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Facebook Group: 1 000 000 Malaysians Want Khairy as Ketua Pemuda UMNO

A setiakawan blogger Hang Tegar reveals what was published in Facebook Group, that 1 million Malaysians want Khairy as Ketua Pemuda UMNO. Honestly, I am a few days shy to celebrate my one week birthday being born in cyber space. So I wonder what is Facebook all about? Then I found the answer here.

However about the number, how did KJ's Facebook come with 1 million figure. Who are they and what age group they belong to. In the cyber world, as far as I'm concerned the pro KJ bloggers though menacing they are small in number. Perhaps this is what we call silent majority, or it could also be silencing the majority.

Update at 6.30pm, 15th November.

A fellow blogger who is also an independant KJ supporter Mr Wenger J Khairy aka Padedoh did some homework regarding the 1 million number, and this is what he found out:

Just checked out KJ's official facebook.
Here are the stats as of 15/11 15:18
Target : 1,000,000
Members to date: 188 to target : 0.018%
remaining : 99.872%
thats about 1.8 basis points.
ha ha ha what a joke! And nope, i did not join!

Well, so much ado about 1 million number, but in actual fact - nothing much at all. Thanks Mr. Wenger, I'll drop by at yours later.


Who am I to confront Susan Loone, it won't be a fair fight. I'm just a foot soldier who has yet to celebrate my 1 week birthday being born in cyber space. Susan on the other hand is a lady general who is commanding with an iron fist. But there is no harm in trying.

I quote some of Susan's writing:

"Only idiots get impressed by what you say and do. And there are too many of them around."

"Sick of you, sick of the newspapers who give you so much coverage as if there is no other persons to cover ."

I'm NOT going to rebut those statements. It is not that I do not have the capable ammunition to confront Susan and thus I ran away from the battle confrontation. It is because I refused to be labelled as a coward when I fought an opponent who was sick and distorted.

If I were allowed to think out of the box, I would have said that Susan's personal feud with Tun was a kind of fatal attraction, because towards the end of the article, she has this to say and I quote:

"Pi-lah. Balik kampung, tanam jagung. Menyampah."

Well Susan, since you are among the prime movers of Bangsa Malaysia, perhaps you can be set as a role model for Bangsa Malaysia. Do appear on TV and speak our national language. If there isn't any flaw, then we can talk about Bangsa Malaysia. Otherwise, like what you said to Tun, balik Guandong tanam jagung.

I also wonder by the time Susan reaches Tun's current age, will she still be barking mad like she is now, or she will be left alone and wondering why the world hates her so much, provided she still hasn't contracted Alzheimer's.

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Pejuang bangsa merupakan blogger setiakawan yang menunjukkan kesetiaan yang tidak berbelah bagi terhadap Khairy. Beliau berpendapat bahawa kata-kata Tun mengenai PM bukan Melayu boleh membawa kepada kemudharatan, dan saya petik:

"Mahathir sehingga sekarang ini masih lagi percaya bahawa dia adalah Pemimpin yang paling bijak, dan semua kata-kata yang diucapkan memberi kesan baik kepada parti dan kerajaan walaupun beliau bukan lagi ahli UMNO.Cuma kesannya ialah beliau cakap semua itu seperti tidak fikir kesannya malah boleh memudaratkan parti ."

Alahai Pejuang Bangsa, saya nak pesan satu perkara. Jika betul-betul nak jadi pendekar Melayu, pergilah bertapa dulu biar diri tu penuh dengan ilmu. Kalau setakat berbekalkan slogan setiakawan, silap-silap langkah tu jadi sumbang. Siapa yang malu, mestilah anta punya Tuan.

Pejuang Bangsa juga berpendapat bahawa kenyataan Tun boleh membebankan Mukhriz untuk pemilihan KP March nanti, dan saya petik:

"Hakikatnya , Tun tidak Iklas dalam perjuangan, sebab itulah Perjuangannya Tidak Mungkin Akan Selesai. Dan amat malang bagi Mukhriz kerana dia terpaksa menanggung beban yang dimulakan oleh ayahnya. "

Sekali lagi, alahai Pejuang Bangsa. Kata-kata Tun tidak akan membebankan Mukhriz. Sebaliknya, apa yang telah menjadi satu kenyataan hakiki, Khairy telah membebankan Dollah Badawi. Tapi pendokong setiakawan tak nak terima kenyataan ini kerana asyik dibelai mimpi Khairy.

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Well, there goes my one week holiday. I found that blogging is interesting and addicting, but can't be blogging too often now as a new project will take off tomorrow.