Friday, April 3, 2009

If Only - Farewell To Dollah Badawi

If only,
There had never been Khairy,
What a great Prime Minister you would be,
There would be no questions on your integrity,
And 4th floor would never become a story.

What happens - no more protection?

If only,
Your son had never been too greedy,
And Patrick Lim had never come to close proximity,
Then I trully believed you were really searching for Al-Ghazali,
And not tonnes of money for your family.

You take some, I take some, give them none!

If only,
You had never been sleepy,
And your decision had never been flip-floppy,
Perhaps the rakyat would adore you sincerely,
Because they could hold to your principle and honesty.

But Pak Lah frankly,
Though not much I can appreaciate really,
For what you did to this country,
One particular thing I like to thank you sincerely,
Whenever I drove balik kampung during festivities,
There were not many lorries.

Farewell to Pak Lah