Monday, July 20, 2009

Piggy Singh Launching Free Selangor Campaign - No Underworld For Selangor

The death of Teoh was tragic, and it should not be politicized. The fact is we have to remember that the late Teoh was a witness to the alleged involvement of one state Exco with underworld activities.

However the PAKATAN stooges, Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim are using the issue to divert our attention from the real problem, that the Selangor state government is now severely affected by mobsters and underworld.

Ronnie's theatrical play storming the SPRM office is a testimony of his violent nature, and the act may categorize him as of the mobsters.

Dear friends, copy the picture FREE SELANGOR above and place it on your blog. We have got to let them know that their play act has been well anticipated.

If you are an FB member, you may also like to join the cause here:


I also like to sincerely thank Bro Jeff Damien for the picture.