Monday, November 9, 2009

One Liners About The Son-Out-Law

If KJ is an actor, it will be his best to play a traitor!

Not much I'm able to update about the late happenings concerning the son-out-law. From what I learned lately KJ has been purposely denied coverage by main stream media, in contrast to claims made by his troopers that KJ is favored by our Prime Minister.

What else the pathetic troopers could have said apart from writing all the beautiful words about the son-out-law. Should they fail to do that cash is no longer arriving at doorsteps. Psssttt ... even one trooper claimed sleepy Pak Lah had done a better job in his five years of reign compared to his predecessor.

Since there isn't much to say about KJ regarding his current development, why don't we simply come out with one liner jokes about the son-out-law. I've got a few here and perhaps my dear viewers may add a lot more. Here you go:

  • If KJ is a savior, Hitler is a God sent angel.

  • Give Khairy a few centimeters, and he thinks he is a ruler.

  • In sleepy Pak Lah we uncover his dream, in menacing Khairy we uncover his greed.

  • Obama rises to top from the bottom, Khairy comes from top and is now nose-diving down down down.

  • If KJ troopers took an IQ test, the result would be NEGATIVE.

  • The more KJ keeps on trying, the more he is unleashing the demons in him.

  • KJ will be few steps closer to Putrajaya after he receives SPRM's call.

  • The only thing shared by Wonderful World of Disney and Delusional World of Khairy is that the mermaids are deadly pretty! HI HI HI