Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Teeny MA Holder, WEEny Deputy Minister, and Deluded Comrade Wenger

Cockingly is not an English word. Since my knowledge on English vocabularies is limited, I derived the word because I could not recall of any words that beautifully describes a person who is thinking using his teeny brain located in his pants.

Piggy Singh


Teeny Khoo

I came across a blog known as Straight Talk administered by Khoo Kay Peng (KKP) while I was searching for posts pertaining to SSUS. Thus far KKP has published two articles that obviously revealed his objection to the campaign Satu Sekolah, Satu Bangsa dan Satu Negara. The two articles entitled Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua: Another Racial Bigot and Satu Sekolah Proponents Should Try Harder.

I also found that Khoo's articles have been confronted equally in intellectual strength by the pro-unity team, which can be found here and here. So I don't intend to invite my dear viewers to participate in another academic and intellectual discourse.

However I wonder and perhaps my dear viewers can provide the answer: Why Khoo failed to see that segregating the young generation racially is already an act of racism? The true unity may not be taught, but learn through experience from the early childhood. However how do these kids learn from experience if they are segregated racially through vernacular school system?

Perhaps this teeny MA holder Khoo fella has shrunk his brain after obtaining his Masters and his teeny brain now is placed in his pants. I guess for someone who has his brain in his pants, he is talking cockingly nonsense. Well Teeny Khoo, it's nothing personal just straight talk as usual.


It looks like Wee has learnt a lot from Tun Dol

While our country is currently facing political uncertainties, many politicians scavenge even the slightest opportunities to make them appear heroes to their respected communities. KJ grabbed the KP post with money so that he could proceed with his plan to become PM at the age of 40. Anwar keeps barking on BN corrupt government to ensure his pursue for power stays relevant.

And now we have Mr Wee Ka Siong, a deputy minister. He recently made a statement about taking actions against pro-unity bloggers who are currently campaigning for Satu Sekolah, Satu Bangsa dan Satu Negara.

Perhaps this Teeny WEEny saw this as an opportunity to promote himself as a champion for his party as well as to the Chinese community. However at the same time it shows how shallow he is as a politician engaging in this particular situation. WEEny forgot to realize that to proceed with his action he's got to launch report against more than hundred bloggers, such a big number.

With all due I cannot say this WEEny fella stupid because he is a deputy minister. Sadly I can't think of the most beautiful English word to describe his action. I guess he is even stupider.


Be very careful fellow bloggers, deluded soldier Wenger is searching for rivals and is craving for battle

I thought I had made this pro-KJ blogger JK Wenger disappear from blogosphere at the end of our bloodiest battle. Wenger and I fought audaciously in the battle of mind games. The usual style of Wenger's attacks were provocation and threat, and I had been given with all that.

At the height of our conflict Wenger suddenly disappeared and deleted his blog Padedoh while I was about to launch my final assault.

We all knew that Wenger has reappeared, in fact many times. After the first disappearance he resurfaced later with a blog called Bengkel Waziboy, I guess it was a workshop for Mat Rempit. He again deleted his Waziboy in protest to DS Najib as the 6th Prime Minister. Currently Wenger is blogging at Wenger J Khairy Return.

After the bloodiest battle I never bothered about Wenger. I hardly went to his blog either Waziboy or WJK Return. However it wasn't the same case for Wenger. He keeps coming and peeping at mine. When he learnt that I was losing the number of commentators, Wenger posts a comment, quote:

eleh, it seems that the warong anti khairy dah tak banyak pelanggan, sorry piggy, you better move with the times. kj is now considered a hero bro

Perhaps Wenger found that his comment didn't do enough harm to test my patience. Subsequently Wenger published a post that claimed I've been forced out of blogosphere, quote:

Nothing else to report except that Piggy Singh of the-antigonist has been forced out of the blogging world into the safe confines of the Facebook Illuminati.

What else can I say about this deluded soldier boy, he is now desperately searching for rivals. Well I will not answer to his call because it is a shameful act to confront deluded comrade.

Perhaps there is other reason why Wenger keeps bothering me. The detestation has transformed to affection, or also perhaps Wenger might feel that our battle confrontation has gradually evolved to fatal attraction!

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