Saturday, May 16, 2009

Syndrome Money Politics Infecting Islamic Party

Members of Malaysia Islamic Party (PAS) have been found to have been infected by Corrupt But Deny Syndrome (CBDS) or recently known as Syndrome Khairy (formerly known as money politics). The incident was confirmed by Ketua Dewan Ulama Pas Pusat himself, Datuk Muhammad Daud Iraqi.

It was previously believed by many microbiologists that PAS members were immune to the disease since the movement was carrying religious tag line which would act as a perfect barrier to the disease. However it has become a surprise to many scientists that the disease now knows political boundary.

If my dear viewers google the wikipedia, information on CBDS is not yet available. However thorough investigation conducted by Piggy Singh with cooperation with CDC has somehow solved the mystery of Syndrome Khairy.

Carriers of CBDS should be punished severely!

It is found that the culprit causing Syndrome Khairy is a type of virus known as GK (gila kuasa)spreading fast and wild in the 90s among UMNO members. Amazingly our virologists had successfully traced its purported origin. GK is thought to have originated from a single human carrier known as Anwar Ibrahim. The first pattern of infection was recognized in the 90s within the UMNO circle while Anwar was busy funding the UMNO members in exchange for power.

However there are yet TWO puzzling questions need to be answered?

  1. In the recently concluded UMNO election the virus reappeared and severely infected the Gang 304. Who was the carrier since Anwar no longer connected to UMNO?

  2. The trend of infection was initially only among the UMNO circle. Who brought the virus to PAS members?

To answer the first question, it is believed that the GK virus was transmitted from Anwar to Khairy when the latter come to close proximity with Anwar during passport delivery.

Could Husam Musa be the carrier of CBDS in PAS?

In regard to the second question, Anwar lately has been in close contact with many high ranking PAS members including Husam Musa. So could the virus be infecting PAS members through Husam Musa as the carrier?