Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Parpu Kari Hits 1 Million

Probably many would consider that reaching 1 million hits is not such a big fuss nowadays, I agree. However for an unpaid pro UMNO blogger who just started his blog last December and reached 1 million hits in less than a year, I would consider it as an achievement, and Parpu Kari deserves a compliment. Congratulation.

Even though words spread in blogosphere as well as in FB circle that Parpu's blog should only be treated like a pinch of salt, a simple fact we cannot simply deny is that House of PK is able to attract audience and crowds. In average House of PK manages to get around 8000 hit daily.

Psssttt ... there's a blog known as established for more than two years. Has it reached 1 million? It won't because the blog has zero substance and most of the time zero audience.

House of PK normally dwells with the troubling PAKATAN as well as the menacing son-in-law, a stinky garbage left by Dollah. Parpu believes that as long as Khairy is still in UMNO, the party is burdened with a heavy liability, and this notion is genuinely shared by many.

For that reason Parpu has created enemies at all angles, either from PR supporters or within UMNO circle, particularly among pro KJ bloggers. Recently Parpu has been falsely accused of stealing money from UMB, an allegation made by a full time KJ ass kisser that goes by the name Jamil Abdul Rahman. Wow the conflict has now turned sour and personal.

The truth is even officers in UMB were not aware of the allegation. It was purely fabricated by KJ's goons to tarnish Parpu's reputation. Well Parpu was not alone, and Parpu has never been alone. If the conflict becomes even dirtier there will more knights surfacing to confront the evil force of son-in-law known as the joker boys.

Tolong Omak! Jamil! Jinggo! Remy! ...
Parpu and Piggy nak belasah kita lagi ... HU HU HU

With this 1 million hit, Parpu knows he's got audience, and I reckon that Parpu becomes more determined to further proceed with what he truly believes in, unmask the troubling PR and expose the manacing son-in-law.