Sunday, June 28, 2009

Khairy And His Numbers in FB Illuminati - A Really Sad Story

Well KJ, my research says that you are hated at every corner of the earth, your hands are tied now and your FIL can assist you no more. You had better accept the term for surrender.
Familiar with that Wenger?

Some bloggers thought the days of Darker Side have been numbered. As a matter of fact The Darker Side will always be there when facts are twisted by KJ himself or his troopers known as the joker boys, including you J Khairy Wenger. Piggy Singh

The kind of fatal attraction Wenger J Khairy (KJ's confused supporter) has on me is inevitable. He follows everywhere I go. Then moment he knew I was busy discussing substantial materials in FB, suddenly his name appeared in the FB Illuminati. But sorry Wenger, you are still not invited to join our circle.

Wenger many times denied being a KJ supporter when he was cornered, and my close blogpal Mr ODS could testify on that. My opinion - Wenger told too many lies to the extent he is now confused what is really the truth.

Regarding the current development about KJ making appearance at Manek Urai, Wenger says this on Dato' Sam's wall:

I think before we talk about Malay unity with PAS, we should first be united in our own party. KJ has matured a lot this past years and Manek Urai will prove that the rakyat accepts him.
Well Wenger, I thought the party has been united. The senior leaders were united in giving pressure to Dollah to step down. Currently the senior leaders are also united to strengthen the party. And above all the youth leaders are also united to sideline Khairy. So there is unity in the party.

Wenger also says KJ will prove that the rakyat accepts him, meaning all this while does the majority of rakyat despise him?

In my opinion Logic Mathematics is the ultimate truth. So let us look at what Logic Mathematics says about numbers in FB Illuminati. Back in April KJ support group launched a campaign I Bet I Can Find 10000 people who support Khairy Jamaluddin. Previously the campaign aimed from 1 million, but the number was trimmed down due to economic recession.

The question is what is the exact number of supporters in the group even as we speak. Ha ha ha...... it is very very very irony. The number now is ONLY 305. How could it be?
Well my FB friend Ibnu Nawawi has his own explanation. The number of delegates who voted for Khairy as Ketua Pemuda was 304, and probably these exact people joined the support group plus Khairy himself, so the number now is 305. It sounds very very very logical.

On the other hand there is also a hate group dedicated to Khairy himself in FB entitled I Bet I Can Find 10000 People Who Hate Khairy Jamaluddin. The number of supporters in the group is nearly 9000 and is still counting strong. Perhaps KJ also joined this group because everybody hates him including Khairy HIMSELF.

Let us be realistic by looking at Mathematics:

Hate Group : Support Group
8883 : 305
32: 1

Wake up Khairy, people despise you at every corner of the earth. Nothing much you can do because your hands are tied now and father-in-law can assist you no more, and definitely not even your TV channel as mentioned by Wenger. It's about time you come to term with reality. Unless you are still living the world of fantasy.

Miss Mermaid, in the land of fantasy, what is the number of KJ supporters in FB? Must be many many many.