Monday, February 22, 2010

Wenger At War ... Sadly Wenger Lost The Battle

Ayoyo Khairy thamby ... omak punya anak punya Nori punya laki ... apa sudah jadi .... lu punya general has lost the battle for ..... urmmm .... uncountable times already.

The routine practiced by Wenger, deleted his blog when he got defeated ... OUCHHH!!! Wenger was again defeated? Wenger deleted his blog? What really happened maa? Psssttt ... it has been electronically proven that Wenger is suffering from multiple personality disorders. Even in blogosphere he played multiple characters like Chairman Kaga, and I think there are a lot more .... MUA HA HA

JENG JENG JENG JENG ... Flashback .... December 2009 .... Wenger abandoned his blog Judge Wenger for no reason, and later he created another blog Wenger At War. Ishhhh .... biar betul ... from Padedoh to Waziboy to Judge Wenger to Wenger At War. Say what? Wenger At War .... HA HA HA .... a deluded soldier always looks for a battle.

Okey .... back to his latest blog .... Wenger At War .... sounds funny, I know, tapi takpe .... follow je cerita. Among the recent posts published at Wenger At War was about Wenger making announcement that he is no longer a KJ supporter .... YEAH RIIIIIIGHT .... DUHHHHH

Deluded Wenger is always imagining
he is a knight protecting the son-in-law Khairy

So my good friend Parpukari wrote a blog post in response to the Wenger's article ...... stating that it was part of Wenger's tricks to pull more bloggers into his camps .... fishy fishy fishy .... HI HI HI

Wenger did turn up at comment department .... and that was when the fiery battle took place. So what really happened in the battle? HE HE HE

Wenger did the usual thing .... praising himself and bragging about his balls. The truth was Wenger got whacked at all angle ... frontal, rear and sideways as well.

The best part was that at the same time KJ made an announcement in twitter about the confrontation at House PK's blog. KJ has given a special name to Wenger .... The Parpu Slayer .... MUA HA HA. Biar betul ko KJ .... pencacai pariah macam Wenger ni pun ko panggil slayer.

Ayoyo .... ni je ke kerja Ketua Pemuda ..... twittering only maa!

Even though my fellow blogpals like House PK, Detguaq and AntiKJ kept pounding Wenger mercilessly during the confrontation, the deadly blow ultimately came from Shamsul Yunos My Anger when he delivered a substantial material pertaining to the MV Agusta sale ...... psssst .... the one that KJ sold for 1 Euro .... HO HO HO

What follows later .... Wenger went missing from the battle field ... and guess what? Someone alerted me in FB that the blog Wenger At War had been deleted. Ayoyo Wenger thamby .... how many times you did this already .... defeated .... delete .... defeated ... delete ... HI HI HI

So Khairy .... ko punya general the so called Parpu Slayer has again been defeated. Maknanya tiga empat hari ni terpaksalah ko harapkan your toothless cyber doggies like Jinggo, Jamil and Tepak Kaki to become your army in virtual reality .... HI HI HI

Sit Jinggo sit .... good doggy .... HI HI HI

Cam ni la KJ ..... I've stated this long time ago, and even nicely put it in my recently published poem .... THAT YOU ARE DOING NO GOOD NEITHER FOR THE PARTY NOR FOR THE COUNTRY. Bila orang buat protest ko pi hijack ..... then kena belasah dengan pro UMNO bloggers ... KESIANNYA ... MUA HA HA