Saturday, April 25, 2009

Enter Tok Pa Kita, Exit Annuar Musa

"Before Pol Pot, there was Hitler.
Before KJ, there was Annuar Musa." Piggy Singh
Out you now but do not yet disappear.
Wait for court order, remember PPRT Annuar Musa?

What can I say about this guy, Annuar Musa. His political career was nearly over when Tok Pa was given the responsibility to lead Kelantan UMNO back in 2004. Though Tok Pa didn't manage to reconquer the sate, the outcome of the 2004 general election had placed PAS in uncomfortable zone.

However there were twists and turns. Annuar's political career was resurrected from its rotten grave when he was reinstated as UMNO liaison head right after PRU 12. At that moment I started to smell disaster for Kelantan UMNO.

For what sluggish or stupid reason Tan Tin Tun Dollah reinstated Mr Liability (he is 2nd to Khairy, as reported by Malaysiakini) to head the fragile state of East Coast. Annuar Musa is not only a laughing matter to PAS supporters, but also among UMNO members, as reported by Kickdefella.

All politicians are liability. The worst of them are Khairy and me.

In addition, Annuar Musa was the only Anak Melayu who dared to pull a stunt to overthrow a reining Malay Sultan. I guess Tan Tin Tun Dollah had a habit of collecting and preserving bad apples during his reign of power. To prove my point, Tan Tin Tun Dollah recommended Annuar a Tan Sri. For what bloody good reason he deserved the title after all. Pssssstt! I think he was given a Tan Sri so that he could secure Kelantan's youth nominations for Khairy.

Now everything is over for Annuar Musa. I heard an 8.00 o'clock news that Kelantan liaison head is given back to Tok Pa. Though I am not a big fan of DSN, whatever decisions to get rid of trash left by Tan Tin Tun Dollah are considered as a good judgement.

Well Annuar Musa, your days are numbered. Are you still interested to play Brutus in Shakespeare's? I guess no more play is available because you have twice killed the Caesar.