Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jom Pi Rembau! For What Ma?

There has been a rather unfriendly response to Parpukari's article Jom Pi Jerlun. I will not mention where it came from but I reckon my dear viewers could have guessed it would come from one of the KJ's troopers.

It's indeed a dimwitted kind of response because it came from a self-proclaimed pro UMNO blogger. In addition, for what bloody good reason Mukhriz's program to boost economic activities in Jerlun is compared to KJ visiting flood victims.

Knowing that he himself was and still is a liability to his party, there is not much KJ could do to gain publicity or rather sympathy. Therefore KJ makes a full use of his cybertroopers to publish pictures and thus to create impression that KJ is fairly close to the people, HA HA HA.

Now I wonder why Khairy is not able to come up with the same program, Jom Pi Rembau. Perhaps the pictures below may provide the answer.

A rather "warm" welcome, HI HI HI.

Speaking of KJ's buddy.

Says Unker Zorro, "Cikgu Bad is my buddy, not Khairy"

Unfulfilled promises ..... IMMORAL MP!!!

Someone made a big fuss about bloggers and reporters boarding Firefly. Patut pun ... takde airport kat Rembau

Is there any home stay program in Rembau?

No home stay in Rembau, we all live under water, HA HA HA

Well Khairy, voice of hatred not only coming from blogs and FB, but in reality it also comes from your own constituency, HI HI HI.