Friday, November 13, 2009

Tun On History Channel

History Channel hasn't been selective. It's been documenting both heroes like Kennedy and Churchill as well as villains like General Noriega and Hitler, and I don't believe Tun Mahathir is classified as the latter.

On this coming Sunday History Channel 555 will air a special one hour documentary about Tun Mahathir. The schedule is as below:

Sunday 15, 7pm - 8pm, Part 1
Sunday 22, 7pm - 8pm, Part 2

Pssssttttt .... exactly at the same day and time Khairy TV will air a special program about Pak Lah entitled Gone In Four Years. Don't forget to watch the preview below!!!

I guess the Dollah's program is rather uninteresting and shall be wasting time. So tune to History Channel 555 on Sunday at 7pm. Let us see what the world says about Tun Mahathir.