Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Powerful Brand KJ Part 2


I’m still trying to understand the phenomenon of Brand KJ. From what I learnt Brand KJ has the ability to attract crowd, and better still to draw votes as it occurred in recently concluded UMNO election. So I presume The Powerful Brand KJ will be the driving force for BN machinery in the coming by-elections.

However I also learnt from Saudara Kamarulzaman Kamdias that The Powerful Brand KJ is quarantined. The Powerful Brand KJ will not be sold to the voters in the by-elections. Now it puzzles me because if really The Brand KJ has got its power, now is the best to sell it more and more.

So why is it QUARANTINED? Was the brand contaminated with MELAMINE?


Cry For Help Vs Rebel Without A Cause

Wenger proudly mentioned in A Voice’s blog that The Brand KJ is equivalent to James Dean in politics. Well everybody knows James Dean, rebel without a cause. Jimmy Dean needs no cry for help. The moment James Dean appeared in public, the crowd would rush for him.

However our James Khairy Dean in politics is in the opposite. In his famous blog Rembau Dot Net he is now crying for help, Berilah Saya Peluang. I guess James Dean is not the best analogy to Khairy when politics is concerned. Not only they have very significant difference in the looks, but also the moment KJ appeared in public the crowd would not rush for him. Instead they would be shouting CORRUPTION CORRUPTION CORRUPTION.


Wenger could not simply hide his feeling that he has missed me. In one of his blog entries he wrote this:

I have given enough time for the ex-supporters of Team Berani Berubah to grieve over their loss. It seems as usual the only fair headed and level guy is Pemuda IKS. He has sensibly called for more cooperation amongst the Jentera Pemuda which will help UMNO face the challenge of the by-elections.

The rest like Another Brick in Wall, Piggy Singh and so many others are still crying like a bunch of babies. They still cannot accept defeat. They still want UMNO to fight amongst itself. Worse still, those like Piggy have many DM supporters in his kandang, and so unless DM does not want another salvo of attack from Wenger Khairy, my warning is simple - CEASE AND DESIST or you will forever be known not as Berani Berubah but instead as TAKUT KALAH.
Was it another threat Wenger? What makes you feel that you can control every blogger?

Well Wenger if you still remember you publicly admitted that I never was a fan of Berani Berubah. So my name should not be in the equation.

If you can see clearly I am assisting you now to inform the citizens of virtual world what is The Powerful Brand KJ all about as part of the post PEMILIHAN UMNO analysis.

If you think that my articles smell like anti-Khairy, you should also thank me since you previously stated at A Voice’s blog, the more hammering is done – the more powerful The Brand will become. Unless you don’t even know what you are talking about.

Chao for now, I’m consuming my working hour.