Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tale Of A Foot Soldier - I Ain't Nobody Cyber Trooper

The funnier version by Kickdefella can be found here
I consider myself as a foot soldier in blogsphere because I just started actively blogging and publishing nearly two weeks ago. I've been around in cyber world for quite a while, not as a true blogger but rather a registered user. Normally I commented on the issue regarding UMNO in general, Khairy, Anwar Ibrahim and of course Karpal Singh.

With the thoughts and opinions that I left in comment department, some of my close blogpals like DES, GAP and Tok Ghimau urged me to come out with my own blog. However, I didn't have the luxury of time as my job required daily commitment from 9am to 11pm, well it sounds like a security guard.
Last two weeks I completed a project and took one week break from work. So I spent my free time jumping form one page to another, and then I found this at Mantra's.

The profile of the commentator is clearly seen below.

It seems that somebody has threatened Mantra when she published the previous post entitled Jangan Cabar Bloggers Khairy. I was thinking to myself this has gone too far.

So I looked around for setiakawan blogs and I discovered a few. However I found that their articles were only targeting primary school students because the contents were insulting to the common adult intelligent. Thus I decided to come out with my own blog to confront those stupid and insulting articles. So I am nobody cyber trooper.

The first post that I published entitled Khairy...Gelang Patah...Kuala Kangsar...Rembau...WHAT CONNECTS THE DOTS. The post did not have much substance, it was meant to invite setiakawan team to come out with an explanation. But it came to no avail.

Forget about the second post, the third one was interesting. The Khairy's SWOT analysis published by Hang Tegar was intellectually rebutted and severely humiliated, but until this day setiakawan team never made any counter attack. HELLO.....are you there cowards?

The latest few posts are the series of Picture Don't Lie. These series are taken seriously by setiakawan like Hang Tegar and Bro Jinggo himself. I was a foot soldier went face to face with setiakawan low grade lieutenant Hang Tegar regarding Khairy's pictures, and guess what, it was too much for Hang Tegar to handle. So he called for setiakawan general to interfere, Bro Jinggo himself. The setiakawan general published another post that shows more pictures of Khairy's posing with the public.

Do you see any sincerity?

My opinion, the setiakawan supporters are too proud with the pictures because those are the living proof that Khairy is really a true leader for the people. Well guys, get real!!! I support my opinion with a statement made by Hang Tegar and I quote:

"I was happy when I read the responses from Piggy Singh. Sebab ia menunjukkan bahawa memang ada impak gambar ini, sehingga terpaksa di buat respon."

The setiakawan supporters only talked about the obvious KJ posing with the public, because pictures don't lie. However they refused to comment on the pictures about someone having fun behind a curtain. Again, HELLO...are you there cowards?
This post is meant to answer to a call from another setiakawan blogger that I call broken rifle when he left a comment in this blog and I quote:

"Saya rasa apa yang bro jinggo katakan pada piggy sing walaupun secara berbudi bahasa tapi tepat kat dahi piggy singh..Dengan Hang Tegar pula jagn nak buat main2... membisu terus piggy singh...takkan ambik masa 2 hari nak jawap serangan dari Hang Tegar kot.. malulah...Satu jer nasihat saya pada piggy sigh jangan jolok sarang tabuan... kan dah kena."
Hello brader, I wonder which part of Jinggo's article that hit me directly on my forehead. I only have one advice to Khairy's supporters, GET A LIFE AND GET REAL.