Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Khairy...Gelang Patah...Kuala Kangsar...Rembau...WHAT CONNECTS THE DOTS?

Supporters of setiakawan claim that Khairy has been severely mistreated by bloggers in the cyberworld. It is pity that Khairy has been systematically demonised with baseless allegations and been given no room to deny or defend himself. A commentor in Mr Politica's blog has this to say

"Dahsyat-dahsyat....kau org kutuk KJ teruk betul...tak kan lah KJ seteruk tu.....ini fitnah melampau...fitnah sikit-sikit dah lah... aku agak lah kalau KJ berjaya jadi PM....kau org lah yg duk kat depan kaki ampu....".

To certain extent The Darker Side (TDS) agrees that what we heard were merely rumours that were spreading fast at lightning speed in cyberspace. So let's put aside the baseless allegations and assume that KJ was clean as cotton before the race for nominations.

However, starting with the incident at Gelang Patah, the event didn't help at all clear the air, and thus improve KJ's tainted image. What actually happened was a barbaric act normally practised by third world nations during elections. A ballot box for Ketua Pemuda nomination was hijacked and later counted by only a few persons in a private hotel room.

If this were another baseless allegation, pro KJ teams should have come out with convincing explanation. However until at this very moment TDS could not find any post by pro Khairy teams that provided answer to the serious accusation.

The same goes to Kuala Kangsar and Rembau, the outcome of the meeting is very much questionable. SO WHAT CONNECTS THE DOTS...WAS KHAIRY A VICTIM OR A MASTERMIND?