Sunday, November 23, 2008

Demonizing Mukhriz - Try Harder Please!!!

I've been criticised from both my circle of friends and a senior blogger regarding my previous post. As a new comer, I sincerely appreciate the critics and I knew now more must be learnt being a blogger. So thank you to MANTRA, IKS, Doc Sid, Mr Wenger, wise man Mr Zubli and not forgetting a senior blogger Tunku.

One of Khairy's weaknesses stated in SWOT analysis is that Khairy is a victim of character assassination. So I wonder are they not doing same towards Mukhriz? Guess what, I discovered plenty and I would say most of the articles looked like desperate attempts and harmless in substance.

However I would leave it to my viewers to decide after reviewing the designated posts which can be accessed from the links inserted.


An author Hassan Ishak published an article entitled Tun Menyanyi Lagi- Lekaslah Besar Si Manja Ku Sayang at KPMU. The article has also been reproduced at many setikawan blogs.

In conclusion, the author Hassan Ishak stated that Mukhriz is 100% depending on his dad for the KP race. I’m not going to argue or elaborate, however I reckoned that Dato’ S N of Small Talk has said it all when he commented on the article at Senapang Patah and I quote:

"Senapang Patah, Wah... panjang cerita tentang Pemuda UMNO ye?Begitu lah cinta kasih sayangnya Ayah kepada Anak!Saya pun seorang Ayah. Demi anak saya sanggup buat apa saja! Kalau disuruh pilih antara anak dgn isteri, saya akan pilih anak! HahahaTak tahu lah bab menantu! Saya belum ada menantu! Salam." Dato' SN

In the article, Tun also talked about the many serious allegations directed towards Khairy. Can we expect Khairy to answer soon? The answer is NO. KJ prefers being a victim rather than standing up answering the allegations.


Among the occurrence that still remains a mystery and is puzzling my mind is that, how could KJ manage to get enough nominations? I do have my own suspicion but I’m not going to reveal my notion.

I've got to admit that I'm not an UMNO member, but I do hang around with UMNO people who hold certain positions, either big or small. Most of them agreed that Khairy's factor is the major contributor to the downfall of UMNO. When Mukhriz blew the wind of change, grassroots started to see a new fresh beginning to bring back the honour and glory.

However, many articles were written to relate Mukhriz with money politics which can be found here, here and here.

I once saw a comment regarding this issue by a senior blogger Tunku who commented at Azli Shukri’s blog and I quote:

“I bet Mukhriz is not involved in money politics. I know many from divisions that nominated Mukhriz and none of them are paid to do.”


The article relating to the issue can by found here.
I think at younger age a person is normally driven by passion, not conscience. In addition, at younger age there is a strong appetite for destruction.
Is it right the credibility of youth wing has partly been destroyed? Who is particularly menacing from inside?


The setiakawan team is now selling issues on debates and is accusing Mukhriz of being a coward, read here. I wonder what issue Khairy is looking forward to debating upon because the party matter is an internal affair.
Believe it or not, Khairy also has had history running away from debate multiple times, and it can be found here.

Setiakawan simply cannot deny the influence of Tun on Mukhriz's campaign for KP. Perhaps they were thinking that by bringing Tun down it would drag Mukhriz along, as written in the article here. Instead the strategy might be backfired from grassroot supporters.


My dear viewers can judge for yourself the strength and magnitude of those articles to bring Mukhriz down. My own judgment, such a lame and desperate effort and I would just like to say this…TRY HARDER AND TRY SMARTER PLEASE!

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