Thursday, June 3, 2010

Three Losers Speaking On Behalf Of Son-In-Law!!!

These three names, Zahid, Shahrizat and Azeez were said to be pushing for agenda to get KJ a post as cabinet minister.

What can we say about these three losers?

Firstly Zahid Hamidi, was an Anwar proxy. His political career should have ended with the fall of Anwar. But sleepy SamDol Badawi brought him back. Has Zahid ever delivered while he was the Ketua Pemuda? I could recall none, except that Zahid was shamelessly messing with BSN.

Shahrizat Jalil, I've always mistaken her with the actresses in Mami Jarum.
Wait a minute, Shahrizat is a loser, and worst still she was knocked out by a new comer at Lembah Pantai. Even though Shahrizat later won Ketua Wanita UMNO, to the people of Lembah Pantai she is still a loser ..... HA HA HA

Azeez "Double E" Rahim ..... or better known as Azeez Rempit ... HI HI HI. He went all out to get himself nominated for Baling MP candidate by "shopping" Kedah UMNO members. But where did Azeez get money? Well ... Dato' Rocky says that there's connection between Sime Darby and dumb ass Double E .... OUCH!!!

So tell me ... for what what bloody good reason DS Najib must listen to these three losers. And worst still, these three losers are speaking on behalf of KJ the son-in-law aka The Traitor.

BTW, I wrote another poem dedicated to the son-in-law, and this poem was inspired by Shakespeare ..... ENJOY!!!!!

Sigh no more dear friends sigh no more,
KJ's political career is nearly over,
One foot to the grave and one foot to PKR,
As KJ has done much favour to Anwar.

Then sigh not so, but let KJ go,
There isn't any place for a traitor in UMNO,
Should KJ decide to leave now,
We will definitely cheer .....