Saturday, July 18, 2009

KJ Please Be Patient, Wait For Your Turn!!!

Meet my agent, Double O Eleven, Mr Chimps Bond

Now what is it with the title, KJ Please Be Patient, Wait For Your Turn!!!? I will get to the title soon enough. Before that I like to invite my dear viewers to once again look at the back stage happenings in this DAP theatrical play, in which Kit Siang and company are trying very hard to conceal.


Let us not forget that the late Teoh was a material witness for SPRM as described by Outsyed The Box. In addition, the whistle blower that exposed the connection between one DAP state exco member and the activities of underworld is YB Wee, a PAKATAN ally.

Thus DAP is actually shifting the focus of the story IF they cry that it is a government conspiracy!!! One thing for certain DAP is caught with their pants down.


I would say Ronnie Liu deserved an Oscar for his theatrical play storming the SPRM office. But first we have to give the movie a title, and my best bet is THE MOBSTER OF SELANGOR.

Sorry Ronnie, your theatrical act doesn't convince me and I still believe you knew something. YB Wee already sensed your fishy stinking smell.


Look at their faces, one of them is a mutant species

I thought we could lay rest from politics after MU came to conclusion, indeed I was wrong. Don't blame me for politicizing the issue while at the same time PAKATAN supporters have already taken Teoh's death to the street.

I wonder is there any better thing to do other than demonstrating? I guess not. As long as long the barking mad rabies infected stray dog by the name Kit Siang is still around, there will be more and more demonstrations.


"Ha ha ha, people are now diverting their attention from my sodomy trial"

No doubt Anwar Ibrahim is now smiling. The death of Teoh is capable of shifting the focus from Anwar's sodomy trial. Furthermore, Anwar now has a reason to gather crowd to listen to his nonsense. The remnant of Anwar's fart - the useless fat ass Hishamudin Rais has already called public demonstration at Kelana Jaya Stadium.


This insignificant man has to speak loud against PRSM, because once he gets caught, it will look like an act of revenge by the commission

KJ already made a statement calling for Royal Panel Probe regarding the death of Teoh. I've got to make it clear here, any calls for revealing the truth should be welcome with open arms.

However, the approach that KJ took - being very vocal against SPRM somehow tells me that he has a personal grudge against the commission. I wonder what?

I've received credible information that corruption cases against KJ have been and are still piling up at SPRM office. So KJ is perfectly aware that sooner or later he will be called by SPRM and from what I heard this time around there is no escape route.

KJ purposely meant to be hostile against SPRM because when his turn comes, he can simply claim it is an act of revenge by the commission. See how smart this Oxford graduate is, but not smart enough according to Piggy Singh.


Sorry to say this Dollah Badawi, you were useless Prime Minister before and you are still useless now, continue sleeping is rather much better

Suddenly Dollah wakes up from his sleep and cries out loud, ABOLISH ISA. This time around PAKATAN listens to him, as written by one Harakah editor on his FB wall.

I guess it is the same Dollah that PAKATAN used to despise and hate him so much. But now whatever Dollah says is treated as divine words from God. These PAKATAN people are really scavengers, they bite at anything on earth to satisfy their greedy political appetite. Duhhh!!!!