law who should be held responsible for the loss of five states. However the not only the son-in-law is running away from responsibility, but also he has now become more and more greedy.

A Riddle

Well my dear viewers, let’s cheer the weekend with a riddle. See the picture below and guess what occasion the gathering was held for?

A. MIC Youth listening to Unker Samy
B. HINDRAF supporters being brainwashed
C. A crowd in cinema watching Tamil movie
D. The cult followers of Anwar Al-Sivaji

Wanna know the answer, let’s go to Medan Info Kita.