Wednesday, November 26, 2008


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Updated on Friday at 3.05pm.
Mr Wenger Padedoh has answered to this blog entry with an article entitled RM 8 Million vs RM 30000 Million. He also declared that his article has claimed victory to Setiakawan team, and the current score is 2 - 0.
Dear Mr Wenger, you were missing the point. This blog entry is about imagining: Could Khairy be granted RM 8 million loan if he had not be the SIL to Dollah. However you've come with an accumulative figure which reveals the number that Tun had messed for the period of 22 years. Okey then, let's see to what number Dollah anak-beranak have already messed ONLY for the period of FOUR YEARS.
And you claimed victory while the game was not being played. How about the countless attacks that were never defended, The SWOT Analysis, Pictures Don't Lie, Gelang Patah, Try Harder Please etc. Now I really believe the opinion held by many bloggers on you people, that you all live in your own world.
No offence.

Imagine there’s no Khairy,

It isn’t hard to do,

Nothing to blog or shoot for,

No setiakawan too,

Imagine all these people,

Living somewhere else.

You may say I’m a dreamer,

But I’m not the only one,

I hope someday you’ll join us,

And Malaysia we’ll live as one.

Imagine that Khairy had not been married to the daughter of Dollah. You may let your imagination be running wild. My opinion, had KJ not been married to the daughter of Dollah, he would now be a low level executive working 9 to 5.
Or probably he would be a share broker, but he would never get close to acquire ECM Libra fortune as nobody wanted to grant him RM 8 million loan. In addition, the poor Khairy will not be moving around like a royal fleet of Tengku Khairy shown in the picture below.

However if my dear viewers are looking for an imagination goes wilder, Tuan Husin Lempoyang has the answer here.

Khairy a pump attendant?