Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wenger Says The Brand Khairy Won The KP - So Was It McDonald or KFC?

"If Khairy were The Brand for fried chicken alternative to KFC, the taste would be nothing close to Finger Licking, in fact it would be DISGUSTING".
Piggy Singh

I guess nobody ever closely confronted Wenger J Khairy in virtual world except for a few of us, MANTRA, Doc Sid and Piggy Singh.

In my case I have a rather long history with Wenger J Khairy. He started as my close blogpal during my infant years in virtual world. Later he became my sworn enemy, provoking me to turn up for debates at his previous blog, which he later deleted. I did turn up for every invitation and every time the debate went hot, guess what? Wenger was stripped naked and chickened out.

After a few hot debates Wenger posed a threat on me, which I thought it looked real and genuine. I sought advice from respected bloggers like Dato’ Ti and Mat Cendana (MC), and MC took the initiative to write a post about the threat. When I was making such a big fuss about the threat, Wenger later claimed that it was only a joke, such a humiliation.

Wenger posed a threat after being stripped naked

Well enough of history lesson. I found this comment written by Wenger J Khairy at A Voice’s blog:

KJ was hammered by the RPK, by you lot, by the legendary TDM, heck even by a mysterious Piggy Singh. But it is quite clear, the more you hammer, the more people want to stop and ask themselves the question - Why? One of KJ's strongest points is Brand KJ. That’s what you fail to understand, what’s in a brand? Everything bro What’s in Coca Cola? What’s in Mc Donalds? What’s in NIKE? And now let me in on a little secret - Brand Power KJ increases every time 'THEY' Attack him. Yes Sir, KJ is the James Dean of politics, the rebel, the young man who faces the legendary Tun but just keeps his silence.
So it was The Brand Khairy that wins the KP. Well Wenger, I hate to say this but I definitely agree with the strength of Brand Khairy. To support your notion, let’s go back to PRU 13, it was The Brand Khairy that made PAKATAN win five states. It was the The Brand Khairy with a marketing tagline Padedoh that helped PAS and PAKATAN gain more seats in Kelantan. It was The Brand Khairy with excessive marketing and publicity that made fence sitters vote for Anwari at PP. Wait a minute, in this case The Brand Power KJ is actually not selling, as a matter of fact it’s backfiring.

Wenger failed to realize that The Power Brand Padedoh was backfired

However what makes The Brand Khairy sell to UMNO youth delegates? If KJ is the brand for our new Malaysian made high speed racing motorbike, the motorcycles will be selling like hot cakes to ONLY Mat Rempit since Khairy is highly revered by that particular crowd. Somehow it’s almost impossible that all 304 delegates who voted for KJ are motorcycle enthusiasts.

Motorsikal Brand Khairy, waa mesti beli. Nanti waa boleh buat panjat pokok kelapa dan bawak pi terjun Antartika. Waa caya laa...

So it remains mysterious what was The Brand that 304 UMNO youth delegates saw in Khairy. I don’t think all delegates that voted for Khairy saw him as a brand of high speed motorbike, unless all of them are Mat Rempit.

Another possibility is that all these 304 youth delegates that voted for Khairy saw him as a brand for an ancient lamp, like Aladdin lamp.

An ancient lamp Brand Khairy, get close to it, make your wish, guaranteed thick notes will be in your pocket.

The difference is that with Aladdin lamp, one has to rub so that the genie will come out. However with the ancient lamp that carries The Brand Khairy no rubbing is necessary. And thus there’s no genie. One will get his wish by getting closer to it. There are term and condition for the buyer, the lamp Brand Khairy only works once in every 3 to 4 years.

There is another product that Brand KJ can sell very fast, I am telling no further but Tuan Husin has the answer here.
Well Tani Mancha!!!