Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nik Aziz Addressing The Nation - It Smells Like Husam's Statement

"Saya amat menghormati YAB Dato' Tuan Guru Nik Aziz atas kedalaman ilmu agama dan kepetahan berhujah. Namun dalam politik kerenah tangan-tangan ghaib menyebabkan integriti beliau terjejas." Deklarasi Piggy Singh
Was Husam one of the unseen hands mentioned by Nik Abduh? Or Husam is THE UNSEEN HAND!

The rest of the story about TG Nik Aziz Addressing The Nation On 13th May Incident can be found at Sheih's Kickdefella.

From the comment department I learnt that Sheih had made such a big fuss prior to the event, and eventually the Nation Addressing Session turned out to be just another press conference. So I wonder has TG Nik Aziz also been infected by Anwar's limelight syndrome? Or was it another political play orchestrated by Husam himself to endorse the Erdogan Team.

Obey Your Master!

You may read the text of TG Nik Aziz's declaration, but to me it sounds like a statement to strengthen the PAS-DAP-PKR relation. As expected NOTHING is mentioned TOWARDS ISLAMIC NATION. So was it genuinely written by Tuan Guru himself, or by unseen hands that were previously exposed by TG Nik Aziz's son? Nik Abduh's disclosure can be found here and here.

In Q&A session, Nik Aziz made a firm stand that he will never open door to UMNO as long as the latter's struggle is based on Malay nationalism, not the Islamic religion.

So I guess PAS has opened door to PKR and DAP because they share the same dream - TOWARDS ISLAMIC COUNTRY.

Allah Hu Akbar.