Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Knew It Already La KJ Thamby!

OUCHHH! I knew it ....

Mommy! now not only Parpu, Big Dog and Piggy,
the Exco members are also all over me ...

I knew majority of UMNO members are still putting the blame on Dollah and Khairy for the 2008 Tsunami.

I knew many UMNO members believe that Khairy won the KP through bad deals.

I knew only the lowly below average pariah troopers like Bro Jinggo and Tapak Kaki would support Khairy Jamaluddin. To simple mind like us all, supporting KJ is an insult to our intelligent.

I knew that KJ has been sidelined by UMNO big guns, but his troopers keep telling incredible fictions.

I knew that there are still plenty of Exco in Pemuda UMNO who put the priority of the party above their periuk nasi.

I knew that one day the Pemuda Exco will explode after finally noticing KJ is not capable to lead them.

And thank Allah almighty, I learned that the Exco members have already exploded during Thursday's meeting … so please accept the fact Khairy, that you have no use for UMNO and the country ... HI HI HI