Monday, October 19, 2009

Bangsar Is Better Than Majlis Hari Raya

Among the reasons why Dollah was overwhelmingly despised during his four years of reign was that Dollah never held to his promises. That's why Dollah is known as Mr Flip-flopper. The rate Dollah was lying was genuinely alarming, to the extent some people were shocked with the kind of changes that took place in Mr Clean.

Dollah is the worst PM we ever had, no doubt about that. His name is becoming significantly smaller and smaller, and I guess he will later be totally ignored. Ironically some pathetic bloggers tried to deny the facts that Mr Clean was actually Mr Messy by publishing articles that placed Dollah as a mythical figure ... WA KA KA KA.

KJ's pathetic troopers are actually a kind of pathetic life creature that lives on sucking KJ's balls. Their very existence in cyber world is to write articles that make it sound Pak Lah and KJ are still relevant though the substance written is purely nonsense.

Me speaks no fiction buddy! I found this comment in FB the night N31 BP was declared a victory.

What was Dollah's contribution exactly that lead to BP's victory?

SEE .... you now what I mean buddy? HI HI HI .....

Okey back to Dollah story. Knowing that he is gradually forgotten, Dollah should make a full use of any invitation to meet the people in the process to clear the water. Hoever, the fact is once a liar always a liar though his kain pelikat is severely on fire.

Dollah didn't turn up for a Majlis Hari Raya at Ancasa Hotel organized by supporters from his constituency, Kepala Batas and the reason was due to bad health. However at the same time Dollah was spotted at Bangsar with his beloved son-out-law.

Ayoyo Dollah ... why like that one maaa? Your name is slowly fading and disappearing into the thin air and you still can afford to enjoy a night life at Bangsar instead of meeting your humble supporters. I heard that a group seven buses had come all the way from Kepala Batas to celebrate Hari Raya with Dollah at Ancasa Hotel.

How could you Dollah give such a lame excuse for not showing up at an event while you were the main guest? This wasn't the first time Dollah shattered people's hope. And worst still Dollah had obviously lied. He preferred to go to Bangsar instead of meeting the people, was this another bad advice from your son-out-law?

Pity you Dollah, such a high hope given to you in 2004 but it was shattered to pieces in the hands of your son-out-law. Thank God you had found the exit door, or things could have been worst now.