Saturday, March 28, 2009

In the Name of The Father, The Son-in-law, and The Holy Corrupt Followers - Let's Get Ourselves Cangkuls and Shovels

In the hands of THE FATHER

A Sleepy Prime Minister,

and A Disgraced UMNO leader.

Though he is leaving, the NIGHTMARE is not yet over.

Now enter the disgraced SON-IN-LAW.

And his HOLY corrupt followers.

Though they are now celebrating with their pom pom boys,

their victory may spell death to UMNO.

So I like to urge fellow UMNO sympathizers, let's get ourselves cangkuls and shovels since the death of UMNO is very near. Doesn't matter how ugly and pathetic UMNO has become in the hands of THE FATHER, THE SON-in-law and HOLY corrupt follows, a party that was once glorious before would deserve a proper funeral.

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